Zuddl’s capabilities as a modular events platform are multifaceted. Read about how our product is designed to enhance every event experience.


Enhancements for Seamless Experiences: Speakers, Sponsors, and Attendees

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Vedha Sayyaparaju

Just in time to kick off the summer event season, we’re adding more to the platform to increase ease of use and speed to go live. Enhancements include speaker and sponsor workflows for event content, updates to the attendee mobile app, and new event invite communication options.

Take a look at what’s new in Zuddl:

Task Resubmission for Speaker and Sponsor Portal

Don’t you hate the back-and-forth when it comes to tweaking documents, images, slides, etc.? It’s so easy for the latest version of “all the things” to get lost in a spreadsheet, Slack, or email. That’s where this update comes in.

Managing tasks between your team and speakers or sponsors is easy with our enhanced resubmission feature. Now, when items need review, you can easily add comments and request sponsors or speakers resubmit their work. This ensures that all deliverables meet your standards before the event goes live.

Real world example: Your event requires all presentation files to follow a specific format for consistency with the master deck. With this enhancement, you can leave comments for speakers to reformat their session files and resubmit them so you can maintain your event's formatting across all event materials. Goodbye, spreadsheets and lost content in your inbox!

Easy File Publishing to Attendees

Let’s face it: everyone wants a swipe file when they go to a conference or event - slides, ROI calculators, examples, templates, session decks - the list is endless.

So, we’ve made sharing even more straightforward. We’ve simplified the process of sharing files with attendees – the swipe file has been activated. Once you approve files from sponsors or speakers, you can tag them to sessions to share. These files go live on the event mobile app, giving attendees instant access to documents and resources.

Here's a practical example: Let's say you have a keynote session with takeaway slides and handouts. With our new feature, it's as simple as approving these materials, tagging them to the keynote session, and sharing them directly with attendees via the mobile app.

Speaker Directory for the Mobile App

Building an event that inspires connections and community just got easier—introducing the Speaker Directory – a customizable page for your event attendee mobile app.

Attendees can view a comprehensive list of all the event speakers. When they click on a speaker’s name, they’ll see detailed profiles, giving them all the information they need to connect and network. 

Use Case: Attendees at your user conference want to learn more about the speakers – especially a few panelists. With the Speaker Directory, they can easily browse through speaker profiles, find the experts relevant to their interests, and plan to attend their sessions or reach out for one-on-one meetings.

Real-Time Stage Management

Our stage management just got a major “stress reliever” upgrade.

In the Studio, you can now see what’s live on stage at a glance - no extra clicks. The “What’s on Stage” panel shows everything from slides to videos, banners, and speakers, all in real-time. You can easily add or remove elements, making stage management more intuitive (and less stressful) than ever.

Real-world example: If you’re hosting a live event with speakers, visuals, or multimedia elements, this feature gives you control to seamlessly switch between content, ensuring everything runs smoothly—no freezing, wrong screens, or panic attacks. For example, you can instantly pull up a speaker’s slides, play a video, or display a sponsor’s banner without missing a beat.

Rich Text Editor for Session Descriptions

Small update with a big impact. 

Take control to fully format text, add links, and create a visually appealing session overview that captures your audience’s attention. This tool gives you the flexibility to create event content that stands out and is on-brand for webinars, field marketing events, and user conferences

Use Case: Suppose you are organizing a multi-track conference with various workshops and presentations. You can use the rich text editor to create detailed and attractive session descriptions, including speaker bios, session highlights, and links to additional resources. This will make it easier for attendees to decide which sessions to attend.

Resume Previous Session in the Registration Flow

It’s 2024: don’t lose potential attendees due to incomplete registrations. 

Our new enhancement allows users who drop off in the middle of the event registration process to pick up where they left off. If someone exits after two steps of a five-step registration, they’ll receive a prompt to resume their session, ensuring they complete their registration with ease.

Use Case: An attendee starts registering but gets interrupted and doesn’t finish the process. Now, when they return, they’ll be able to continue from where they left off, seriously reducing the chances of incomplete registrations and helping more people finish each step of registration without the frustration of starting over. 

Invitation Improvements

Never miss a beat when it comes to managing your event invite list. Enhancements to our invitation process include:

  • Profile Information Autofill: Attendees’ information now auto-fills from their profile to the registration form, reducing friction and speeding up the registration process.
  • New Email Template for Declines: When an invitee declines, they’ll receive a customized “We’ll miss you at the event” message, maintaining a positive touchpoint even for those who can’t attend.

Use Case: If you’re sending out hundreds of invitations, keeping track of responses can be daunting. With these improvements, you can easily manage responses, streamline the registration process with autofill, and maintain positive communication even with those who can’t make it. Try these new enhancements for your next event – happy event planning!

User Conferences

Zuddl Rewind: Elevating the event build and sponsor portal experience with new features

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Vedha Sayyaparaju

Leverage Zuddl's latest features to enhance event engagement and efficiency with new sponsor portal updates, Marketo integration, and customized ticket conditions

At Zuddl, we are dedicated to transforming your event experience into something truly unforgettable. Our focus is on ensuring smooth operations, fostering engaging interactions, and creating an environment to drive results for both event marketers and sponsors.

The partnership between these two teams is unmatched. When an event hits its mark, the results are unstoppable - more leads, more raving fans, more awareness, more fun, and more event ROI. 

That’s why we've been hard at work, rolling out a series of updates and features to simplify and enhance your event experience from new integrations to advanced workflows - we make the complex simple to ensure your events shine. 

See it in action

Sponsor portal enhancements

Long queues and confusion at event booths can dampen the attendee experience. That's why we've reimagined the sponsor portal to streamline interactions and elevate engagement.

Zuddl’s updated sponsor and speaker portal features ensure a hassle-free experience, providing high-quality, on-brand assets and tools. Our system guarantees a smooth interaction, allowing sponsors to upload and manage their booth assets efficiently and effectively.

New for the sponsor portal:

  • Custom task additions: Tailor the portal with specific tasks to suit your event’s unique needs.
  • Immediate asset uploads: Sponsors can upload physical booth assets on the spot, enhancing the sophistication of their displays.
  • Lead capture enhancements: The portal now includes advanced sections for lead capture—questions, data management, and app access control, all designed to maximize lead generation and management efficiency.

See it in action

Marketo integration and data mapping

The key to successful event marketing lies in efficient data handling and integration. The Zuddl solution now includes a seamless connection with Marketo through the Base Program feature, facilitating easier and more effective event management.

This integration allows for efficient data mapping and management, ensuring that all information flows smoothly from one system to another, enhancing the overall efficiency of your event.

Highlights of Marketo integration:

  • Base program utilization: Use a single program ID as a template on the Zuddl dashboard to replicate event setups effortlessly.
  • Advanced data mapping: Our integration updates ensure vital data like ticket type, name, add-on details, and more are seamlessly sent to Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and Zapier.

See it in action

Advanced ticket and session conditions

You asked, we listened. This is one of the most dynamic updates in our suite of onsite tools: the new ticket and session conditions.

The Zuddl attendee experience is now more personalized than ever, thanks to our ability to apply conditions to tickets and session groups based on registration inputs. This ensures that every attendee receives a tailored experience that aligns with their interests and preferences.

Included in this update:

  • Flexible ticket conditions: Apply specific rules based on registration inputs to cater to a diverse attendee base.
  • Session group customization: Set conditions within session groups for add-ons, allowing attendees to choose sessions within a fixed range or between minimum and maximum limits.

Stay engaged and share your feedback

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Zuddl as we continue to refine and expand our platform to make event management smoother and events more memorable.

Your insights are invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts with your CSM or drop me a line at – I read and value every piece of feedback.

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Event Marketing

Feature highlight: Tools to enhance your event management experience

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Vedha Sayyaparaju

Empower your event management journey with Zuddl's innovative tools, designed to put you in control and transform attendee experiences. Elevate your events with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Here at Zuddl, we want to make sure you feel like someone has your back when it comes to smoothing out the event management experience. It doesn’t have to be multiple tools,  legacy systems, or bad UX. It can be a streamlined and stress free experience setting up conferences, field events, and webinars with us!

Check out these tools in Zuddl that will help you organize, plan, and execute your events. These features are designed to give you more control, flexibility, and customization options, ensuring that your events run smoothly and efficiently every time.

Let's dive in:

See it in action 

Organizer session pre-registration

We know event marketers sometimes need all the control when it comes to getting attendees into the right sessions. We’ve got you covered. With the tool, event organizers can seamlessly add participants to sessions without requiring attendee intervention (win-win for everyone).

This feature is incredibly useful for streamlining the attendee journey and ensuring that everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be. For example, organizers can pre-register all customers for a specific training day or kickoff session, simplifying the registration process and ensuring maximum participation.

See it in action 

Multiple registration flows

From talking with event marketers (including our founder) we understand that not all events follow the same registration flow.

That's why we've got a multiple registration flow tool, allowing you to create and publish multiple registration processes tailored to different event scenarios. You can start with a default flow and build from there - tailoring the registration experience for segments like employees, customers, speakers, VIPs, and more.  Then it’s a few clicks to share flow-specific URLs for easy registration and tracking on the backend. 

Take a deeper dive and learn more here

See it in action 


Speaker portal custom tasks

Event marketers know and love the Zuddl speaker portal, but did you know the Speaker Portal includes the ability to create custom tasks and select from a set of standard tasks? 

Whether it's adding session materials, updating profiles, or preloading polls, speakers now have more options to manage their tasks efficiently. The latest update also allows for the attachment of fields, enabling the collection of various types of information, from text responses to file uploads, streamlining the task management process.

See it in action 

Sponsor portal with lead capture support

In the B2B space, sponsor engagement is crucial, which is why we’ve doubled down on lead capture support in the Sponsor Portal. Sponsors can now configure their customer questions and scan data directly within the portal, enhancing their ability to connect with potential leads.

 Integrations with platforms like Salesforce are also on the horizon, offering even more opportunities for sponsor engagement and data management. Check out our integrations here

See it in action 

Paid sessions

For events that include paid sessions, our platform  offers seamless integration for training and certification programs. Attendees can easily purchase tickets and add-on training sessions, with customizable workflows to streamline the process. 

From ticket types to conditional setups, our platform provides the flexibility you need to monetize your events effectively.

See it in action 

Offline sessions and payments

Finally, for events that require offline payments, our Flex Events now support offline payment processing. Organizers can enable this feature from the event setup, allowing registrants to enter their payment information offline. Whether it's for large orders, invoice payments via bank transfer, or B2B transactions, our platform ensures a secure and efficient payment experience for both organizers and attendees.

