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Powerful and Easy To Use Transactional Email Templates For All Your Event Communication

Automated emails with calendar blocks, invites, registration confirmation, reminders, and other customizable event communication.

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Improve attendee turnout with feature loaded and reusable email templates built specifically for B2B event marketers to improve event communication

No-code email builder
No code email builder that lets you modify templates and save for reuse later
Calendar blocks
Our emails have in-built calendar blocks to ensure your attendees and speakers never miss the date
Restrict specific email domains
Block specific domains and non-business emails to filter your attendees
Reminder and thank you emails
Set reminder emails up to 5 minutes before the event, and immediate post event emails

Customize and save templates for event communication reuse to scale your events and webinars

You can have your brand palette or use our no-code email builder to customize all your event email communication

Ready-to-use templates that include invites, reminders, thank you and prompts for event cancellations

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools for event communication. With Zuddl, easily manage emails to speakers and guests in one place!

Change sender details & block specific domains

Personalize your subject header and sender’s email address to make your emails stand out

Block non-business emails from domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others to keep a clean list

Before hitting send, test emails with your team to ensure they are pixel-perfect

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Harsha Ravikumar Microsoft | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
Fantastic backstage experience!

Real time engagement and a seamless experience at a virtual event is something that bothers the digital first world. Zuddl fit in right here. The networking and the backstage experience were fantastic!

Harsha Ravikumar
Product Manager and Lead, Microsoft
servicenow trusted on Zuddl | Zuddl customer story
What Our Customers Say
Enriching & immersive experience!

Zuddl more than met our needs when we wanted to have a semi-hybrid event. The team also goes above and beyond and ensures that your event is covered to the minutest detail.

Clarance Suman Vissakodeti
People & Culture Operations Leader, ServiceNow
Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat NASSCOM | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
Close-to-real experience!

Zuddl provided us with a close-to-real experience of being inside a convention center and customizable branding options for us to run the Product Conclave event successfully across 30+ stages.

Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat
Lead, Product Vertical, NASSCOM
Grant Thornton Trusted on Zuddl
What Our Customers Say
Holistic virtual event experience!

Zuddl offered an absolutely brilliant experience. The backstage and easy stage operations made sure we experienced a holistic virtual event. They are the best you can get in this virtual space

Meghna Ramchandani
Director-Marketing Comm, Grant Thornton India LLP
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