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A complete Webinar hosting platform for b2b lead Generation

With Zuddl's webinar solution, elevate your webinars from ordinary streams to branded and measurable experiences.

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Host online webinar with Zuddl

Easy-to-use webinar hosting platform for enterprises

Simplify and streamline the entire process of executing webinars by unifying all your tools with one platform

A webinar hosting platform to maximize attendee turnout with minimal effort

With all your webinar marketing tools in one place, registration becomes a seamless process not just for you, but also your attendees.

A webinar hosting platform that Simplifies webinars with landing pages, registration, reminders, and hosting - all in one place.  

Configure automated calendar blocks and customized reminders.

Maximize engagement with Zuddl

Deliver an unforgettable brand experience with Zuddl's webinar solution

With Zuddl’s fully customizable and easy-to-use webinar hosting platform, creating immersive webinars becomes easy.

Produce stunning video content with Zuddl's simple and powerful in-built production studio.

Create immersive brand experiences by customizing your webinar with brand colours, logos, images and content.

Zuddl production studio

Get more out of your webinars

Get more mileage from your webinars with actionable insights and easy content sharing.

Create snackable content from your events in record time.

Engage better with prospects using real time alerts and insights that integrate directly with your sales and marketing workflows.

Get more of your webinars with Zuddl

Drive more revenue with better Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Empower sales teams with more contextual attendee engagement behaviour across multiple events.

Collaborate with sales teams to drive event registrations using unique links.

Real time Slack alerts to AEs when their account or prospects register or attend an event.

Sales and marketing collaboration with Zuddl
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Harsha Ravikumar Microsoft | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
Fantastic backstage experience!

Real time engagement and a seamless experience at a virtual event is something that bothers the digital first world. Zuddl fit in right here. The networking and the backstage experience were fantastic!

Harsha Ravikumar
Product Manager and Lead, Microsoft
servicenow trusted on Zuddl | Zuddl customer story
What Our Customers Say
Enriching & immersive experience!

Zuddl more than met our needs when we wanted to have a semi-hybrid event. The team also goes above and beyond and ensures that your event is covered to the minutest detail.

Clarance Suman Vissakodeti
People & Culture Operations Leader, ServiceNow
Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat NASSCOM | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
Close-to-real experience!

Zuddl provided us with a close-to-real experience of being inside a convention center and customizable branding options for us to run the Product Conclave event successfully across 30+ stages.

Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat
Lead, Product Vertical, NASSCOM
Grant Thornton Trusted on Zuddl
What Our Customers Say
Holistic virtual event experience!

Zuddl offered an absolutely brilliant experience. The backstage and easy stage operations made sure we experienced a holistic virtual event. They are the best you can get in this virtual space

Meghna Ramchandani
Director-Marketing Comm, Grant Thornton India LLP
Susan Boucher | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
User friendly and customizable platform.

The Zuddl team was extremely helpful to work with. They provided solutions to opportunities we didn’t even know existed. The platform is so user friendly and customizable.

Susan Boucher
Alumni Assistant Director, UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a webinar platform and how does it work?

A webinar platform is a software that enables you to host and manage virtual events, such as webinars, online conferences, and other interactive events. The platform provides a virtual space where you can engage with your audience in real-time, through audio, video, and text-based communication.

What features should I look for in a webinar platform?

When choosing a webinar platform, it’s important to consider features such as audio and video quality, the ability to customize the platform's appearance, the number of attendees allowed, and the level of interactivity it offers. Some other important features to consider include live chat, screen sharing, and the ability to conduct surveys and collect feedback. This ebook is the ideal guide.

How do I measure the success of my webinar using the platform?

To measure the success of your webinar, you can use the analytics and reporting tools provided by your webinar platform. This might include metrics such as attendance, engagement, and feedback from attendees. You can also use these tools to see which parts of the webinar were the most successful and make improvements for future events.

How can I maximize engagement during my demand gen webinars?

To maximize engagement during your demand gen webinars, consider the following tips: Provide value: Make sure your webinars offer value to your target audience. This could include educational content, case studies, and product demonstrations. Promote the webinar: Be sure to promote your webinar through your email list, social media, and other channels to drive attendance. Engage attendees: Encourage attendees to ask questions, participate in polls and surveys, and interact with the presenter during the webinar. Follow-up with attendees: After the webinar, reach out to attendees with personalized follow-up messages to continue to engage and nurture leads.

How do I ensure the security and privacy of my webinar attendees?

To ensure the security and privacy of your webinar attendees, you should use a webinar platform that uses encryption and secure servers to protect the privacy of your attendees. You should also have a clear privacy policy in place that outlines how you will use attendee data and information. Additionally, you should be transparent about the data you collect and how it will be used.

What metrics should I track to measure the success of my demand gen webinars?

To measure the success of your demand gen webinars, track metrics such as: Attendance: Track the number of people who attend your webinar + attendee turnout/registration ratio. Lead generation: Track the number of leads generated from your webinar. Conversion rate: Measure the percentage of attendees who become qualified leads. Engagement: Track the level of engagement during the webinar, such as the number of questions asked or the number of people who participate in polls and surveys. Follow-up activities: Monitor the number of follow-up activities initiated, such as email opens, clicks, and conversions.


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