Best B2B marketing conferences to attend in 2023

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2023. This new year brings B2B marketers the opportunity to be better and do better than last year.  This means that over the next 365 days, you can:

  • catch up on everything you avoided learning in 2022
  • sharpen your skills
  • learn from the smartest people in the industry

There are a variety of ways to do this based on your learning style - you can read articles or LinkedIn threads online, listen to a podcast or attend some of the best B2B marketing events throughout the year. The perks? Based on the format of the event, it’s highly probable that you won’t have to travel, you can eschew awkward small talk, no one can tell if you’re wearing PJs whilst attending, and you’ll come away with insights and skills that create a competitive advantage in the modern digital climate.

While there are plenty of b2b events in 2023 you could attend, we’ve whittled the list down to those we think are worth your time and attention.

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<span id="jan-b2b"><h2>JANUARY</h2></span>

Lead Generation World

When: Jan 8-10

Event type: In-person - San Diego

Why attend: The first recommendation in our event calendar is Lead Generation World. This b2b event brings together practitioners and experts in the field to help advertisers and lead buyers successfully navigate the lead generation ecosystem.

Attendees can expect to receive highly targeted and insightful content alongside exclusive networking opportunities with companies that can support their efforts.

<span id="feb-b2b"><h2>FEBRUARY</h2></span>

Global Virtual Martech Summit: Conceptualising the Future of MarTech

When: February 27 - March 1

Event type: In-person - Scottsdale, Arizona

Why attend: The three day B2B event features 80+ sessions and 20+ case studies around ABM, content strategy, demand generation, sales enablement and more, giving marketers practical hands-on insight into a variety of use-cases, and encouragement on what can be achieved.

This year, attendees can learn from inspirational marketing leaders such as:

  • Arthur Castillo, Head of Dark Social & Evangelism at Chili Piper
  • Carl Ferreira, Director of Sales at Refine Labs
  • Dan Cafiero Senior Program Manager, ABM and Paid Media at Seagate
  • Justin Keller VP Revenue Marketing at Drift

All signs point to a highly educational and value-driven experience, that should be one of the top among the B2B events in 2023 you’d want to attend.

<span id="march-b2b"><h2>MARCH</h2></span>

Social Media Marketing World

When: March 13-15

Event type: In-person - San Diego, CA

Why attend: As its name suggests, this event is targeted towards digital marketers and social media professionals looking to discover the best insider secrets and the latest trends, and to learn strategies and tools that will help grow their business. Here’s a glimpse of some of the sessions that will be held, and the speakers leading the discussions:

  • Organic social marketing: How to Use LinkedIn Content to Achieve Meaningful Business Growth - Instructor: Daniel Kading
  • Paid social marketing: The Short-Form Video Sales Letter: How to Sell More With Instagram and Facebook Ads - Instructor: Allie Bloyd
  • Content marketing: Mastering YouTube Audience Development: Tips From the Pros - Instructor: Derral Eves
  • Social strategy: How to Use AI Tools to Greatly Improve Your Marketing - Instructor: Paul Roetzer

It’s a B2B event where content marketers will find tactical, no-fluff information that you're not going to learn anywhere else in the world.

Adobe Summit

When: March 21-23, 2023

Event type: Hybrid - Las Vegas and virtual

Why attend: Adobe’s conference made it onto our B2B events to attend in 2022 article, and our events in 2023 list would be incomplete without it. The 3-day conference empowers attendees to discover the latest trends with more than 200 sessions and hands-on labs across 11 tracks, from juggernaut speakers across industries. 

There’s something for all stripes of B2B marketers this year, from content marketers to commerce practitioners:

Attendees will have the ​​chance to connect directly with peers and leaders from the world’s top brands. 2023’s speakers have yet to be announced, but previous speakers include:

  • Shantanu Narayen, chairman and CEO of Adobe
  • Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.
  • John Donahoe, President and CEO of NIKE
  • Deborah Wahl, Global CMO at General Motors

Bonus: Adobe also hosts a pre-conference two days before the Summit kicks off, during which you can learn more about Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

We love the tracks’ focus and exciting speakers - it really doesn’t get better than that.

