Zuddl - Monthly feature updates (Feb 2023)

Zuddl's feature updates

First impressions play a huge role in reeling in your audiences - and this month’s offering from Zuddl helps you do just that.

Put your best foot forward with conditional registration fields and the landing page builder, which give you even more control over how your audiences perceive your event.

Psst... we’ve also added support for more in-demand integrations to make sure your needs are covered.

Conditional registration fields

Use conditional logic to branch out your registration forms

Your registration form can now be made responsive using conditional logic. This means you can show or hide certain form fields based on what the user enters in the form. However, conditional logic can only be applied to custom fields and uses information from other custom fields placed before them.

conditional registeration.gif

Landing page builder

Custom design your landing page end to end.

You now have the option to create and design your landing page from scratch or by choosing from a set of pre-defined templates. An editor mode gives you all the necessary tools to design a beautiful website and eventually increase your website conversion. You can add widgets and pages, change design elements globally, and do many more settings.

landing page builder.gif

Cancel an event or webinar

Sometimes, you just need to cancel. We have you covered.

You can now cancel an event or webinar and notify your participants via a customizable cancelation email. Cancelation also removes any calendar blocks sent to your participants. The action is permanent, but you can still access the setup for a canceled event/webinar or duplicate it if needed.

cancel event.gif

Salesforce Import Integration

Now don’t just export, but also import registrant data using the Salesforce integration.

It is now possible to import campaign members from any campaign in Salesforce to a Zuddl event. The campaign members are imported as registrants and appear inside People > Attendees in your Zuddl dashboard. The integration can be also easily clubbed with any existing export integration to achieve a bidirectional data flow.

Pardot integration

Introducing the all-new, Pardot integration.

Straight out of the box, the integration supports the bidirectional flow of registrant data from Zuddl to Pardot and vice-versa. The integration utilizes Pardot segmentation lists to export Zuddl registrants and also import Pardot prospects. The integration also allows mapping Zuddl registration fields to prospect-level custom fields in Pardot.

Map custom fields - All integrations

Got custom fields in your registration form? Map it.

We’ve designed all our integrations to allow the mapping of the custom fields that are added to the registration form. An additional step is added to the installation process, in which you can map custom fields from a dropdown and map them to their counterparts in your app instance.

Other noteworthy mentions

  • Presentations inside rooms are now made easier. The side panel now automatically collapses when anyone shares content inside a room.
  • We’ve also improved the polling experience for mobile and iPad. Participants using mobiles and iPads are now sent notifications for polls, quizzes, and Q&As.
  • Data gathered through polls inside rooms is now available under the Analytics page. This is also enabled for quizzes and Q&As.
  • The landing page for webinars now shows a countdown timer to the start of the webinar.

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