These new features represent our ongoing commitment to providing you with the tools and capabilities you need to plan and execute successful events. We're excited to see how you'll leverage these enhancements to create memorable and impactful experiences for your attendees. Stay tuned for more updates and integrations as we continue to innovate and improve our event management platform. Happy planning!

See it in action 

Stay tuned and send your thoughts

Stay tuned for more Zuddl updates as we work to make event management easier and events more memorable.

Your feedback is crucial for improvement. Share your ideas with your CSM or email me at – I read and value every message.


Virtual Events

Feature Focus: Building engaging content for virtual and hybrid events

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Vedha Sayyaparaju

Dive into Zuddl's latest: from snazzy video production to AI magic and hybrid event hacks, we're making virtual and hybrid meetups a blast!

No more eyes glazing during virtual events and hybrid events

At Zuddl, we know from talking to some of the best event marketers and conference gurus that the task of making virtual events fun, memorable and meaningful is tough. Add an in-person element and it can go from 0 to 60 quickly in terms of how many components need to be accounted for. 

But, there is a better way. We recently released cool features to double-down on making both virtual and hybrid events great - say goodbye to disengaged audiences and technical glitches, and hello to seamless, interactive sessions that captivate both in-person and online attendees.

I'm really excited to share some of the new features we've rolled out.

Video Production & Streaming

It’s 2024. Time to elevate your video content to broadcast quality across virtual and hybrid events.

This round of updates simplifies content creation, enhances brand visibility, and ensures seamless speaker and content management.

Key Enhancements:

  • On-Demand Content Management: Easily access, download, and filter event recordings from the organizer dashboard. Opt to share with specific audiences and integrate seamlessly into event schedules for effortless viewing.
  • Advanced Branding Tools: Customize your content with branded overlays, logos, and themes. Choose from a vast library or upload custom backgrounds and engage your audience with dynamic lower-thirds and announcements.
  • Efficient Speaker Prep: Utilize the virtual green room for speaker readiness, including tech checks and smooth transitions. A pre-configured repository ensures all presentation materials are at your fingertips.
  • Dynamic Content Formats: Blend live and pre-recorded segments for engaging experiences. Create and share highlight clips with built-in editing tools for maximum impact.

Your team is completely empowered to deliver high-quality, engaging, and branded content with ease, ensuring every event stands out - with no hiccups. 

See it in action 

Integration: Parmonic

With this integration, you’ll be able to take virtual and hybrid content to the next level. Zuddl-Parmonic integration leverages the power of AI to deliver multi-format content that is immediately usable by B2B marketers, sales, and customer teams for follow-ups, social sharing, emails, and even a pre-built landing page.

Integration Highlights:

  • Effortless Content Integration: Seamlessly transfer high-quality recordings from Zuddl to Parmonic, simplifying the content management workflow.
  • AI-Powered Repurposing: Utilize Parmonic's AI to automatically repurpose event videos into engaging content formats, from bite-sized moments to comprehensive trailers, enhancing content accessibility and engagement.
  • Versatile Content Distribution: Transform event materials into diverse content types suitable for blogs, social media, and other channels, ensuring your event's insights reach a wider audience.

With the Zuddl-Parmonic integration, your event content becomes a dynamic resource, continuously driving marketing strategies, enhancing audience engagement, and fostering lead generation long after the event's conclusion

Check out the announcement to learn how to get started. 

See it in action 

Pulling it Together: Hybrid Highlights

The above features are amazing, but how do they fit in the hybrid landscape? Pair them with these hybrid features for an event that combines the best virtual and in-person elements to drive outcomes while delivering value to your attendees. 

  • Engaging Attendee Experience: Utilize a branded mobile app for personalized scheduling and interactions, alongside interactive features like live Q&A, polls, and networking opportunities for both in-person and virtual participants.
  • Effortless In-Person and Virtual Integration: Simplify check-ins, enable on-demand badge printing, and manage sessions efficiently while providing zero-lag streaming and customizable virtual venues for remote attendees.
  • Flexible Registration and Ticketing: Offer tailored registration with a mobile-friendly builder, diverse ticketing options, and a visual flow builder for unique attendee paths.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Bridge in-person and virtual attendees with interactive zones and extend branding across all event aspects for cohesive engagement.
  • Comprehensive Integration and Analytics: Leverage native integrations with major marketing and CRM platforms for real-time insights, equipped with user-friendly dashboards for immediate data access.

Zuddl simplifies the complexity of hybrid events, making it easier to create immersive and interactive experiences that captivate all attendees, regardless of their location.

See it in action 

Stay Tuned and Send Your Thoughts

This latest release is more than just an update; it's a complete reimagining of what hybrid events can be. Welcome to the future of event management, where every detail is crafted to perfection, ensuring your events are not only hybrid but also high-impact.

Stay tuned for more Zuddl updates as we work to make event management easier and events more memorable.

Your feedback is crucial for improvement. Share your ideas with your CSM or email me at – I read and value every message.

In-Person Events

Zuddl Update: Take onsite events to new heights

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Vedha Sayyaparaju

Discover how you can leverage Zuddl's onsite suite for seamless event check-ins, engaging conversations, and create the perfect vibe for both attendees and event marketers.

It’s time to revamp the onsite experience for all

At Zuddl, we're all about making your event experience unforgettable - think smooth check-ins, engaging conversations, and an overall vibe that works - for attendees and event marketers. 

We've been hard at work lately, launching some exciting updates and features designed to simplify and enhance your experience, no matter the size of your event, from intimate meetups to large-scale conferences.

I'm really excited to share some of the cool new features we've rolled out recently for in-person events. 

See it in action 

Event Check-in and Badge Printing

Is there anything worse than a long line of frustrated attendees? Nope. Attendees want to grab their badges and go, which motivated us to rethink check-in. 

Zuddl’s comprehensive event check-in and on-demand badge printing solution is designed to streamline your event's entry process and elevate the attendee experience with stunning, high-quality (and on-brand) badges. Our integrated system ensures a seamless check-in, allowing attendees to quickly gain access to your event while providing them a quick way to grab their badges and go.

New for event check-in and badging 

  • Seamless Check-In Process: Zuddl's kiosks (delivered to you with ease!) offer hassle-free, speedy QR code check-ins and include a reliable offline self-check-in mode for enhanced attendee convenience.
  • On-Demand Badge Printing: Say goodbye to the chaos of pre-printing. Our system prints badges in real-time, ensuring each attendee receives a personalized badge upon check-in.
  • All-Inclusive Hardware and Software: From badges, lanyards, and badge holders to onsite printers and routers, we provide a complete solution for all your event's on-site needs.
  • Customizable Badge Design: Boost your brand's identity with customizable badges. Choose from high-quality paper or plastic and design badges that make a statement.
  • Dedicated Onsite Support: Our support team is available to assist with setup, testing, and the check-in process on the day of the event, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Elevate your event with our advanced check-in solution and give your attendees an unforgettable first impression.

See it in action 

Lead Capture

This feature aims to empower exhibitors with instant access to critical lead data, directly feeding ROI across sales and marketing event strategies. The Zuddl solution offers a seamless and efficient way to capture and utilize lead information, ensuring exhibitors can maximize event participation.

  • Customizable Lead Intake Forms: Exhibitors can personalize their lead intake forms by adding custom questions for more targeted and relevant lead data collection. This customization can be easily done within the exhibitor portal, eliminating the need for external coordination and saving serious time.
  • Real-Time Lead Data Access: Through Zuddl’s lead retrieval solutions, exhibitors can export leads directly from the mobile app in real time, getting instant access to the data. Additionally, a real-time leads dashboard is available within the exhibitor portal, giving a comprehensive overview of lead interactions and engagements.
  • Enhanced Lead Management Features: Zuddl’s system allows booth staff to bookmark leads as hot, cold or warm and add notes, facilitating better follow-up and lead nurturing post-event - a win-win for go-to-market teams.

This feature set is designed to transform how exhibitors interact with and benefit from event participation, providing the tools they need for more effective and efficient lead generation and management.

See it in action 

Attendee Mobile App

Finally, one of the most anticipated features in this onsite bundle: the attendee mobile app.

The Zuddl attendee app revolutionizes event experiences by providing a personalized and fully branded digital companion, uniquely enhancing attendee engagement. Unlike a generic Zuddl app where users must input an event ID, this custom app is native to the Apple Store or Google Play Store, ensuring seamless access tailored specifically for each event.

This is not just an app; it's your event's digital companion, designed to reflect your unique brand and engage your attendees like never before.

Included in the app:

  • Fully Customizable Branding: Dive into an app that's 100% yours. Customize it to your heart's content with your own fonts, colors, logos, and images, making it feel tailor-made for your event.
  • Engagement at Your Fingertips: Packed with interactive features like Q&A, polls, chat, surveys, and networking, plus fun elements like leaderboards to keep the engagement high.
  • Navigate with Ease: With embeddable interactive maps, attendees can effortlessly find their way around, making the most of every moment.
  • Personalized Schedules: Allow attendees to craft their own event journey with a user-friendly schedule builder, ensuring they don't miss a beat of what's important to them.
  • Insightful Surveys: Craft detailed surveys to gather valuable feedback, with various question types and seamless integration for easy analysis.
  • Effortless Networking: Facilitate meaningful connections with interest-based networking, customizable rules, and options for 1:1 meetings right from the app.
  • Guided Exploration: Help attendees easily plan their day, using multiple interactive maps for all event areas, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Your search ends here. Elevate your event with an app as unique as your brand, designed to deliver an unparalleled attendee experience.

Stay Tuned and Send Your Thoughts

Stay tuned for more Zuddl updates as we work to make event management easier and events more memorable.

Your feedback is crucial for improvement. Share your ideas with your CSM or email me at – I read and value every message.

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Event Marketing

Zuddl X Parmonic - Get the most out of your event content with AI!

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Kishore C S

Slash content creation time and costs while boosting your B2B event's reach with Zuddl and Parmonic's integration. Transform your event videos into captivating marketing moments, blog posts, and more in record time!

Every event, pretty much, has three main goals:

1) Get as many relevant folks to attend as possible

2) Drive a dizzying ROI

3) Generate as much original content as possible

... After all, this trifecta determines the success of your event and if it will find favor for its next edition. 

Now, events, whether they are in-person, virtual, or webinars, have the potential to generate content that, if leveraged while the event is still fresh, can help sales and marketing teams create better outreach, convert high-intent leads to opportunities, and increase the shelf life of your event. 