CMO Summit

When: March 23

Event type: In-person - San Francisco, CA

Why attend: The Summit by Pavilion aims to help marketers learn the newest strategies and best practices they need to know in order to drive revenue through marketing efforts. 

Attendees can expect:

  • Expert-led educational sessions, covering topics like using benchmarking data to build your budget, calculating ROI on marketing efforts, aligning sales and marketing
  • Hands-on workshops to help you understand your approach to brand building
  • Opportunities to network with CMOs and VPs of Marketing and Demand Generation from around the world

By attending this B2B event, you’ll get a front-row seat to learn from leaders who have succeeded in driving results for their teams. We love that it’s no-nonsense, and straight-to-the-point. This one’s a hidden gem.

<span id="april-b2b"><h2>APRIL</h2></span>

The Gathering Marketing Summit

When: April 26-29

Event type: Hybrid - In-person at Banff, Canada, and there’s a Gathering Global Online Pass available to let attendees experience content on-demand from home

Why attend: Whilst there are many reasons to attend this Summit (not least its name, location or intriguingly designed event page), at number one would be how it is billed: a safe space for business and marketing professionals to unite for inspiration, application and celebration.

Attendees are in for 3 days of 20+ workshops, keynotes and intimate Q&As from 50+ thought leaders and 12 award-winning brands.

<span id="may-b2b"><h2>MAY</h2></span>

Strategic Marketing 2023 - Reuters Events

When: May 8–9

Event type: San Diego, USA

Why attend: The conference aims to be a global platform to inspire and empower marketing leaders to map the digital DNA of your consumer, foster brand loyalty and community, and unlock innovation.

And who better to learn from than this roster of A-listers from the industry!

  • Shannon Watkins, CMO, Jordan Brand at Nike 
  • Kellyn Smith Kenny, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at AT&T 
  • Adrian Fung, Global CMO at eBay
  • Sophie Bambuck, CMO of The North Face 
  • Chris Brandt, CMO of Chipotle 
  • David Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer of Krispy Kreme 
  • Michelle Ganslem, VP, Global Insights and Analytics of McDonald’s

The event focuses on 4 key themes: Strategic Leadership and Growth, Brand Loyalty, Community, and Purpose, Engaging Content and Innovative Storytelling and Data Connectivity & Creativity. Each theme features insightful sessions that guarantee attendees leave with valuable insights. Here’s an example:

With delivering value at the heart of all activities and sessions at the event, Strategic Marketing 2023 doesn’t fail to impress. Definitely one of the top B2B marketing events in 2023 you won’t want to miss.

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

When: May 16 - 17

Event type: In-person - Las Vegas, NV

Why attend: At Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2023, sales leaders will gain unique actionable insights, practical tools and innovative guidance to exceed revenue targets despite the unrelenting uncertainties caused by inflation, talent scarcity and supply chain disruptions.

The event’s agenda tracks are carefully curated to this end, with each directly addressing topical challenges and goals faced by chief sales officers, sales operations leaders, and sales enablement leaders. Here’s a snapshot of the tracks and some of the sessions offered.

Track A: Reinventing Sales Strategies to Drive Growth

  • Gartner Opening Keynote: Prioritizing the Human Touch: Connecting the Buyer, Seller and Sales Leader of The Future
  • From No to Yes. Getting CFOs to Green Light Your Proposals in a Recession
  • CSO Circle Roundtable: If You Build It, They Will Come: Commercial Coalition Around A Single Source Of Data Truth

Track B: Enabling the Commercial Organization of Tomorrow

  • Be Choosy in Selecting a Sales Training Provider: The Must-Haves
  • Making the Shift From Sales Enablement to Revenue Enablement
  • Ask the Expert: How Can I Make Sense Out of Sense Making?

