Are demand gen webinars different from usual webinars? Let’s find out

Demand generation webinars by Zuddl

Webinars have become a popular marketing tool, but not all are created equal. Demand generation webinars are a specific type of webinar designed to generate leads and drive sales for a business. This blog post will explore how demand-gen webinars differ from regular webinars and what steps marketers can take to create a successful demand-gen webinar. 

So without further ado, let’s look at the key elements of a demand gen webinar, including content, promotion, and lead generation, and how to measure success.

  1. Purpose: Demand generation webinars are focused on generating leads and interest in a product or service, while traditional webinars may be focused on sharing information or providing training.
  2. Content: Demand generation webinars typically include a sales pitch or call-to-action, while traditional webinars may be more informative in nature.
  3. Audience: Demand generation webinars often target a specific audience, such as potential customers or specific industries, while traditional webinars may be open to a wider audience.
  4. Marketing: Demand generation webinars may include more targeted marketing efforts, such as email campaigns and social media promotions, to drive registration and attendance.
  5. Follow-up: After the event, demand generation webinars typically include a process of lead nurturing, where the attendees are followed up by sales teams or automated systems to move them through the funnel.
  6. Data-Driven: Demand generation webinars are often more data-driven and trackable thanks to event analytics, with specific goals and metrics for registration, attendance, engagement, and lead generation.

In conclusion, demand-gen webinars are a powerful tool for generating leads and driving sales for a business. By understanding the critical elements of a demand-gen webinar, including content, promotion, and lead generation, marketers can create a successful webinar that generates leads and drives sales. It's important to remember that a successful demand gen webinar requires planning, promotion and follow-up. 

By focusing on these key elements and measuring your webinar's success, you can create a demand-gen webinar that generates leads and drives sales, and eventually drive revenue!

Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

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