This is important because an event today is no longer just about the live moments; it's also about the afterglow—the conversations, insights, and connections that continue to resonate.

To help event marketers truly tap into the potential of event content, we’ve partnered with Parmonic - and we're super thrilled about it!

Now you'll be able to push high-quality recordings of your event or webinar from Zuddl directly to your Parmonic dashboard - where they can be transformed into key moments, trailers, quotes, gifs, webpages, blogs, social posts - the works!

Here are 3 ways you can leverage this power-packed integration:

Maximize your event’s reach

This collaboration between Zuddl and Parmonic presents a ready solution for B2B marketers looking to extend the life and reach of their event content. 

By quickly turning your event videos into ready transcripts, bite-sized moments, trailers, and blog posts, this integration ensures that the rich insights and highlights from any event are not lost but repurposed for timely and long-term impact.

Streamline your content workflow with AI

The heart of this integration lies in its ability to streamline the content creation process. With Parmonic's AI capabilities, videos processed through Zuddl can be effortlessly transformed into engaging ‘Moments’ - snippets suitable for various marketing channels, as well as a blog post highlighting key points of the video and much more!

This not only slashes the time typically required for such transformations but also proves to be far more cost-effective than engaging an external video production agency.

Enrich sales-and-marketing partnership

A game-changing feature of the Zuddl-Parmonic integration is its direct impact on sales and marketing efforts. The processed videos can be effortlessly pushed to platforms like Salesloft, enabling sales teams to leverage these bite-sized moments in their outbound communications. 

This won’t just enhance the effectiveness of your outreach efforts but will also ensure that your hot prospects are engaged with compelling content at every touchpoint.

How to get started:

Integrating Parmonic with Zuddl is a straightforward process:

  1. Contact Zuddl support with your details:

(Organization Name: Name of your organization in Zuddl, Organization ID: Entered by our CS team)

Using the above details, our customer success team will create a Parmonic account.

  1. After this, a "Go to Parmonic" button becomes available in your Zuddl dashboard.

Note: You do not need to manually create a user profile in Parmonic - Zuddl automatically creates a user profile the first time you click the ‘Go to Parmonic’ button. 

  1. Once created, you can use the same button to access your Parmonic dashboard anytime.

Learn how to start editing your recordings

As we move forward, this collaboration will undoubtedly serve as a benchmark for how event content is leveraged, ensuring that businesses can make the most out of every moment captured.

User Conferences

Zuddl’s game-changing features for registration and ticketing

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Vedha Sayyaparaju

Here's all you need to know about Zuddl's robust yet user-friendly toolset for ticketing and registration that guarantees a smooth and seamless experience, both for the organizers and the attendees.

2024: The year event marketers get what they need

At Zuddl, we operate with a core belief: event marketers deserve better. It's what drives us every day.

We're all about boosting efficiency, sparking creativity, and ramping up success for event marketers, no matter the size of their event. It's a commitment that led our team to spend 2023 really digging deep into what event marketers truly need.

We weren't brainstorming in a boardroom. We were out engaging with thought leaders, customers, and the wider B2B event marketing community to nail down the features that would make a legit difference from the usual, piecemeal solutions.

So, here we are in 2024, ready to unveil our first big launch of the year.

We’ve tackled the intricacies and unique challenges of modern event management head-on. 

The result? A robust yet user-friendly toolset for ticketing and registration that guarantees a smooth and seamless experience, both for the organizers and the attendees. And this is just the first exciting release to come with more enhancements across our platform.

Registration Flow Builder

Forget spending hours diagramming out registration flows and stressing about the potential for error. The Zuddl Registration Flow Builder simplifies complex processes into manageable, intuitive flows.

Enhance your attendee journey from the first click to the event day. Say goodbye to coding complexities. The no-code, drag-and-drop functionality allows you to visualize, construct, and implement the perfect registration process for each event.

Features Highlights:

  • Drag and drop simplicity: Easily create flexible registration flows by dragging, dropping, previewing, and publishing in just a few clicks.
  • Complex, made easy: Effortlessly design and integrate branching in your flows, while adding, removing, or modifying forms and ticket modules with unparalleled ease.
  • Embed anywhere: Embed your registration flow on your website or via Zuddl’s landing page builder to keep your audience engaged on your platforms.
  • Conditional branching: Customize the registration experience with conditional branching based on ticket types, responses, and more.
  • Customization at your fingers: Reflect your brand's identity at every step with control over design elements, including custom CSS and HTML options.

Remember how we said 2024 is the year event marketers get what they need? The registration flow is a commitment to empowering you to create complex ,yet personalized registration experiences without needing extensive technical skills.

Ticketing Conditions

Ready to redefine your approach to event ticketing? This new addition brings unmatched flexibility and control to your event's ticketing strategy and makes activating different scenarios and discounts a breeze.

What's New?

  • Any ticket, any event: Customize multi-level ticketing tiers, discounts, and bundling plans for any event type.
  • Multiple ticket tiers: Cater to diverse audiences with different ticket tiers for access levels or registration types.
  • Customized access control: Define eligibility for specific ticket types, with access restrictions based on domains or a predefined guest list.
  • Simplified complex flows: Manage different ticket tiers with ease, incorporating caps, expiry dates, and coupon/promo codes.
  • Custom communications: Set up tailored communications for different ticket types, ensuring attendees always have the correct information.
  • Promo code management: Simplify promo code management with options like ‘BOGO’ or ‘buy three, get 20% off the fourth’, complemented by bulk creation and detailed analytics.

Ticketing Conditions are designed to simplify and enhance your event ticketing, especially for complex setups, offering the flexibility and control you need to ensure everyone gets the right content and context.

Landing Pages and Widgets

Here are two incredible new features to make your event landing pages not only visually stunning but functionally solid and on brand.

Enhanced Customization for Zuddl Landing Pages:

Your event's first impression counts. Zuddl’s landing page builder ensures it's a memorable one. With 100% customizable and brandable options, you can now create landing pages that wow.

  • Easy and fast: Create beautiful pages in minutes with the intuitive drag-and-drop builder. No coding required!
  • Fully brand-aligned: Customize every aspect, from logos and colors to fonts and creatives, ensuring your landing page is an extension of your brand.
  • Performance-driven design: Our landing pages are not only visually appealing but also SEO-friendly and optimized for mobile, ensuring a wider reach.
  • Your domain, your control: Host your event landing page on your domain for a cohesive brand experience.

Widgets for Site Pages:

Effortlessly keep all your event content updated across platforms with new embeddable widgets.

  • Efficient content management: Update your schedule and speaker lineup in one place, and see the changes reflect everywhere – be it your registration page, Zuddl's landing page, or the app.
  • Simple embeds, powerful customization: With easy-to-embed codes and CSS customization, you can make these widgets blend seamlessly with your site's unique style.
  • One-click updates: Easily add, remove, or edit speaker details, and have them updated instantly across all assets.
  • Centralized schedule management: Modify your event schedule in one place and allow attendees to build their schedule right from the widget.

These new features empower you to create landing pages and update time-intensive sections via widgets that not only reflect your brand's identity but also streamline managing event content - ensuring content is fresh and accurate.

Stay Tuned and Send Your Thoughts

Stay tuned for more Zuddl updates as we work to make event management easier and events more memorable. Your feedback is crucial for improvement. Share your ideas with your CSM or email me at – I read and value every message.


User Conferences

Feature focus - January '24

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

Revolutionize your events with event hubs, Parmonic AI integration, custom access groups, and trigger-based communications!

As we step into 2024, we’ve handpicked 4 key features of Zuddl that can be game-changers for your events this year.

Let’s get started.

Event hubs

Easily group and access your events and webinars

Event hubs are your go-to solution for organizing and showcasing a series of events and webinars in one central location. This feature allows you to manage each event or webinar individually, tailoring settings like registrations, venue setup, and communications to your needs. You can create a Landing page or a Hub widget, adding your events and webinars to the Hub for an all-encompassing view for your attendees.

Learn more about event hubs

Parmonic integration

Use Parmonic’s powerful AI tools to edit your session recordings

With Parmonic integrated into Zuddl, you have access to advanced AI tools for editing your event recordings. This feature enables you to push recordings to Parmonic for precise editing. You can trim your recordings to create engaging, concise content and generate accurate transcripts, making your content more engaging and accessible to your audience.

Custom access groups

Group your attendees exactly the way you want 

Custom access groups give you the flexibility to organize your attendees exactly how you want. You can create groups based on specific criteria from registration forms. These groups are perfect for targeted communications and implementing access control restrictions, ensuring a personalized experience for each attendee at your event.

Learn how to create a custom group

Trigger-based communications

Fine-tune your event communications

Trigger-based communications offer you automated and efficient messaging tailored to your event's needs. This feature allows you to set specific triggers for sending communications, ensuring that your messages are timely and relevant to each segment of your audience. The available triggers cover various event scenarios, making your communication process more streamlined and effective.

As you plan your events for 2024, these features will enhance your ability to create memorable and successful events, ensuring a more meaningful experience for both you and your attendees.

User Conferences

Feature focus: 3 features that event marketers love

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

Discover the top 3 features that have made Zuddl a favorite among event marketers.

As we approach 2024, here’s our round-up of key features that have been instrumental in elevating the experience of event organizers and attendees alike in 2023.

Embeddable widgets

Embed fully customizable speaker and schedule widgets on your landing page.

Why event marketers love it:
Our embeddable widgets are very easy to edit and are responsive across all device types. Create once and use it everywhere!

You can use them on your event pages or embed them on any landing page or third-party website. Customize to display essential information and align with your brand's look and feel using custom CSS.

You can also embed them to your website effortlessly by copying the provided embed code into your website's HTML.

Access control

Customize access across different types of attendees for sessions or zones.

Why event marketers love it: The Access Control feature simplifies how you manage and control attendee access, ensuring a smooth event experience for everyone.

Whether your event is in person or virtual, you can choose to select specific roles or ticket types and then control their access to specific days, zones or sessions.

It's designed to cater to both ticketed and registration-based events, organizing attendees effectively.

Revenue dashboard

Track and measure your Salesforce Revenue directly inside Zuddl.

Why event marketers love it: Our integrated dashboard with Salesforce has been a valuable asset for organizers looking to monitor revenue attributable to events.

Available exclusively with Salesforce integration, this revenue dashboard is found in the Analytics section, accessible at both the organization and event levels.

Just enable the integration and sync your data to get started. The system will prompt you if any issues arise with the integration or data synchronization.