Track C: Revolutionizing Sales Operations for Greater Scope and Impact

  • Winning Over Sales Ops Stakeholders... Even the Difficult Ones
  • Look Under the Hood: 4 Levers to Developing High Quality Pipeline
  • Ask the Expert: Artificial Intelligence & Future of Sales Compensation: The Possibilities to Be Prepared

Track D: Optimizing Revenue Technology to Boost Engagement

  • Ask the Expert: How to Design a PRM Stack to Power Up Your Channel Partners
  • 3 Strategic Technology Trends for CSOs to Watch
  • Roundtable: RevTech Group Therapy - Share Your Horror Stories and Celebrate Your Wins With Revenue Technology Adoption

There’s also built-in time to network and learn from experts, thanks to:

  • Roundtables where you can join sales executive peers from leading organizations to discuss relevant topics inspired by the latest research.
  • The CSO Circle wherein you can join a cohort of vetted, senior sales leaders to enhance your leadership and business skills during these exclusive and interactive sessions.
  • Workshops in which you solve current issues and develop new skills with your peers during these intensive and educational group exercises.

This one’s a must-attend.


Gainsight Pulse

Credit: Community Gainsight

When: May 17 - 18

Event type: In-person: San Francisco

Why attend: Pulse is the world's largest gathering of Customer Success, Product, and Community professionals. It brings together business leaders and practitioners every year to share ideas, strategize best practices, and build relationships with the larger community. Over the last 10 years, Pulse has been home to more than 5,500 in-person attendees and more than 20k virtual attendees spanning six continents.

Accordingly, there’s something for everyone at Gainsight. Here’s a snapshot of the agenda:

Speakers this year include:

  • Bart Hammond, Chief Customer Officer from Drift
  • Christina Kosmowski, Chief Executive Officer of LogicMonitor, and
  • Ryan Neu, Co-Founder & CEO of Vendr amongst others.

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2023: Marketing’s New Directive: Reprioritize, Rethink, Realign

When: May 22 – 24

Event type: In-person - Denver, CO

Why attend: The Gartner Marketing Symposium is a gathering for marketing leaders to advance their thinking as strategic leaders and learn cutting-edge marketing practices to drive efficient growth.

The 2023 agenda is filled with tracks for CMOs and marketing executives, customer experience and loyalty leaders, marketing operations and analytics leaders, as well as digital marketing leaders. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

Sessions will be led by the world’s leading marketing experts. 

While this year’s line-up is still being finalized, if it’s anything like 2022’s roster (Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO, Accenture, General David H. Petraeus, Director, CIA (2011-2012), Nicole Malachowski, First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, and Mike Krzyzewski, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Duke University (1980 – 2022), attendees are in for a very exclusive experience.

The Ascent San Francisco Summit

When: May 23-24

Event type: In-person - San Francisco

Why attend: If you’re a CEO, CFO, CMO, CRO, VP or Director of a $20M-to-$1BN company, then this event is for you. Join 1,000+ business leaders for a bespoke networking and learning experience in which you’ll deep dive into the specific topics and challenges you’re facing today at work.

And just to give you an idea of who you’ll be meeting and interacting with - these are the companies that attended last year.

There are some really interesting sessions that you’ll be able to attend. A few of our favourites from the agenda:

  • How to Craft a Value Proposition That Resonates in an Uncertain Macroenvironment led by Stacey Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer - Freshworks
  • Listen UP!: How To Tune in to Customers & Turn Down the Noise by Karen Mangia Vice President, Customer & Market Insights - Salesforce
  • How Sales Teams are Turning to AI to Protect Revenue and Drive Efficiencies Amidst Economic Uncertainty by Udi Ledergor, Chief Evangelist - Gong


Customer Marketing Summit

When: May 24 - 25

Event type: Las Vegas

Why attend: Whether you’re a beginner or the leader of your team, you’ll leave with the insight you need to elevate your role through a three-pronged approach:

  • Learn via interactive sessions that support you with the tactics, methods and strategies you need to know
  • Discover tech solutions that can amplify your efforts and effectiveness
  • Join a community to form genuine connections and create valuable relationships.

We love this holistic approach, especially since as an attendee, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with professionals from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups such as Slack, Square, Adobe, Cisco, Ebay, Hubspot, Stripe, Amazon, Google, Deliveroo, Meta and Salesforce.

Sign us up!

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC

When: 24-25 

Event type: In-person - Sydney, Australia

Why attend: This is APAC's largest B2B marketing conference focused on pipeline, revenue, growth, brand, leadership and personal career advancement! 600+ B2B CMOs and marketing leaders will gather to discuss their roles as business leaders driving revenue and growth while ensuring they personally stay relevant as modern marketers.

