Feature focus: 3 features that event marketers love

Revenue dashboard

As we approach 2024, here’s our round-up of key features that have been instrumental in elevating the experience of event organizers and attendees alike in 2023.

Embeddable widgets

Embed fully customizable speaker and schedule widgets on your landing page.

Why event marketers love it:
Our embeddable widgets are very easy to edit and are responsive across all device types. Create once and use it everywhere!

You can use them on your event pages or embed them on any landing page or third-party website. Customize to display essential information and align with your brand's look and feel using custom CSS.

You can also embed them to your website effortlessly by copying the provided embed code into your website's HTML.

Access control

Customize access across different types of attendees for sessions or zones.

Why event marketers love it: The Access Control feature simplifies how you manage and control attendee access, ensuring a smooth event experience for everyone.

Whether your event is in person or virtual, you can choose to select specific roles or ticket types and then control their access to specific days, zones or sessions.

It's designed to cater to both ticketed and registration-based events, organizing attendees effectively.

Revenue dashboard

Track and measure your Salesforce Revenue directly inside Zuddl.

Why event marketers love it: Our integrated dashboard with Salesforce has been a valuable asset for organizers looking to monitor revenue attributable to events.

Available exclusively with Salesforce integration, this revenue dashboard is found in the Analytics section, accessible at both the organization and event levels.

Just enable the integration and sync your data to get started. The system will prompt you if any issues arise with the integration or data synchronization.

The dashboard offers a detailed view of various financial metrics, including Pipelines influenced, Revenue data, Win rate, and more, with filters for Time range, Event type, and List of events.


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