The dashboard offers a detailed view of various financial metrics, including Pipelines influenced, Revenue data, Win rate, and more, with filters for Time range, Event type, and List of events.


Virtual Events

Event series, registrations by approval, and webinar surveys - Oct '23 updates

Mins Read

Catch up on all the latest enhancements to Zuddl that we can't wait for you to experience!

It has been a while, but we're back with some super-fresh updates for you!

This time around, we bring you more support for event and webinar management with event series, registration by approval, and surveys for webinars.

Here’s all you need to know about these new features:

Event series

Create a series of events, webinars, or a combination of both.

You can now organize multiple events and webinars and promote them under one theme by setting up a Series. Your series can have its own Landing Page, using which attendees can register for all the underlying events and webinars in one go.

On registering once, your attendees will get automated email reminders for each of your events organized in the series.

Learn how to create your own event series here.

Registration by approval

Curate your event the way you want

To add an extra layer of control over who participates in an event, you can now enable registration by approval and use it for a specific audience. 

When this is enabled, you’ll be able to approve or reject users who have registered for your event. After registration, users will be kept in the Pending state till you take any further action.

Once done, registrations will receive emails based on the status of their approval.

Dive deeper into this feature here.

Surveys for webinars

Gather timely insights from your attendees on their experience

Getting feedback on your webinars is critical to improving and scaling up your event experience. With surveys, you can get quick feedback at the right time. 

A survey can be created in a 3-step process; add basic details, add questions, and add an end screen. Choose from different question types: short text, multiple-choice, multiple-choice multi-select, and rating.

All the responses will be saved in your organizer dashboard for ready reference.

For more info on surveys for webinars, click here.


Virtual Events

Run a series of topic-specific events with Zuddl

Mins Read
Kishore C S

Organizing multiple related events or webinars? With Zuddl's new Event Series feature is here to streamline the process for you.

Our new Event Series feature allows you to link related events or webinars, simplifying repetitive tasks like registrations, attendee management, and communications.

One landing page for all your topic-specific events

You can now organize multiple events and webinars and promote them under one theme by setting up a Series. Your series can have its own Landing Page, using which attendees can register for all the underlying events and webinars in one go.

Follow these steps to set up your series landing page

Automated emails set up for entire series

On registering once, your attendees will get automated email reminders for each of your events organized in the series. Every email goes with a calendar block that helps you boost attendee turnout.

Learn how to set up attendee emails for an event series

Build an audience with consistent engagement

By releasing events under a series, you can boost attendee turnout, have deeper engagement with your attendees, and build a stronger connection with your audience.

Native CRM integration

Directly sync your attendee data to your CRM. This drastically reduces the turnaround time for follow ups and help your teams run targeted campaigns.

Analytics for entire series

Get granular data on what polls or questions each attendee engaged with. Get analytics on their interests, time spent per session and CTAs clicked. You’ll find all analytics across each event, organized in one single dashboard.

Wrapping up…

The Event Series feature is all about efficiency and enhancing the attendee experience. By linking related events and streamlining processes, you can focus on delivering value and ensuring each event in the series is a success.

Event Marketing

98 badges and counting - our latest spoils from G2's Fall Grid® Report

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Kishore C S

From 65+ badges in summer, we're now 98 badges strong on G2! Here are the highlights from our wins in the G2 Grid® Report for Fall 2023.

Another season becomes another reason to celebrate!

We’re super kicked to share that Zuddl has bagged 98 badges in G2’s Fall report across 8 categories. Back in summer. we secured 65+ badges, and now there's 33 more badges - which means 33 more reasons to smile :)

Here are the key highlights from our wins as per the G2 Grid® Report for Fall 2023:


(Noteworthy categories: Virtual Event Platforms, Mid-Market Virtual Event Platforms, Small-Business Virtual Event Platforms)

Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores

Best Support

(Noteworthy categories: Event Management Platforms, Event Networking and Matchmaking, Mobile Event Apps, Event Registration & Ticketing)

The Highest Quality of Support product in the Relationship Index earned the highest Quality of Support rating in its category

High Performer

(Noteworthy categories: Event Marketing, Event Management Platforms, Audience Response, Webinars, Event Networking and Matchmaking, Mobile Event Apps, Event Registration & Ticketing,)

Products in the High Performer quadrant in the Grid® Report have high customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence scores compared to the rest of the category

Easiest Setup

(Noteworthy categories: Event Management Platforms, Event Registration & Ticketing, Webinars)

The Easiest Setup product in the Implementation Index earned the highest Ease of Setup rating in its category

Best Usability

(Category: Mid-Market Virtual Event Platforms)

The Best Usability product in the Usability Index earned the highest Usability rating in its category

What makes G2 wins so special?

Our G2 report rankings are derived from genuine feedback given by actual users of Zuddl. As Sara Rossio, the Chief Product Officer at G2, points out, these insights are invaluable for potential buyers. They can confidently rely on this information during their software selection process, knowing it stems from thoroughly checked and genuine reviews.

Other exciting wins from the G2 Fall Grid® Report

Easiest Admin Mid-Market

(Key categories: Mid-Market Webinar, Mid-Market Event Management Platforms)

Easiest To Do Business With Mid-Market

(Key categories: Mid-Market Audience Response, Mid-Market Event Management Platforms)

Momentum Leader

(Key categories: Event Management Platforms, Virtual Event Platforms, Webinar, Mobile Event Apps, Event Registration & Ticketing)

Leader - India

(Key categories: Asia Pacific Mobile Event Apps, Asia Pacific Virtual Event Platforms, Asia Event Registration & Ticketing)

High Performer Enterprise

(Key categories: Mid-Market Asia Pacific Virtual Event Platforms, Mid-Market Asia Pacific Webinar)

As always, we thank you for cheering us on!

Psst.. we have exciting things lined up in the coming months - stay tuned!

User Conferences

New enhancements to elevate the conference experience

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

We've dropped some game-changing enhancements to help you streamline in-person events, target audiences effectively, and communicate with precision. Read the article for more deets!

Hold onto your hats, folks…

We're about to unveil some game-changing updates that are going to revolutionize the way you craft user conferences. In a world where every event needs to leave a lasting impression, you need tools that are not just good, but exceptional. 

We've been listening, tweaking, and perfecting Zuddl to ensure you have everything at your fingertips to design those standout experiences.

Ready to explore? Let’s jump in:

1. In-Person Locations

  • The Highlight: Organizing a hybrid or in-person user conference? You can now help your in-person attendees save time by adding a location and uploading a map link of your venue. You can paste links for dedicated sessions or meeting rooms. Attendees will have access to all the maps via their Zuddl Mobile App.
  • Get started: Head over to the 'Locations' tab in the 'Venue Setup'. Add your venues and pop in that map link. Guiding your attendees has never been this easy!


2. Audiences

  • The Highlight: Say hello to 'Audiences' - our smart tool that lets you create dedicated lists of your prospects. Think of it as your personal grouping assistant. With 'Audiences', targeted communication is super easy, eliminating the need for external email services.
  • Get started: Dive into the 'Audiences' page under the 'People' section. Zuddl’s got some pre-set audiences ready for you. Want more? Craft your own groups, even for those yet to RSVP. Streamlined, targeted, and efficient.


3. Custom Communications

  • The Highlight: With our enhanced 'Audiences' feature, you can now plan different emails for pre-event, live event and post event communication. To make this more useful, you can choose specific audiences so that you send targeted messages to the right audience at the same time.
  • Get started: Navigate to the 'Custom' tab in the 'Communication' section of the organizer dashboard. Pick your audience, set the time, craft your message, and voila!


Remember, every event tells a story, and with these updates, you're equipped to make yours legendary.

Virtual Events

All things Zuddl - fresh updates for July '23

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

Here's what's cooking at Zuddl - right from custom communication and better duplication to more integration support and improved registration, this post covers it all!

With the July updates, we bring you even more control for event creation and management.

The major highlights include custom communication, better duplication settings, more integration support, and an improved registration page.

Send custom emails

Get even more control over your communications

You can now select attendees and send them custom emails from the People section. The section also has filters now - you can separate attendees by status (attended or not attended), by type (attendee or booth owner), and by custom access groups to help you choose the ones you want to email.

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 5.31.13 PM.png


More control for duplication

Keep the settings you want, leave the rest behind

When you duplicate your event or webinar, you can now choose which settings to duplicate to the new version. Studio backstage is also duplicated now.

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 5.15.00 PM.png

Presenting Wistia for webinars

Push your webinar recordings to Wistia

We all know what Wistia does. If you don’t, go check out their homepage. We’ve been supporting this feature for our events app and extending it for webinars.

Yes, Wistia integration is now also available for webinars. You can now use the integrations to push webinar recordings to Wistia.

How cool is that?


An improved registration page

Draw your attendees with a slick new page design

We’ve made multiple improvements to the landing page setup. You can add an image or video as a page banner (carousels are still supported for older pages), upload a logo for the page, and the countdown timer has a new animation.

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 5.49.26 PM.png

That's a wrap for now!

Want to see Zuddl in action? Book a demo today.

Virtual Events

Maximize the impact of your demand-gen events: 3 ways Zuddl helps

Mins Read
Pavi Sagar

Learn how Zuddl makes it easier for you to increase turnout, optimize conversions and accelerate pipeline.

Demand gen has just gotten harder over the past 2 years. 

“A surge in competition for running ads, leading to a substantial increase in advertising costs, the absence of new channels and the  decline of existing ones such as Bing, have significantly limited marketers' options, making it harder to reach and engage target audiences effectively” explains Anshuman Sethi, Digital Lead at Zuddl.

But against this backdrop, 74% of marketers say that events are their most important demand generation tactic, no doubt because they foster direct engagement and deeper connections than a post on a social media platform or an ad on your feed.

So in other words: yes, you definitely should be leaning more into demand gen events, whether roadshows, educational lunch and learns, or webinars. But you can also be smarter about how you’re going about it.

With Zuddl, you can orchestrate and control all your demand gen events from one dashboard. This means you have easy access to tools to run your events, and data to optimize critical processes that influence more and better outcomes! Win-win-win.

Here’s how Zuddl makes it simpler for you to get more out of your demand gen events - before, during, and after an event—as well as between events.