There are an incredible 70 speakers lined up this year. Here’s just a few:

And there’s an incredible variety of tracks and sessions on offer such as 

  • GTM Strategy and Leadership
  • Martech Audit, ROI & Optimisation
  • Growing Brand with Demand
  • Marketing with Small Budgets, Resources & Teams
  • AI
  • Programs to engage with the C-Suite
  • Attribution reporting ROI

There’s so many incredible sessions on offer - marketers attending this event will be spoiled for choice.

SaaStock USA

When: May 31 - June 2

Event type: In-person - Austin, Texas

Why attend: SaaStock is a conference for SaaS founders on the journey to $10M+ ARR and beyond, and the event bills itself as gathering ‘the highest concentration of SaaS decision makers, with 68% of all attendees in leadership roles.’ This makes it the perfect environment for SaaS founders and their teams to grow their network, and build valuable connections.

60+ speakers have been carefully hand-picked because they’re proven to be world-class leaders, trendsetters and disruptors in SaaS. The lineup this year includes:

  • Nathan Latka Founder & CEO, Founderpath
  • Chris Walker CEO, Refine Labs
  • Meghan Keaney Anderson VP Marketing, Jasper
  • Noah Kagan Co-founder & Chief Sumo, AppSumo
  • Godard Abel Co-founder & CEO, G2
  • Scott Ernst, CEO, Drift
  • Stevie Case, CRO, Vanta

We'd go to listen to these speakers alone.

<span id="june-b2b"><h2>JUNE</h2></span>

B2B Summit North America - Forrester

When: June 5-7

Event type: Hybrid: In-person at Austin,TX,  and Virtual

Why attend: Forrester’s B2B Summit empowers professionals with the information and insight they need to make bolder, smarter decisions in a turbulent 2023 landscape. The B2B event is laser-focused on giving marketing professionals actionable insights that they can put to use immediately to improve the bottom-line. 

To this end, the event has more than 100 role-based sessions aligned to the priorities of B2B marketing and sales executives and leaders in ABM, sales enablement, product marketing, digital demand, channel marketing etc. 

Speakers include:

  • Dara Treseder CMO, Autodesk
  • Bob Safian Advisor and Podcast Host, The Flux Group
  • Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President Global Partner Marketing, Dell Technologies, and
  • Cindy Matos, VP of Transformation and Governance, IBM

Get everything you need to know about B2B marketing in 2023 in one go.

SaaStr Europa 2023

When: June 6-7

Event type: In-person - London, England

Why attend: : With 10,000+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs all gathering for 100+ workshops and sessions 1,000 brain dates and mentorship sessions,Meet-A-VC 1:1 meetings, etc. it's clear that SaaStr is the B2B event to attend for anyone who works in SaaS.

This year’s speaker lineup includes:

And even a glimpse at the agenda will convince you of its value. We love the following sessions:

  • Customer Centricity: Founder Secrets to Hitting Hypergrowth with Vanta
  • 3 Crucial Steps to Successfully Hiring Your First Head of Sales with Greenhouse and Growth by Design’. ‘The Most Important Marketing Lessons Learned from Zapier and HubSpot with Zapier's CMO
  • From 2 Weeks of Runway to a $1.5B Valuation: The Founder Playbook with Loom's CEO

    And that’s just Day 1!

This one’s a definite ‘yes’ when you’re trying to decide which B2B events in 2023 you should attend.

Collision Conference

When: June 26 - 29

Event type: Toronto, Canada

Why attend: Called ‘The Olympics of Tech” by Politico, Collision brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry for 3 days of networking, learning, lead generation, and exposure.

