Highlights from June 2023- Key product updates!

June has been a big month at Zuddl, with the long-awaited launch of Zuddl Webinars!

We also have an all-new organization structure with the Teams update, and some more support features for you.

Presenting Zuddl Webinars

Try our latest product — sign up and get streaming!

Webinars lets you start streaming quick and easy, with all features you need to make your program a success. Get customizable registration forms, built-in video production tools, a variety of third-party integrations and much more.

Along with the free 30-day trial, we have a variety of paid plans available and you can choose one that fits your needs.

Interested? Get started here.

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Teams for your Organization

Get more structure to your Zuddl events with Teams

Now you can create multiple teams within an organization, to make it easier to manage multiple events. You can create them from the common dashboard, and directly add members to each team.

All members added in your organization are added to the General team by default. The organization owner and the admins are added to all teams by default.


Assign your participants

No need to check in anymore — assign registered users directly

The check-in status has been removed to simplify the event setup. Earlier, to perform actions like assigning people to rooms or making them booth owners, you had to check them in first.

Now you can do this directly for all registered users, without the added step.


Virtual backgrounds

Apply virtual backgrounds all across Zuddl Events

Now you can find the virtual background option whenever you turn on your video feed — in Expo, Rooms, or the Stage. Upload a background image from the Branding setup and it’ll be available for use throughout the event.

For the Networking venue, virtual backgrounds are limited to the background blur option.


Live analytics for Studio

Keep an eye on your event analytics, even from backstage

For events with Studio as backstage, organizers could only access live analytics from the attendee side of the event. With this update, you can view live analytics directly from the Studio backstage.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 2.26.49 PM.png

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