(1)Before:Get more prospects to actually turn up for your events

Getting prospects to turn up for demand gen events is half the battle won. To help cut through all the digital noise, Zuddl enables you to do the following:

  1. Create non-boring landing pages for your events: Reel prospects in with landing/registration pages that make prospects want to attend the event.
  1. ‘Book’ their time with automated calendar blocks: Google-Calendar block it or it doesn’t exist. By automating a calendar block when they register for your event, you’re upping the probability of them remembering to turn up.
  1. Keep your event top of mind by automating email reminders: And double-down on the reminders by sending them friendly email nudges to show up.

With these tools, influence higher attendee turnout for your events.

(2)During:Use real-time data intel + integrations to improve pipeline acceleration

Using different tools and platforms to collect and manage prospect event data makes it difficult to get a clear, full understanding of an individual’s use-cases, goals and pain points. Zuddl pulls real-time data from all activities and actions taken by prospects across the lifecycle of a single demand gen event, and across many events too. This enables your teams to do the following:

  1. SDR teams can identify high intent leads easily: Customizable registration forms let you collect information that can help your team quickly spot which are ICP and non-ICP, and prioritize follow-up too.
  1. Better follow-up with context from event engagement: Combining registration data with visibility into actions taken by a prospect during an event - for instance, a question asked, or a response to a Poll - can help Sales make their outreach more personalized, as it makes the prospect feel better seen, heard, and understood. It’s the difference between a “Thanks for attending our event” and “Here’s a helpful ebook that can help you with this challenge you mentioned during the round-panel session at the conference."
  1. More timely follow-up too: Using an integration like Slack means your Sales or Growth team get instant alerts about when their prospects register and attend. They can then strike while it's hot i.e. connect  with contextual data in seconds and engage better - rather than send out an email days or even a week after the event is over. Conversely, this also means that your Sales colleagues know when prospects have not registered - an opportunity for a follow-up too.
  1. Visibility into prospect activity in many events instead of just 1: Get a complete picture of the user journey across multiple events and webinars. Use this information to nurture warm leads or build pipeline within an existing account. 

Better intelligence = better follow-ups = more conversions. Click here to read how Zylo drove 46% in pipeline from their virtual event using Zuddl.

(3)After:Use analytics to improve the performance of your demand gen events

If you’re not improving your results, you’re flatlining. Zuddl’s analytics dashboard helps you analyze what's helping and hurting the performance of every marketing activity, from registration rates to email opens to collateral downloads, with which you can make changes to improve results. For example you can:

  1. Optimize events and webinars for the right time and day: Look at the turnout rate for your events and identify which time/timezones attracted the most attendees.
  1. Optimize event duration to boost stickiness: Using analytics, Cloudsmith noticed that attendees were only staying 30-40 minutes at their 1 hour webinars. They decided to reduce the duration and saw an immediate uptick in ‘stickiness’ and engagement. Read more about Cloudsmith's success here.
  1. Track day-wise registration and engagement trends for better demand generation: Run smarter marketing campaigns for specific segments based on their area of interests, which you can see via registration and engagement at specific sessions, stages, and booths.

The takeaway: Demand gen doesn’t have to be demanding

Using Zuddl tools can make it easier for you to get more out of your demand gen events. 

✅ Attract net new leads by creating fun and exciting registration pages using the landing page builder. Use customizable registration forms to collect pertinent info     about attendee profiles.

✅ Keep your events top of mind and boost turnout by using automatic calendar block and email reminders.

✅ Optimize performance of your demand gen events using analytics to identify best day, time, duration and trending topics.

✅ Empower sales to interact with prospects and personalize their outreach with real-time and easily accessible attendee analytics.

✅ Use analytics and insights to create the right strategies to extend and continue engagement between events.


3 easy ways in which Zuddl simplifies webinar registration

Mins Read
Pavi Sagar

A breakdown of how Zuddl Webinars makes the registration process easier for marketers and registrants alike.

It seems simple enough: a webinar registration page that is simultaneously 1) engaging and simple to navigate for attendees, and 2) captures essential marketing intelligence about registrants for marketing and sales teams to nurture down-the-line. 

But a registration page and process that can accomplish both is more an exception than a norm. 

B2B event marketers can be hampered or limited in their efforts by tech that constrains customization and personalization — meaning that it can actually be extremely difficult to make the registration page look a certain way, or have your registration form display fields that are important for your business. This not only negatively affects attendee engagement but can also limit your valuable follow-up data.

Built to address these frustrations, here’s 3 ways Zuddl Webinars helps make the setup of webinar registration easier for B2B event marketers.

1. Easy branding with our webinar landing page builder

An intuitive interface allows you to simply drag and drop elements - text, images, buttons etc. easily. Then, input your brand's color codes and select matching fonts. This ensures consistency with your overall brand identity, creates an engaging and cohesive experience for your registrants, and just makes attending your webinar more appealing!

Your TLDR takeaway:

  • Drag, drop, preview, publish - no coding needed
  • Choose from a variety of templates to get started
  • Customize a template with your brand colors and fonts

2. Unrestricted customization with registration forms 

Most webinar platforms will allow you to capture the most salient details about your attendees such as their name, email address, company name and location. These details can help marketers personalize the attendee experience post-webinar. Zuddl's registration forms let you do so much more. 

  • You can use conditional logic in forms to get better marketing intelligence

Zuddl Webinars takes registration form customization one step further by giving you the ability to employ conditional logic in registration forms - by which we mean, the ability to show or hide form fields or sections based on the user's previous responses.

An example: Let’s say your business has a plan for enterprise customers. In your webinar registration form, one of the questions you ask could be “Are you in a team of more than 100 people?” If they answer “Yes” from a drop-down option, the next question triggered from that response could be “Would you be interested in our enterprise plan?”. If your registrant is in a team less than 100 aka not an enterprise, then this question will never be shown as it is irrelevant to them.

This level of personalization lets you and your marketing team capture essential information on your leads that can be used by your growth and sales teams to reach out to MQLS generated from webinars, with better context as to the use-case.

  • You can embed the form on your webpage instead of using a landing page - it's completely up to you 

    B2B marketers sometimes prefer to host the registration form for their webinars on their webpage instead of directing their users to a separate URL. This is incredibly easy to do with Zuddl - it’s literally a simple copy-paste job.
  • You can even restrict emails for registration

    Customize the email domains you want to restrict while allowing all other domains. This means you can restrict non-business emails from being used at registration and block competitors from registering, if you so desire.

3. Integrations makes data transfer easy + enables better follow-up

Zuddl Webinars has ready integrations with most CRMs and martech tools, such as Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot and Slack. This means there’s no manual effort needed for data entry, there’s less error when it comes to preserving data integrity, and that you can easily surface and share data with different teams in the company for better alignment. 

An example: By having a dedicated Slack channel for webinar alerts, Cloudsmith’s Sales team were notified when prospects that they were working to get over-the-line registered or attended, and could use this information for timely and targeted outreach post-webinar.

Your TLDR takeaway:

  • Zuddl Webinars has ready integrations with Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot + Slack
  • Turns data transfer into a simple process
  • Makes lead tracking simple 
  • Enables timely follow-up for your Sales team - especially if you combine a highly customized registration form + a Slack integration which  means that Sales will be able to easily identify and pursue the most qualified leads

Webinar registration should be simple and effortless for organizers and attendees alike

Instead of piling more onto B2B marketers’ already full plates, webinar hosting software should be helping to relieve it. 

Zuddl Webinars, by addressing the most common headaches marketers face with webinar registration, aims to deliver an experience that is flexible, convenient and targeted to solve the day-to-day challenges marketers face.

With setup of the landing page and registration form simple to execute and easy to customize, and integrations making it hassle-free to utilize registration data post-webinar, marketers no longer need to spend hours and effort on manual activities, and can instead focus on simply building a solid webinar strategy.


Highlights from June 2023- Key product updates!

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

June was a blast, to say the least! With Zuddl Webinars being launched and a whole bunch of other developments on the feature front. Read on!

June has been a big month at Zuddl, with the long-awaited launch of Zuddl Webinars!

We also have an all-new organization structure with the Teams update, and some more support features for you.

Presenting Zuddl Webinars

Try our latest product — sign up and get streaming!

Webinars lets you start streaming quick and easy, with all features you need to make your program a success. Get customizable registration forms, built-in video production tools, a variety of third-party integrations and much more.

Along with the free 30-day trial, we have a variety of paid plans available and you can choose one that fits your needs.

Interested? Get started here.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 4.58.34 PM.png

Teams for your Organization

Get more structure to your Zuddl events with Teams

Now you can create multiple teams within an organization, to make it easier to manage multiple events. You can create them from the common dashboard, and directly add members to each team.

All members added in your organization are added to the General team by default. The organization owner and the admins are added to all teams by default.


Assign your participants

No need to check in anymore — assign registered users directly

The check-in status has been removed to simplify the event setup. Earlier, to perform actions like assigning people to rooms or making them booth owners, you had to check them in first.

Now you can do this directly for all registered users, without the added step.


Virtual backgrounds

Apply virtual backgrounds all across Zuddl Events

Now you can find the virtual background option whenever you turn on your video feed — in Expo, Rooms, or the Stage. Upload a background image from the Branding setup and it’ll be available for use throughout the event.

For the Networking venue, virtual backgrounds are limited to the background blur option.


Live analytics for Studio

Keep an eye on your event analytics, even from backstage

For events with Studio as backstage, organizers could only access live analytics from the attendee side of the event. With this update, you can view live analytics directly from the Studio backstage.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 2.26.49 PM.png

Virtual Events

Zuddl sizzles in G2's Summer 2023 Grid® Report: 65+ badges and counting!

Mins Read
Kishore C S

Zuddl shines bright this summer, earning its best recognition yet with a remarkable 65+ badges across 8 categories in the prestigious G2 Grid® Report.

Summer is heating up, and so is Zuddl in the latest Grid® Report by G2! With 65+ badges across 8 categories, this is our best recognition yet!

As always, let’s start with the highlights:


(Category - Virtual Event Platform, Asia Pacific Event Management Platforms)

Products featured in the Leader quadrant of the Grid® Report are highly rated by G2 users and boast significant satisfaction and market presence scores.

Easiest To Use 

(Category - Event Management Platform)

This is awarded to the product ranked as the most user-friendly in the Usability Index as per ratings within its category.

Easiest Setup

(Category - Virtual Event Platform and Webinars)

This is based o G2s Implementation Index and reflects the product that has earned the highest Ease of Setup rating in its category

Best Support

(Category - Event Management Platforms, Event Networking & Matchmaking, Mobile Event Apps, Event Registration and Ticketing)

This is awarded to the product that has earned the highest Quality of Support rating in its category based on G2’s Relationship Index.

Why do G2 awards matter?