They've got a great and diverse speaker roster this year as well:

  • Adam Selipsky, CEO, Amazon Web Services
  • Michelle, Co-founder, President and COO of Cloudflare
  • David Singleton, CTO, Stripe
  • Dave Rogenmoser Co-founder & CEO Jasper
  • ​​Max Lytvyn Co-founder Grammarly

<span id="aug-b2b"><h2>AUGUST</h2></span>


When: August 7-9

Event type: In-person - Seattle, WA

Why attend: MozCon bills itself as ‘Not Your Typical Marketing Conference’ and one look at their three-day event agenda will convince you to sign right up. Each day is filled with a great mix of activities - non-stuffy networking sessions, breaks for meals, and expert sessions delivered by the best and brightest in SEO, search marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and more. Here’s a quick glance:


When: August 21 - 23

Event type: In-person - Denver, Colorado

Why attend: At the world's leading partnerships conference, attendees can expect interactive and insightful content, unrivaled networking opportunities, and actionable takeaways to achieve your goals. This one’s a hidden gem.

Just take a look at all the companies that attended last year:

And this year, there are some terrific speakers lined up including:

  • Aditya Basu, Partner Programs, Adobe
  • Adrienne Coburn, Director, Partner Programs, Oyster
  • Brianna Chapman, Strategic Partnerships, Ryder Ecommerce by Whiplash
  • Tim Tsao, Head of Programs, Stripe

<span id="sep-b2b"><h2>SEPTEMBER</h2></span>


When: September 5-8

Event type: In-person - Boston, MA

Why attend: Forbes called Hubspot’s annual event ‘Inbound’, “A must-attend event for agency owners and marketing professionals”, and for good reason. The event is one of the world's largest marketing conferences, with 26,000+ attendees from 110 countries taking part. 

The three day event always has tracks for Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, HubSpot Academy, and RevOps, with each featuring workshops by industry experts, fun activities, and opportunities to network. 

And the event always pulls in the biggest names in the world. Past speakers have included: Barack Obama, Viola Davis, and Dr. Jane Goodall. 

With speakers like these and session topics that cater to all types of B2B marketers, the conference is truly a value-driven source of knowledge and inspiration. 

SaaStr Annual 2023

When: September 6-8

Event type: In-person - SF Bay Area

Why attend: SaaStr, as everyone one in the B2B marketing world knows, is the world's largest SaaS community event on the planet, bringing together cloud and SaaS professionals from around the globe to learn from the top founders, VCs and execs in SaaS. From the CEOs of Slack and Zoom, to the founders of Datadog and Atlassian, to break-out leaders from Calendly to Flexport, everyone who's anyone comes to SaaStr.

In 2022, the event drew 10,101 attendees across 3+ days. 

12,750 mentorship connections were made. 

1,931 Braindates and mentorship sessions were hosted. 

There were 324 VCs in and 457 Founders in the Meet-a-VC Program. 

Plus, everyone let loose at a party hosted by DJ Duke Dumont! 

2023 looks to take things up a notch with more speakers, workshops, Braindates and more. 


  • 50+ hours of actional content and tactical takeaways 
  • 300+ speakers from leading SaaS and Cloud companies


  • 1,000+ 1:1s via Braindate 
  • 100s of interactive, expert-led roundtables capped at 20 to ensure speaker & audience conversation 
  • Dozens of workshops: deep-dives from up & coming leaders in SaaS


  • Get funded at SaaStr Annual through our yearly Meet a VC program 
  • Meet fellow founders and execs at your company stage
  •  Pitch your startup live at our new pitch stage

Well-worth your time.


When: September 12–14

Event type: In-person - San Francisco

Why attend: Salesforce's massive event pulls in tens of thousands of attendees every year to a temporary “national forest” in San Francisco. And it's no surprise why. Dreamforce always features a speaker lineup of heavy-hitters and A-listers. Just look at 2022's roster:

Furthermore, with 1000+ sessions to choose from, there's no doubt you will be able to learn from some of the brightest minds and biggest thought leaders in your industry. According to a survey conducted by Salesforce, 87% of Dreamforce attendees learned something that helped to accelerate company growth, while 86% solved an organizational challenge with learnings from the event. You can't argue with those results!

We've put together a quick but concise breakdown of everything you can expect at the conference this year. Click here to read.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Photo Credit: Webtotem

When: September 19 - 21

Event type: In-person - San Francisco

Why attend: Join thousands of the most motivated and ambitious founders, investors and tech builders for a 3-day conference focused on breaking technology news and developments  driven by big-name thought leaders. 

