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“We have a Hulk!” was Tony Stark’s response to Loki’s threat in The Avengers 2012; this month’s offering from Zuddl is no less than a Hulk. In this article, we’ve got some power-packed features and capabilities that will really help close the distance between you and your audience. So suit up and read on.

Use Studio as backstage

Zuddl Events are now supported by Studio as the backstage

A much-awaited Zuddl feature is now available — Studio can now be used as backstage for Events. You can now make full use of Studio’s video editing and streaming capabilities to take your events a notch higher.

Individual stages inside an Event can be configured to use Studio as backstage in the stage setup. You can choose to use the original Events backstage or switch to Studio.

Stream and content transitions

Experience Studio with smoother, more refined transition animations

The transitions for speakers and content on Studio have been greatly improved. Every layout change onstage is now visibly smoother with clean and fluid transition animations.

The result is a significantly more polished viewing experience for your streaming audiences.

Filler media for webinars

Make the breaks in between sessions better with filler media

A new Fillers tab is added to the Studio backstage, where you can upload and use images, videos, and audio files as fillers. They help you fill the gaps between streaming sessions, keeping your audience engaged during the breaks.

These fillers can be shown on the webinar stage when sessions are not live. When a session is live, fillers can be queued to play after the session ends.

Email access control

Running a private event? You can now you can allow or restrict specific email address domains at the time of registration

More than just a nice-to-have feature for someone who hosts private or corporate events quite often. This option can be found under Advanced settings inside the Registration page menu. You can either quickly restrict non-business email domains such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, etc., or upload a CSV file to allow/ restrict specific domains in bulk.

Email builder

A timely email that speaks about your brand is always lauded by attendees

As attendees stay excited about your next event, you can make them feel more connected by sending event emails directly from your own custom email address. This offering doubles up as an email builder, a simple drag-and-drop editor to custom-build your email design and content. So the attendees and registrants can now not only receive all event-specific communications directly from you but get to read a well-crafted and personalized email. Nonetheless, transactional emails will still be sent by Zuddl.

You can easily add a sender email address which after verification, it can be made the default email address on an account level. Inside the Communications menu, you can also select specific senders for each email type.

Embeddable form builder

Customize your registration form and some layout changes for the better

Presenting an embed code option (at the bottom-right corner) that lets you copy an embeddable and customizable javascript code of the form you designed. This code can be pasted inside the body tag of your HTML site code and voila’ you’ve got yourself a custom-made Zuddl registration form inside your website. When you update this form from the dashboard, the changes appear instantly on your site, after reloading, of course. You can add logos, background color, and more to the code. This will be shown inline on the landing page of the third-party website where is it embedded.

To accommodate this feature, there have been a few rearrangements; the branding option is now replaced with the “Embeddable form” tab which provides branding and a few new options. Also, you can now find the advanced settings option on the sidebar which provides settings such as font family for the form, and button options such as text, color, text alignment, and text font color.

This feature is applicable to both events and webinars.

Capture UTM & IP details in registrations

We now capture and store the UTM and IP details from the registration links for your event

The IP details include; city, state, and country along with the ISO code. These links are specifically consumed for third-party integration and are currently not displayed on the platform.

Some updates on integrations

We’ve gone a bit further down the rabbit hole to make some updates to our integrations. Let’s talk about them

In our Salesforce and Marketo integration, you can now capture certain user activities in addition to user registration and attendee event entry such as sessions attended, breakout rooms attended, CTAs clicked, polls answered, and a few others.

For the Slack + Salesforce integration, the integration can now notify a lot more things on Slack. The notifications will now include the following details if available for a contact/lead: Account details such as account name or account owner, latest opportunity details such as deal size, deal stage, deal close date, and any custom contact fields added

In addition to sending notifications to a Slack channel and the lead owner, notifications will now be sent to the following recipients, based on availability in Slack; Account owner > Contact owner > Lead owner.

That's all for now! Want a hands-on experience of what you read? Get in touch!


Zuddl is a unified platform for events and webinars that helps event marketers plan and execute events that drive growth. The platform has clients across the globe, such as the United Nations, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, HSBC, VMware, Google, StackCommerce and Cipla amongst others. In January 2022, Zuddl announced that it closed $13.35 mn in Series A funding.

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