Because they are based on what actual users have to say

Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers. These rewards are a result of positive reviews from verified users compared to similar products in these categories. 

For inclusion in the report, a product must have received 10 or more reviews. 

Big wins in the webinar category!

In the webinar category alone, Zuddl has been awarded 10 badges, including highlights such as:

  • Best Usability 
  • Easiest Admin
  • Best Relationship 
  • Momentum Leader 

Other noteworthy wins for Zuddl this summer:

  • Best usability
  • Easiest to do business with
  • Best relationship
  • Best support
  • High performer

We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for the continued support!


Coming in hot: Zuddl's updates for May 2023

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

From landing page widgets and video guides to social links for speakers and more, this post has you covered with the latest enhancements on Zuddl!

Presenting our May updates - with even more control and support for all your event needs.

Elevate your landing page with new widgets, get additional help with our brand-new video guides, make your speakers more reachable with social media links, and record your sessions with our improved interface.

Widgets for the landing page

New custom widgets for your landing page

We have two new custom widgets for your landing page: the Schedule widget that adds the event schedule to your page, and the Speaker widget that adds information about speakers.

You can find these inside the landing page editor, under Widgets.

Widgets Optimized GIF.gif

Video guides

Get additional help during setup

Video tutorials have been added to certain sections of the organizer side setup, to give support and aid in different parts of the setup. These can be viewed from the page header, where you can click Watch tutorial to play the video.

Video Guides Optimized GIF.gif

Social links for speakers

Help your audiences connect with speakers

When adding speakers to your event, you can now also add links to their social media accounts to help audiences better connect with them. You can add upto 4 links for each speaker when you add them to your event: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a website.

Social Links Optimized GIF.gif

Studio recordings

Improvements to the recording settings

Recordings are made easier with some new improvements. A new recording status indicator makes it prominently visible whether recordings are turned on or off, and you can view this before you start your session. We’ve also added a confirmation popup to ensure that recordings aren’t accidentally turned off.

Recordings Optimized GIF.gif


Virtual Events

All that's new with Zuddl - April 2023

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

Want a sneak peek into the latest developments on our product front? This blog post spills the beans!

April was action-packed with updates!

We released a bunch of support features to enhance the overall experience for your attendees, and also give you more control over your events and webinars for smooth management.

Schedule sync

Track every session with Schedule sync

The schedule sync feature from the old backstage is now available on studio. All sessions that you add to the Schedule setup are listed in a dropdown on the studio backstage.

Select a session before you start streaming, and the session’s status will be updates on the schedule shown to attendees.


Wistia integration

Push your Zuddl recordings to Wistia

The new Wistia integration lets you share your virtual event and webinar recordings to Wistia. A new ‘Push to Wistia’ option is available for every recording.


Credits and Certification

Setting up training courses has never been easier

The new Credits & Certification feature lets your attendees earn credits in your Zuddl event. This is especially useful for educational conferences, specialized IT trainings, and any events where credits are awarded based on time spent by attendees that count towards certification.

You can customize the time range and how credits are offered for sessions. The certificates are made available at the end of a session, and you can personalize them with brand and sponsor logos.

Caption and multilingual support for webinars

Making your webinars more accessible for everyone

You can now enable multilingual translations and closed captioning for webinars. On a live stage, attendees can enable closed captions for the spoken content to view it as readable texts. They can also enable the simultaneous translation of the incoming audio.


Enhance timer function

Keep track with a dedicated timer in the Studio

A countdown timer is now available on the bottom-left corner of the stage. You can find the Start Timer option inside the Extras menu on the sidebar navigation. The timer countdown can be made visible to everyone or the speakers only.


Highlight active speakers

Put the spotlight on the speakers

When a participant speaks on the stage, their video feed is highlighted with a border in the chosen brand color. When someone speaks on the backstage, a wave bar animation at the bottom-left corner in the user tile shows who is speaking.

This feature can be turned off from the Extras menu of the sidebar.


In-room screen sharing

Keep the screen clean with screen sharing controls

Get more control over the rooms with screen sharing controls. Organizers or room moderators can now stop all other room participants from sharing their screens. The toggle is available in the options menu beside the audio/video controls.


That's all for now. We'll be back with more exciting updates in a month - see you on the other side!

Virtual Events

Zuddl - Monthly feature updates - March 2023

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

Get a sneak peek into some cool enhancements and updates to Zuddl that you'll love when you're running your B2B events and webinars.

Phew! Our product release this March comes with tons of enhancements and bug fixes too, of course!

Here is a rundown of some really cool additions that would take your virtual event hosting experience to the next level. Too bad we can’t talk about all of them right away; but we certainly will in the near future!

But for now, let’s check out what’s new.

Default Virtual backgrounds for rooms

Make your background meeting-worthy with virtual backgrounds for rooms.

Organizers can now upload a virtual background during the event setup, from the Branding page. Attendees can select this background from the audio/video preview popup (before joining a room) or from the audio/video controls toolbar. Virtual backgrounds are currently only available for rooms.

Powerful meeting controls inside Rooms

Boom. Super controls for organizers, moderators, and room owners.

Now inside a room, organizers, moderators, and room owners can:

  • Stop a screen share inside rooms
  • View the presenter’s name upon hovering on the shared screen
  • Turn off the screen share using a single on-screen button
  • Send requests to turn on the video or mic to participants
  • Turn off the video and mic of participants and speakers

Toast notifications are shown when anyone is muted or has their video turned off - this feature is also available in the original backstage.

Raise hands

Make your presence known with a single click.

Attendees inside a room can now raise a hand to call for attention. This adds them to a queue in the People tab of the side panel, along with other attendees who raised their hands. Those who raise their hands first appear at the top of this list.

Attendees can lower their hand at any point using the same button. Room owners, organizers, and moderators can also lower any hands raised by attendees.


Mobile view

Mobile users, we have great news.

Gone are the days when your attendees on mobile devices had to scroll horizontally and sometimes in all directions to view the different elements in an expo. We now have optimized the Zuddl viewports to be responsive to different device layouts. A new option inside the advanced settings for expo lets you add background images with compatible dimensions and also gives you widget options. Altogether providing a better experience for your mobile attendees.

Text widget

Bring your message to life with the new text widget

Add a body of text to your lobby or expo booths with the text widget. The widget’s rich text editor gives you a wide range of formatting options from bold text to list styles; from hyperlinks to emojis. You also have different font settings, color options, and more. You can preview the text widget like other widgets and change its position and size to fit your requirements.

Contact us widget

Let your attendees reach out

The contact us widget (which you could add only to expo booths) is now also available for the lobby venue. On clicking the button, attendees are able to contact the event organizers via a private text chat, which can be accessed from the side-panel.

That's about it for now; expect more excitement in the coming month!

But in the meantime, head on over to our brand new playbook 'The Guide to Before-Event Marketing'! Packed with insights from experts, proven strategies and free checklists and templates, it'll help you plan more efficiently and overcome challenges like sourcing event speakers quickly or learning how to determine if in-person or virtual is the right format for your next event.

Virtual Events

Zuddl - Monthly feature updates (Feb 2023)

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

A new month means new features and updates. Get a sneek peak into the latest developments with Zuddl, everybody's favorite unified platform for webinars and events.

First impressions play a huge role in reeling in your audiences - and this month’s offering from Zuddl helps you do just that.

Put your best foot forward with conditional registration fields and the landing page builder, which give you even more control over how your audiences perceive your event.

Psst... we’ve also added support for more in-demand integrations to make sure your needs are covered.

Conditional registration fields

Use conditional logic to branch out your registration forms

Your registration form can now be made responsive using conditional logic. This means you can show or hide certain form fields based on what the user enters in the form. However, conditional logic can only be applied to custom fields and uses information from other custom fields placed before them.

conditional registeration.gif

Landing page builder

Custom design your landing page end to end.

You now have the option to create and design your landing page from scratch or by choosing from a set of pre-defined templates. An editor mode gives you all the necessary tools to design a beautiful website and eventually increase your website conversion. You can add widgets and pages, change design elements globally, and do many more settings.

landing page builder.gif

Cancel an event or webinar

Sometimes, you just need to cancel. We have you covered.

You can now cancel an event or webinar and notify your participants via a customizable cancelation email. Cancelation also removes any calendar blocks sent to your participants. The action is permanent, but you can still access the setup for a canceled event/webinar or duplicate it if needed.

cancel event.gif

Salesforce Import Integration

Now don’t just export, but also import registrant data using the Salesforce integration.

It is now possible to import campaign members from any campaign in Salesforce to a Zuddl event. The campaign members are imported as registrants and appear inside People > Attendees in your Zuddl dashboard. The integration can be also easily clubbed with any existing export integration to achieve a bidirectional data flow.

Pardot integration

Introducing the all-new, Pardot integration.

Straight out of the box, the integration supports the bidirectional flow of registrant data from Zuddl to Pardot and vice-versa. The integration utilizes Pardot segmentation lists to export Zuddl registrants and also import Pardot prospects. The integration also allows mapping Zuddl registration fields to prospect-level custom fields in Pardot.

Map custom fields - All integrations

Got custom fields in your registration form? Map it.

We’ve designed all our integrations to allow the mapping of the custom fields that are added to the registration form. An additional step is added to the installation process, in which you can map custom fields from a dropdown and map them to their counterparts in your app instance.

Other noteworthy mentions

  • Presentations inside rooms are now made easier. The side panel now automatically collapses when anyone shares content inside a room.
  • We’ve also improved the polling experience for mobile and iPad. Participants using mobiles and iPads are now sent notifications for polls, quizzes, and Q&As.
  • Data gathered through polls inside rooms is now available under the Analytics page. This is also enabled for quizzes and Q&As.
  • The landing page for webinars now shows a countdown timer to the start of the webinar.
Virtual Events

A few of our favorite things from Spotlight 2023

Mins Read
Kishore C S

Last week, we hosted our first-ever quarterly product launch, Spotlight 2023! Here are highlights from the sessions that you'll find useful in your journey of running B2B events that bring you success.

This past week was historic for us, as we launched Zuddl’s very first quarterly product launch, Spotlight. Now, the objective of this quarterly event series is to share key insights and practical tips about the future of B2B events, which makes it perfect for B2B marketing professionals as we strictly stick to actionable information and leave out any fluff. 

Given that this was our first edition of Spotlight, It was heartening to see a 94% attendee turnout! Of course we’re just getting started; we’re now pumped to make the next edition all the more impactful and engaging.