The three main takeaways from attending:

  • Make connections that count: Whether you want to meet founders or investors, get advice or find your next gig, you’ll find the right people here.
  • Tee up your tech stack: Learn what you need to know and grow in your industry.
  • Hear directly from seasoned founders: Learn their best practices, how-tos, actionable tips and takeaways to help you avoid pitfalls as you build your own founder roadmap.

This year features 6 new intriguing tracks:

1. Sustainability Stage -  Discover emerging technologies that transform the way we engage with our environment, impact society and how we move from place to place.

2. Fintech Stage - Learn about the technology that is powering new ways of capturing and distributing value and wealth.

3. AI Stage  - Dig into the science behind the deep tech, the products it powers and the ethical, social and legal challenges that come with it.

4. Security Stage -  Gain the keys to protecting sensitive information and thwarting hackers intent on unlocking details of your business and your life.

5. Hardware Stage - Learn the mechanics and code behind the machines that enable us to get things done smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

6. SaaS Stage - Uncover Software-as-a-Service tools that reveal insights, power productivity and allow creativity and efficiency to blossom within your organization.

We’d sign up for this alone!

But it gets better. Here’s whom you can expect to learn from at the event:

We're excited for this one.

Outreach Women in Sales Summit

When: September 19 - 21

Event type: In-person - Napa, CA

Why attend: This Summit hosted by Outreach (the leading sales execution platform helping revenue organizations create and close more pipeline) aims to help you build your network of women sales leaders and allies, energize your body and mind, and develop actionable strategies to attract and grow more women in B2B sales.

It’s got a fantastic line-up of speakers! Venus Williams for one.

You can also look forward to hearing from:

  • Mary Shea VP, Global Innovation Evangelist, Outreach
  • Hang Black, VP Global Revenue Enablement GTM at Juniper Networks
  • Jennifer Van Buskirk Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mid-Markets at AT&T Business
  • Timothy Hudson, Global Vice President of Sales Excellence, Honeywell

And their agenda is packed with actionable, insightful sessions. Here’s just a few that we liked:

  • Breakout: Take Agency of Your Adversity
    Inclusion does not ensure equality. Be clear on whether an invitation to the room is to serve, to sit, or to speak. Now is the time to stand.
  • Panel: How Culture Impacts Outcomes (Personally, Professionally, Organizationally)
    Building culture benefits everyone, but it's not for the faint of heart. Our panel of sales executives talks about what it takes to create and maintain a strong culture in today’s environment.
  • Code Pink: It's Time to Create Sales Cultures Where Women Thrive 
    It’s time to get more intentional about creating sales cultures that work for women. Get advice backed by research on how to create an environment where women sellers not only want to join, but will stay and thrive.

Definitely worth your time.

Product Marketing Summit

When: September 21 - 23

Event type: In-person - San Francisco

Why attend: PMM peers can come together for 2 days of networking, knowledge-sharing, keynotes, roundtables, and more. As an attendee, you will learn how to:

  • Supercharge your go-to-market strategy
  • Nail your product-market fit, understanding key personas and utilizing segmentation
  • Measure PMMs impact and proving value across your org amongst other topics.

Speaker snapshot

Here are some of the hand-selected PMM experts you'll be learning from:

  • Jon Rooney, Vice President of Product Marketing, Unity
  • Tim Bowman, Head of Competitive Intelligence, Asana
  • Julien Sauvage, Vice President Corporate & Product Marketing, Clari
  • Julian Clarke, Director & Head of Product Marketing, Lattice
  • Ted Fernandez, Global Head of Product Marketing, TikTok
  • Ben Rawnsley-Johnson, Head of Product Marketing, Atlassian

A fantastic line-up.

You won't want to miss this.

<span id="oct-b2b"><h2>OCTOBER</h2></span

MarketingProfs B2B Forum

When: October 4-6

Event type: Virtual, and in-person at Boston

Why attend: B2B Forum is the ultimate destination for marketers to discover how to drive growth, elevate brand reputation, prove ROI, and stay ahead of the ever-changing marketing curve. You can look forward to tactical sessions, inspirational keynotes, and immeasurable connections. 

