New Year, New Features: Zuddl’s Game-Changing Features for Registration and Ticketing

Ticketing and registration

2024: The year event marketers get what they need

At Zuddl, we operate with a core belief: event marketers deserve better. It's what drives us every day.

We're all about boosting efficiency, sparking creativity, and ramping up success for event marketers, no matter the size of their event. It's a commitment that led our team to spend 2023 really digging deep into what event marketers truly need.

We weren't brainstorming in a boardroom. We were out engaging with thought leaders, customers, and the wider B2B event marketing community to nail down the features that would make a legit difference from the usual, piecemeal solutions.

So, here we are in 2024, ready to unveil our first big launch of the year.

We’ve tackled the intricacies and unique challenges of modern event management head-on. 

The result? A robust yet user-friendly toolset for ticketing and registration that guarantees a smooth and seamless experience, both for the organizers and the attendees. And this is just the first exciting release to come with more enhancements across our platform.

Registration Flow Builder

Forget spending hours diagramming out registration flows and stressing about the potential for error. The Zuddl Registration Flow Builder simplifies complex processes into manageable, intuitive flows.

Enhance your attendee journey from the first click to the event day. Say goodbye to coding complexities. The no-code, drag-and-drop functionality allows you to visualize, construct, and implement the perfect registration process for each event.

Features Highlights:

  • Drag and drop simplicity: Easily create flexible registration flows by dragging, dropping, previewing, and publishing in just a few clicks.
  • Complex, made easy: Effortlessly design and integrate branching in your flows, while adding, removing, or modifying forms and ticket modules with unparalleled ease.
  • Embed anywhere: Embed your registration flow on your website or via Zuddl’s landing page builder to keep your audience engaged on your platforms.
  • Conditional branching: Customize the registration experience with conditional branching based on ticket types, responses, and more.
  • Customization at your fingers: Reflect your brand's identity at every step with control over design elements, including custom CSS and HTML options.

Remember how we said 2024 is the year event marketers get what they need? The registration flow is a commitment to empowering you to create complex ,yet personalized registration experiences without needing extensive technical skills.

Ticketing Conditions

Ready to redefine your approach to event ticketing? This new addition brings unmatched flexibility and control to your event's ticketing strategy and makes activating different scenarios and discounts a breeze.

What's New?

  • Any ticket, any event: Customize multi-level ticketing tiers, discounts, and bundling plans for any event type.
  • Multiple ticket tiers: Cater to diverse audiences with different ticket tiers for access levels or registration types.
  • Customized access control: Define eligibility for specific ticket types, with access restrictions based on domains or a predefined guest list.
  • Simplified complex flows: Manage different ticket tiers with ease, incorporating caps, expiry dates, and coupon/promo codes.
  • Custom communications: Set up tailored communications for different ticket types, ensuring attendees always have the correct information.
  • Promo code management: Simplify promo code management with options like ‘BOGO’ or ‘buy three, get 20% off the fourth’, complemented by bulk creation and detailed analytics.

Ticketing Conditions are designed to simplify and enhance your event ticketing, especially for complex setups, offering the flexibility and control you need to ensure everyone gets the right content and context.

Landing Pages and Widgets

Here are two incredible new features to make your event landing pages not only visually stunning but functionally solid and on brand.

Enhanced Customization for Zuddl Landing Pages:

Your event's first impression counts. Zuddl’s landing page builder ensures it's a memorable one. With 100% customizable and brandable options, you can now create landing pages that wow.

  • Easy and fast: Create beautiful pages in minutes with the intuitive drag-and-drop builder. No coding required!
  • Fully brand-aligned: Customize every aspect, from logos and colors to fonts and creatives, ensuring your landing page is an extension of your brand.
  • Performance-driven design: Our landing pages are not only visually appealing but also SEO-friendly and optimized for mobile, ensuring a wider reach.
  • Your domain, your control: Host your event landing page on your domain for a cohesive brand experience.

Widgets for Site Pages:

Effortlessly keep all your event content updated across platforms with new embeddable widgets.

  • Efficient content management: Update your schedule and speaker lineup in one place, and see the changes reflect everywhere – be it your registration page, Zuddl's landing page, or the app.
  • Simple embeds, powerful customization: With easy-to-embed codes and CSS customization, you can make these widgets blend seamlessly with your site's unique style.
  • One-click updates: Easily add, remove, or edit speaker details, and have them updated instantly across all assets.
  • Centralized schedule management: Modify your event schedule in one place and allow attendees to build their schedule right from the widget.

These new features empower you to create landing pages and update time-intensive sections via widgets that not only reflect your brand's identity but also streamline managing event content - ensuring content is fresh and accurate.

Stay Tuned and Send Your Thoughts

Stay tuned for more Zuddl updates as we work to make event management easier and events more memorable. Your feedback is crucial for improvement. Share your ideas with your CSM or email me at – I read and value every message.


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