Since we really like you, we’ve picked out some key highlights from Spotlight 2023 that are TOTALLY worth a quick read:

How B2B events are evolving as the year unfolds

B2B events have changed from being just a brand building exercise to becoming a demand generation engine that can help businesses drive revenue.

To break down this evolution of events, we had on-ground insights from Vedha Sayyaparaju, CTO and co-founder, Zuddl, Mark Whalen, Director of Sales, Zuddl and Ketan Pandit, Head of Marketing, Zuddl.

The session set the context by diving into the changing landscapes of B2B events in terms of expectations, goals and outcomes and also how virtual events have become more measurable thanks to advances in event technology - a must-listen if you’re looking for perspective.

How B2B events marketers can do more with less

As per our survey in December 2022, over 50% of B2B marketers stated that they use at least 4-5 tools across the lifecycle of an event. That’s 4 tools too many. Using different tools is a logistical headache - you already know this. It creates workflow challenges and data silos.

To address this, Arpit Maheshwari, Product Lead at Zuddl took attendees through the latest features that have been designed to empower B2B marketers with a unified approach to events.

The best thing about the session was that it was highly interactive - we saw attendees ask about specific new capabilities on Zuddl such as automatic calendar blocks as well as best practices for attendee engagement.

How to outperform your competitors by redefining B2B webinars

Traditional webinars are on the decline; nobody wants to attend a never-ending monologue, especially online. 

Is there a way to transform your webinars from just another virtual meeting to an engaging experience? That’s exactly what Clinton D’souza, Product Manager at Zuddl, addressed as he walked attendees through the latest updates on Zuddl that are designed to cater to the evolved business needs.

Touching upon Zuddl’s latest integrations and Demo CTAs, Clinton showed attendees how they can run webinars that convert higher number of prospects and eventually contribute to business growth. He also highlighted the ease by which you can stream out your live webinar to leading social media platforms as well as get your on-demand webinar in place in no time.


How you can unleash Zuddl’s true capabilities and get desired results 

Talking about possibilities is one thing; doing it is another. This is why Ansh Mehra, Product Marketing Manager at Zuddl, took to the stage to take attendees through a step-by-step walkthrough of how B2B marketers can leverage the powerhouse that is Zuddl’s Video Production and Live Streaming Studio to run live events that deliver results.

From creating an immersive brand experience with themes, backdrops and overlays to making a live event a seamless experience for organizers, speakers and attendees with features such as Showflow, this crisp session covered it all - all in a few clicks.

... and that's a wrap from us, for now! Be sure to join us every quarter for exclusive insights on trends and tools that will help you ace your B2B events in 2023 and beyond!

Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

Event Marketing

Zuddl Ranks High at G2's Best Software Awards 2023

Mins Read
Kishore C S

Zuddl has been named among the top 50 Marketing and Digital Advertising Products and the top 100 Fastest Growing Software Products on G2 at the Best Software Awards 2023

Cue the drum roll…


We're thrilled to announce that Zuddl has been named among the top 50 Marketing and Digital Advertising Products and one of the top 100 Fastest Growing Software Products on G2! This is a huge honor for our team and a testament to the hard work and dedication we've put into building a top-notch product.

These awards mean a lot to us because they represent the voices of our customers and users. G2 is one of the leading sources for unbiased software reviews, and being recognized by them is a true validation of our efforts to provide a unified event and webinar platform that exceeds user expectations, so, yay!

Here's a little bit about our latest wins:

Top 50 Marketing and Digital Advertising Products

The top 100 companies are ranked based on a combination of Satisfaction and Market Presence scores for each vendor, and the top 100 products are ranked based on reviews across all categories they are a part of. The recognition as one of the top 50 Marketing and Digital Advertising Products on G2 is based on user satisfaction scores, as well as market presence and popularity. This award speaks to Zuddl's effectiveness in helping businesses succeed in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising.

Top 100 Fastest Growing Software Products

To be recognized as a Best Software Award winner, a software company or product must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2022 calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period. Being named one of the top 100 Fastest Growing Software Products is a testament to our company's rapid growth and success. This award is based on customer growth, employee growth, and overall company growth over the past year. It's a recognition of the strong demand for our unified platform and the impact we're making in the industry.


We're proud to be part of this elite group of companies and we're committed to continuing our efforts to provide the best marketing and advertising solutions on the market. Thank you to our customers and partners for your support and for helping us get to where we are today.

Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.


4 reasons Spotlight 2023 is a must-attend event

Mins Read
Pavi Sagar

Here's why Spotlight, our Quarterly Product Launch, is the biggest opportunity you'll have to learn how to drive far more revenue from your event programs than you ever thought possible.

B2B marketers, assemble!

On 9th February, we’re hosting Spotlight 2023: The Future of B2B Marketing Events, Zuddl’s Quarterly Product Launch! Join us for the most advanced conference for B2B events and marketing. And it’s free. 

Need more reasons to help convince your manager to give you time off to attend?

Keep reading.

1. Stay ahead of the B2B event marketing curve

What will B2B marketing events look like for the rest of the year? At Zuddl, we already know. 

Join us for what we call ‘the future in present tense’ session led by Bharath Varma, Zuddl’s CEO & co-founder and Vedha Sayyaparaju, CTO of Zuddl, that is packed with key insights and practical tips about what you can expect this year - and before any of your contemporaries do. 

There will be no fluff. 

Like you, we’re not interested in highly theoretical sessions or trivial and simplistic advice that have zero actionable components. This is not event marketing 101. 

Instead you can expect extremely granular and tactical insights to challenges, which will inspire you to try things that worked (and avoid things that didn’t).

Having hosted hundreds of events over the past two years for clients all around the world including Google, Microsoft, Highspot, StackCommerce, NAMIC, HBA and others, we are uniquely positioned to know the secrets behind high-performance events that deliver real business value.

2. Get a sneak peek at Zuddl’s new unified platform features + roadmap

B2B marketers are working harder than necessary.

Our survey revealed that over 50% of B2B marketers stated that they use at least 4-5 tools across the lifecycle of an event. That’s 4 tools too many. Using different tools is a logistical headache - you already know this. It creates workflow challenges and data silos (not to mention the downloading and uploading you have to do for every tool at every event).

Additionally, there's dependence on external teams for implementation or assistance when something glitches. Not to mention the costs that build up for each tool. All in all, it’s too much time, stress and effort spent. 

Which is why using a unified platform can be a gamechanger for your events. At Spotlight, you’ll learn how a unified platform’s key capabilities and technologies (eg. an  inbuilt video production tool, better tracking for sales-marketing collaboration) drives better results across your event programs, resulting in sustainable revenue.


Expect exciting updates about  new product capabilities, Zuddl Studio (our powerful yet simple web-based video production and streaming platform) and feature announcements too!

3. Learn the tech and tactics that will kick your webinar into high gear 

Even if you’ve been able to navigate the challenges of the past few years, we’ve worked with enough B2B marketers to know that there's likely at least one webinar conversion rate that you’ve either struggled with or always wanted to improve upon. And we’ve built solutions to optimize all of them.

Whether it’s registration-to-attendee, or attendee-to-demo, we’ve zeroed in on really practical ways to improve the webinar experience for both organizers and attendees, that result in overall improved outcomes from the event. We don’t want to give away too much, but here’s just one example of insights you can expect to learn: triggering automatic calendar blocks after someone registers improved turnout for one of our customers by an incredible 20%. 

During Spotlight, you’ll get to see and learn how our new suite of features helps you increase performance, convert more customers and enable better sales and marketing collaboration (yes, you read that last one right). These sessions provide a look at what’s possible — and how other B2B businesses are benefiting from Zuddl-powered experiences.

4.Build and expand your network

We want you to get the most value from your time at Spotlight. So apart from the sessions, you’ll also be able to meet and mingle with peers and practitioners from the B2B events marketing space.

You will engage with industry experts, marketing professionals, business leaders as well as Zuddl users and product experts. Get answers to pressing questions, swap stories of success and failure, and make professional connections, new partnerships and possible business opportunities.

The next step

Register now!

Join us for 2 hours of focused, tactical sessions.

Leave a better B2B marketing professional.

Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

Virtual Events

Zuddl - Monthly feature updates (Jan 2023)

Mins Read
Philson John Philip

Here are our super-fresh updates on Zuddl for January 2023. We're kicking the year off with some exciting new possibilities. Curious? Read this article!

“We have a Hulk!” was Tony Stark’s response to Loki’s threat in The Avengers 2012; this month’s offering from Zuddl is no less than a Hulk. In this article, we’ve got some power-packed features and capabilities that will really help close the distance between you and your audience. So suit up and read on.

Use Studio as backstage

Zuddl Events are now supported by Studio as the backstage

A much-awaited Zuddl feature is now available — Studio can now be used as backstage for Events. You can now make full use of Studio’s video editing and streaming capabilities to take your events a notch higher.

Individual stages inside an Event can be configured to use Studio as backstage in the stage setup. You can choose to use the original Events backstage or switch to Studio.

Stream and content transitions

Experience Studio with smoother, more refined transition animations

The transitions for speakers and content on Studio have been greatly improved. Every layout change onstage is now visibly smoother with clean and fluid transition animations.

The result is a significantly more polished viewing experience for your streaming audiences.

Filler media for webinars

Make the breaks in between sessions better with filler media

A new Fillers tab is added to the Studio backstage, where you can upload and use images, videos, and audio files as fillers. They help you fill the gaps between streaming sessions, keeping your audience engaged during the breaks.

These fillers can be shown on the webinar stage when sessions are not live. When a session is live, fillers can be queued to play after the session ends.

Email access control

Running a private event? You can now you can allow or restrict specific email address domains at the time of registration

More than just a nice-to-have feature for someone who hosts private or corporate events quite often. This option can be found under Advanced settings inside the Registration page menu. You can either quickly restrict non-business email domains such as,,, etc., or upload a CSV file to allow/ restrict specific domains in bulk.

Email builder

A timely email that speaks about your brand is always lauded by attendees

As attendees stay excited about your next event, you can make them feel more connected by sending event emails directly from your own custom email address. This offering doubles up as an email builder, a simple drag-and-drop editor to custom-build your email design and content. So the attendees and registrants can now not only receive all event-specific communications directly from you but get to read a well-crafted and personalized email. Nonetheless, transactional emails will still be sent by Zuddl.

You can easily add a sender email address which after verification, it can be made the default email address on an account level. Inside the Communications menu, you can also select specific senders for each email type.