There’s something for all stripes of marketers. Some of the sessions that caught our eye:

  • Using Content Marketing and SEO to Fill Your Pipeline
  • Demand Gen: Score, Plan, Convert
  • Email Marketing Rules: Modernize Email and Build Relationships
  • Managing the People Who Manage the Machines

And our favourite:Your Customer Is a Flamingo: Understanding the Many Routes They Take and the Content That Serves Them on Their Journey’

They've got a great lineup as well, including:

And to top it all, there's plenty of fun shenanigans in store as well - we're not joking, there's literally a section in the Program named specifically for this. Besides a 'Welcome Home' party, you can go on a Boston Photo Walk, attend a Dine & Doodle activity, and attend a 'B2B Carnival of Connections'. Not going to lie, we'd attend for these reasons alone.

SaaStock Europe (Dublin)

When: 16-19 October

Event type: In-person - Dublin

Why attend: Lauded as “the best SaaS Conference for founders, execs and investors in Europe, period”, this three day-event aims to help drive back-to-back, meaningful conversations with fellow SaaS founders, future customers, or 400+ investors to fund your SaaS.

It also aims to deliver unrivalled, actionable content through carefully picked 150+ speakers. 

This year's lineup features:

  • Victor Riparbelli, the Co-founder and CEO of Synthesia, the world’s leading AI video creation platform for enterprises
  • Denise Hemke, Chief Product Officer at Checkr, which powers the fastest, fairest background checks for businesses of all sizes
  • Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at Jasper, anAI writing tool designed to aid content creation.
  • Philippe Botteri, Partner at Accel.

Sessions are carefully curated under tracks such as 'Accelerate Stage', 'Bootstrap Stage', 'Growth Stage', 'Founders toolkit', 'Sales Excellence' etc so that the content you can consume is hyper contextualized to you. We saw plenty of sessions we'd love to catch, including:

  • How to Effectively Market With Little to No Budget presented by Angeley Mullins CCO, Resourcify (we're expecting this to be a packed house)
  • Structure. Strategy. Standards: How To Change the Way Your Team Operates in an AI World presented by Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at Jasper (especially pertinent with AI's growing omnipresence)
  • Product is King, PLG Trifecta is King Kong presented by Pietro Bezza , the Co-founder & Managing Partner, Connect Ventures (not going to lie,we'd sign up for this session based on the title alone)
  • Work Smarter, Live Smarter - How Unicorn Founders View The Ultimate Work/Life Balance For Success presented by Matt Cretzman Founder & CEO, Stormbreaker Digital and Tony Jamous Co-founder & CEO, Oyster ( a useful session no matter your profile).

2023 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

When: October 24 – 27

Event type: Hybrid: In-person at Florida, and Virtual 

Why attend: This B2B marketing conference showcases the creative thinking and inspirational strategies that the world’s top CMOs and leading brands have implemented to meet and exceed their customer needs, drive growth, and inspire change. Indeed, its slogan this year is 'Force for Growth. Force for Good'.

The conference is known for its lineup of speakers and this year's roster follows that trend with a fantastic roster that spans marketing leaders from Crayola, The Coca-Cola Company, Mastercard, Hilton and to top it all, Jon Bon Jovi 🤯. Here's a list of heavy-hitters you can expect at the conference - shortened for the sake of brevity:

  • Brad Audet, Chief Marketing Officer, Mazda North American Operations
  • Bryan Bachner, Managing Director APAC & the Americas, FC Barcelona
  • Adrienne Hayes, VP Marketing Global Devices & Services, Google
  • Christy Hoskins, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, La-Z-Boy Inc.
  • Marissa Jarratt, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer, 7-Eleven, Inc.
  • Jocelyn Johnson, CMO, Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Jon Bovi, Musician Extraordinaire
  • Victoria Lozano, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Crayola
  • Eli Lehrer Executive, Vice President & Head of Programming, The HISTORY® Channel
  • Shakir Moin, Chief of Marketing, Coca-Cola North America, The Coca-Cola Company

The conference agenda is peppered with sessions curated to help you drive immediate impact at work (such as 'The internet is broken. Let's fix it', 'Merging Purpose-driven marketing with Gen Z data', and 'Are B2B and B2C Marketing and Brand Evolution really different?').

