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Revolutionize your B2B marketing strategy with our hybrid event solutions

Going hybrid is not just about adding a live stream to your event. It’s about combining the best of the virtual and in-person elements to drive revenue for you while delivering value to your attendees. 

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Unforgettable hybrid experience  with Zuddl

Master the art of executing hybrid events

The first step towards acing hybrid events is removing all the stress around handling both live and virtual aspects - our unified event platform guarantees that.

With Zuddl's hybrid event solution, streamline your event marketing strategy for maximum impact

Right from marketing your event to figuring out your logistics, our unified event platform can streamline your pre-event experience.

Leverage Zuddl’s partner services network for your in-person event setup and management.

Reduce cost of ownership by replacing multiple tools with one powerful platform to run your entire event.

Create a customized reminder schedule that can truly bump up your registration-to-attendee conversion rate.

Simplify event marketing with Zuddl

Captivate in-person and live attendees, alike

Right  from setting up your live stream to bringing your in-person venue to life,  Zuddl’s hybrid event platform lets you give every attendee the experience they deserve.

Give virtual attendees a real presence at the venue by bringing them to the spotlight on an LED screen at the in-person venue.

Catalyze interactions amongst attendees using in-person and virtual networking zones.

Brand your virtual venue to match the look and feel of your in-person venue

Host Captivative events with Zuddl

Get the  most out of your hybrid event

Empower your team to stay connected to attendees and build rapport with them beyond the event.

Understand attendee and participant behavior across in-person and virtual setup using a single dashboard.

Quickly share relevant content with the audience after the event, while it still occupies mindspace.

Host successful events with Zuddl
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Harsha Ravikumar Microsoft | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
Fantastic backstage experience!

Real time engagement and a seamless experience at a virtual event is something that bothers the digital first world. Zuddl fit in right here. The networking and the backstage experience were fantastic!

Harsha Ravikumar
Product Manager and Lead, Microsoft
servicenow trusted on Zuddl | Zuddl customer story
What Our Customers Say
Enriching & immersive experience!

Zuddl more than met our needs when we wanted to have a semi-hybrid event. The team also goes above and beyond and ensures that your event is covered to the minutest detail.

Clarance Suman Vissakodeti
People & Culture Operations Leader, ServiceNow
Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat NASSCOM | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
Close-to-real experience!

Zuddl provided us with a close-to-real experience of being inside a convention center and customizable branding options for us to run the Product Conclave event successfully across 30+ stages.

Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat
Lead, Product Vertical, NASSCOM
Grant Thornton Trusted on Zuddl
What Our Customers Say
Holistic virtual event experience!

Zuddl offered an absolutely brilliant experience. The backstage and easy stage operations made sure we experienced a holistic virtual event. They are the best you can get in this virtual space

Meghna Ramchandani
Director-Marketing Comm, Grant Thornton India LLP
Susan Boucher | Zuddl Customer Stories
What Our Customers Say
User friendly and customizable platform.

The Zuddl team was extremely helpful to work with. They provided solutions to opportunities we didn’t even know existed. The platform is so user friendly and customizable.

Susan Boucher
Alumni Assistant Director, UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hybrid event platform and how does it differ from a traditional in-person event?

A hybrid event platform is a combination of in-person and virtual events that allows attendees to participate either physically or remotely. It differs from a traditional in-person event in that it allows for a wider reach and accessibility to attendees who may not be able to attend in person.

What are the benefits of using a hybrid event platform?

Hybrid event platforms offer a number of benefits, including the ability to reach a wider audience, increased flexibility for attendees, and the ability to track and analyze attendee engagement and behavior. Additionally, hybrid events can help to reduce costs associated with in-person events, such as travel and accommodation expenses.

How can I ensure a seamless transition between the in-person and virtual components of my event?

To ensure a seamless transition between the in-person and virtual components of your event, it is important to carefully plan and test all technical aspects of the hybrid event platform beforehand. Additionally, providing clear and detailed instructions for attendees on how to access and participate in the virtual component of the event can help to minimize confusion and ensure a smooth transition.

What are some key features to look for in a hybrid event platform?

Key features to look for in a hybrid event platform include live streaming capabilities, interactive features such as live polls and Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, and the ability to easily track and analyze attendee engagement and behavior.

What are some best practices for engaging virtual attendees during a hybrid event?

Best practices for engaging virtual attendees during a hybrid event include incorporating interactive features such as live polls and Q&A sessions, providing networking opportunities, and offering live streams of key sessions and speakers. Additionally, providing virtual attendees with access to the same content and opportunities as in-person attendees can help to ensure that they feel fully included in the event. Also, make it easy for attendees to communicate with the speakers in real time while the speakers are on the stage

How can you measure the success of a hybrid event?

The success of a hybrid event can be measured by analyzing the attendance rate, engagement metrics, and feedback from attendees. This information can be used to fine-tune future events and improve the overall experience for attendees.


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