Embeddable form builder

Customize your registration form and some layout changes for the better

Presenting an embed code option (at the bottom-right corner) that lets you copy an embeddable and customizable javascript code of the form you designed. This code can be pasted inside the body tag of your HTML site code and voila’ you’ve got yourself a custom-made Zuddl registration form inside your website. When you update this form from the dashboard, the changes appear instantly on your site, after reloading, of course. You can add logos, background color, and more to the code. This will be shown inline on the landing page of the third-party website where is it embedded.

To accommodate this feature, there have been a few rearrangements; the branding option is now replaced with the “Embeddable form” tab which provides branding and a few new options. Also, you can now find the advanced settings option on the sidebar which provides settings such as font family for the form, and button options such as text, color, text alignment, and text font color.

This feature is applicable to both events and webinars.

Capture UTM & IP details in registrations

We now capture and store the UTM and IP details from the registration links for your event

The IP details include; city, state, and country along with the ISO code. These links are specifically consumed for third-party integration and are currently not displayed on the platform.

Some updates on integrations

We’ve gone a bit further down the rabbit hole to make some updates to our integrations. Let’s talk about them

In our Salesforce and Marketo integration, you can now capture certain user activities in addition to user registration and attendee event entry such as sessions attended, breakout rooms attended, CTAs clicked, polls answered, and a few others.

For the Slack + Salesforce integration, the integration can now notify a lot more things on Slack. The notifications will now include the following details if available for a contact/lead: Account details such as account name or account owner, latest opportunity details such as deal size, deal stage, deal close date, and any custom contact fields added

In addition to sending notifications to a Slack channel and the lead owner, notifications will now be sent to the following recipients, based on availability in Slack; Account owner > Contact owner > Lead owner.

That's all for now! Want a hands-on experience of what you read? Get in touch!


Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.


Zuddl - Monthly feature updates (Dec 2022)

Mins Read
Zuddl Staff

Here's our monthly round up of the latest features and capabilities on Zuddl that are designed to empower B2B marketers to run events that drive revenue!

In Zuddl’s December product update, we bring you new features like onsite settings and the new recordings page to help you manage all your event needs from one place.

We’ve also made improvements to the registration process so that your attendees and speakers both have a seamless experience.

Magic link for speakers

Now speakers also can directly join events using magic links

Magic links, as the name suggests, allow participants to enter events simply by clicking a link, no questions asked. Earlier, only attendees could enter using magic links, but now speakers can too. You need to enable the magic link feature for speakers from the organizer dashboard. Once enabled, speakers can join the event directly when they click on the event invite link from their mailbox.

Recordings and Highlights

Access all your recordings and highlights from a single page

You can now access recordings and highlights from events, webinars, and studio under a single page. Earlier, recordings were split between studio and events, but now you can have them all together to manage them better! What's more? You can now also use event and webinar recordings to create highlights - this was a studio-specific feature earlier.

The new Onsite Settings

Onsite settings are available for in-person and hybrid events and can be used via the Zuddl Organizer app

The options that can be made available in the app are governed by the organizer-side settings. You can turn on/off features such as on-spot registrations, attendee check-ins, QR scanning, self-serve mode settings, and more. The app can also be set in the Self-serve mode as a kiosk and allow attendees to register and check-in to an event and print badges all by themselves.

Pinning polls, quizzes, and Q&As

Make your webinars more interactive with pinned polls, quizzes, and Q&As

We all know that polls, quizzes, and Q&As make webinars more interactive and engaging for audiences. This time around, we’ve gone a notch higher by allowing you to pin these interactive components to the stage, thereby adding more immersion to your webinars. Your attendees can also directly answer the polls and quizzes from the stage instead of using the sidebar, keeping their attention focused on what matters!

As an organizer, you can manage this feature from the studio backstage for webinars.

Preview the theme before you publish!

Now you can test out the theme before you actually go live

A new Mock speaker option lets you view the speaker tile layout with sample speakers before going live. You can also turn off mock speakers to test out other features such as chat, Q&A by interacting within the organizer dashboard itself.

And that's all for now, folks!

Love these product updates? Scroll down to subscribe to our blog and we'll make sure you don't miss a beat!

Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

Hybrid Events

Zuddl’s unified event and webinar platform - this article reveals all!

Mins Read
Kishore C S

Discover the capabilities of Zuddl’s unified event and webinar platform, our end-to-end tool primarily focused on B2B marketers and conference organizers.

Of tools and tribulations - the current scenario

As an event marketer, if you're asked to describe how you run your events, our guess is that your response is likely to be, “Oh, where do I start! I use a plethora of tools to execute just one event.”... and this will probably be followed by a detailed description that paints a vivid picture about the sheer complexity of running an event… so on and so forth…

 … and that’s totally justified, because it’s true. 

Today, event marketers rely on many independent tools for specific tasks across the event lifecycle, such as:

  • Creating a landing and registration page
  • Setting up email communication and reminders
  • Setting up the event (usually on Zoom or any other virtual event platform)
  • Downloading session recordings and manually sending those heavy files for edits on another tool
  • Downloading registrant/attendee lists and uploading them onto their CRM tool
  • Building reports to see which leads attended (manually using Excel or Sheets)
  • Building an after-event report that can be shared with the sales team
Get much needed events tools and integrations at Zuddl

And while each of these tools are reliable, this multi-tool approach to events leaves a whole lot of room for speed bumps, stress and scattered data.

  • Too many tools to manage and pay for
  • Poor attendee turnout because email communication is broken or not configured correctly
  • No clear picture of attendee behavior across multiple events
  • Dependence on external support
  • Delay in sharing content after the event
  • No usable insights because of data silos
  • Minimal sales and marketing collaboration because sales has no context of attendee behavior at the event

The obvious follow-up question to this is, is there a better way to run events? 

The answer is Yes… with Zuddl’s unified platform.

How humble! Now tell me, what does Zuddl’s unified platform do?

At its core, it simplifies the event tech stack and solves for better sales and marketing collaboration, optimizes the total cost of ownership, and makes it simpler for event teams of all sizes to run event programs at scale. 

How does Zuddl do this?

We're glad you asked. Our unified event platform is primarily focused on giving B2B marketers and conference organizers a simplified approach to events, end-to-end. Here's how Zuddl achieves this:

By un-muddling your event tech stack

Simplify your event tech stack with Zuddl

By choosing Zuddl, you effectively replace multiple tools that you currently use to run events with one platform that does it all - this will reduce total cost of ownership.

By offering direct visibility into events that drive revenue

Get actionable data and event insights with Zuddl

Zuddl provides you direct and actionable insights into attendee behavior - right from registration and event behavior to after-event engagement. This way, you can design events that contribute directly to pipeline or revenue. 

By democratizing data across internal teams

Host demand generation events with Zuddl

One of the biggest problems event marketers face is the lack of visibility into prospects across various events - webinars, conferences and other demand generation activities. 

With Zuddl, however, internal teams like sales have direct access to insights and hence can reach out to prospects in real time during events and engage better. 

By making event marketers more self-sufficient

Host events of all size and type with Zuddl

With in-built tools and capabilities for creating landing pages, integrating communications, producing and editing stunning videos as well as quickly sharing relevant content with your attendees after the event, Zuddl empowers you to do it all!

The best part? It doesn’t matter what format you choose. Zuddl’s unified platform caters to virtual events, hybrid events, in-person events as well as webinars!

Want to check it out for yourself? Talk to us today.

Psst: Here's a sneak peek of event trends in 2023 as per our latest report.


Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.


How we solved the notification issue

Mins Read
Arvind Choudhary

As Zuddl evolved, the tech requirements also kept evolving. We had to move from a single notification delivery system to a multiple notification delivery system which was required at runtime. This post takes you through the problems we faced, the implementation patterns and our learnings.

At Zuddl, we send more than 10 different types of notifications to our users. For instance, when one attendee sends a 1:1 meeting invitation to another and when a meeting invite is accepted, when someone asks a question or an attendee answers one, for votes, etc. All of these notifications are sent instantly as the user takes action.

Single vs multiple notification delivery

At Zuddl, we send two types of service notifications:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Email notifications

Pusher lets you create web apps with real-time functionality such as sharing live results, messaging, and pushing content to end-users and back. We use one of Pusher’s messaging solutions; Channels, to communicate between our servers, apps, and devices which thereby helps us send real-time notifications to attendees in a single event. Pusher’s ‘Channels’ is also used for real-time charts, real-time user lists, real-time maps, multiplayer gaming, and also to notify many other types of UI updates. Whenever anything happens in our systems, it helps us keep our web pages, apps, and devices updated.

Every notification contains a payload. The notification payload is created at the backend which contains the title, description, and other required information.

Understanding pusher

Users also receive emails for every notification received on the app such as event reminders, thank you emails, and post-event emails amongst others. For email notifications, we use SendGrid, a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send emails without having to maintain email servers. SendGrid manages all technical requirements, from scaling the infrastructure to ISP(Internet service provider) outreach, reputation monitoring to whitelist services, and real-time analytics.

Mail flow

The first notification system we developed was great but was not scalable. It also had other issues, for example, wrong notifications being sent or notification misfires, delays, and complicated logic on the UI side. In the case of single notification delivery types such as Pusher and email, the existing implementation worked. But when multiple notifications delivery types(Email, Pusher and Firebase Console Messaging) were required at runtime, we had to put on our thinking hats to handle such use cases.

How we used design pattern for notification delivery

To get the right service or delivery at run time we use a factory design pattern. But before I go about explaining the factory design pattern, it is essential to to understand how design patterns are used.

A software design pattern is a basic, repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. It cannot be used off the shelf as a finished piece of code design but needs to be customized and transformed into a source code for a particular use case. It is supposed to be used as a template for how to solve a known problem factoring in several scenarios.

Factory method pattern is one type of design pattern also known as a creational pattern that uses factory methods to deal with the problem. In this way, we can create objects without having to specify the exact class of the object that will be created or the subclasses that are responsible for creating the instance of the class.

To resolve the multiple notifications delivery types that are required at runtime for any event, we created a factory class.

Design pattern 1

The above class is responsible to fetch a service type based on delivery type.

We have also created a NotifyAdapter class to check common validations like duplicate notification, input request validation, and many others.

Design pattern 2

Our other services(Email and Pusher) only call the NotifyAdapter class and internally we fetch service type based on DeliveryType using factory pattern.

Design pattern 3

Take away

Factory Method is a widely used, creational design pattern that can be used in many situations where multiple concrete implementations of an interface exist. The pattern removes complex logical code that is hard to maintain and replaces it with a design that is reusable and extensible.

Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

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