And did we mention that Bon Jovi will be performing?

Ambition Sales Summit

When: Late October 

Event type: Nashville, TN

Why attend: This one-day event is designed for any current sales leader looking to maximize their knowledge of revenue performance tactics and tools. Sessions are dedicated to inspirational-yet-practical knowledge sharing with thought leaders, and unparalleled networking with practitioners who will solve tomorrow’s sales challenges today. The conference is stacked with speakers from the biggest enterprise companies and smartest startups including Zoom, T-Mobile, Cisco, the Atlanta Braves, ADP, and more.

There's so much valuable content to absorb at the conference, and we particularly like the sessions focus on step-by-step actionable insights that can be put to use right away, such as:

<span id="nov-b2b"><h2>NOVEMBER</h2></span>

Surf & Sales

When: November 27 - December 1

Event type: In-person - Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Why attend: Sales and revenue leaders, or anyone who wants to level up their sales or leadership game, build real, lasting relationships with other successful leaders in the industry can look forward to a week of reflection, learning, and growth - not to mention, surfing - in Costa Rica!

Days start with surfing lessons (tailored to your ability level) followed by daily sales workshops, trainings, and peer-led seminars with topics including sales management, recruiting, scaling and more.

Here are some sessions from earlier editions of the event to give you an idea of what you can expect:

- Intro to NEAT and Addiction Selling Models; Coaching: How to Self-Correct without Self-Destructing

- Enlisting Sales Ops to Take Sales to the Next Level

- How to Scale: Leading Through Change and Building Big Things, and more.

Packages are all inclusive of lodging, transportation, meals, surf instruction, 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions.

Check back soon for the full agenda and information on speakers.

<span id="dec-b2b"><h2>DECEMBER</h2></span>

AWS re:Invent

When: Nov 27 - Dec 1

Event type: In-person - Las Vegas, NV

Why attend: AWS re:Invent bills itself as “the most transformative event in tech”, inviting its global computing community to “get inspired and rethink what's possible”. It’s been around for the past 10 years, with each consecutive edition upping the ante with hard-hitting keynotes, new service announcements, fun, and inspiration.

Attendees can expect the latest news and developments in databases, analytics, machine learning, storage, etc. You can follow all the key announcements, and get a peek at the newest cloud technologies. There will be bootcamps designed to expand your understanding of AWS services and Breakout sessions, organized by experience level and led by AWS experts. At the Expo, you’ll be able to see interactive demos, and at AWS Builder Labs, devs can experience AWS in a live sandbox environment.

The breadth and depth of learning at the conference is unparalleled. Sessions are available on AI/ML, Cloud Operations, Security, Compliance, & Identity, Databases and Front-End Web & Mobile to name a few; they're curated to deliver value to those at different stages in their learning journey (beginner to expert), specific to job role and industry. Which all means that you're sure to find sessions extremely relevant to you.

Here are a couple of sessions that caught our eye:

  • A Netflix story: AI performance engineering for optimization on Intel (sponsored by Intel)
  • Adding AWS backbone to your network
  • Are you well-architected?
  • Build a serverless ordering system with toy brick
  • Bot management and account takeover prevention: To block or not?
  • Use generative AI to name your pet after your favorite song
  • Using data to prevent heart disease and sudden cardiac death

We'll wager it's impossible to come away from the conference without uplevelling your skill or insight - albeit in areas you might not have been expecting!

Click here for a look at all the sessions available here, and book early to take advantage of reserved seating.

And there will also be AWS Builder Labs, a re:Invent Expo hall features more than 100 AWS Partner booths where you can find solutions to meet your business needs, networking opportunities with their PeerTalk platform, and a re:Invent Rec Center where you can play, and experience AWS sports collaborations like:

And what's Vegas without a show? Celebrate the final night at the annual re:Play party with exciting food catered by the infamous Wolfgang Puck, live music and all the classic re:Play activities guests have grown to love, like dodgeball and button mash.

About Zuddl: Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

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