Feature focus - January '24

Feature focus

As we step into 2024, we’ve handpicked 4 key features of Zuddl that can be game-changers for your events this year.

Let’s get started.

Event hubs

Easily group and access your events and webinars

Event hubs are your go-to solution for organizing and showcasing a series of events and webinars in one central location. This feature allows you to manage each event or webinar individually, tailoring settings like registrations, venue setup, and communications to your needs. You can create a Landing page or a Hub widget, adding your events and webinars to the Hub for an all-encompassing view for your attendees.

Learn more about event hubs

Parmonic integration

Use Parmonic’s powerful AI tools to edit your session recordings

With Parmonic integrated into Zuddl, you have access to advanced AI tools for editing your event recordings. This feature enables you to push recordings to Parmonic for precise editing. You can trim your recordings to create engaging, concise content and generate accurate transcripts, making your content more engaging and accessible to your audience.

Custom access groups

Group your attendees exactly the way you want 

Custom access groups give you the flexibility to organize your attendees exactly how you want. You can create groups based on specific criteria from registration forms. These groups are perfect for targeted communications and implementing access control restrictions, ensuring a personalized experience for each attendee at your event.

Learn how to create a custom group

Trigger-based communications

Fine-tune your event communications

Trigger-based communications offer you automated and efficient messaging tailored to your event's needs. This feature allows you to set specific triggers for sending communications, ensuring that your messages are timely and relevant to each segment of your audience. The available triggers cover various event scenarios, making your communication process more streamlined and effective.

As you plan your events for 2024, these features will enhance your ability to create memorable and successful events, ensuring a more meaningful experience for both you and your attendees.

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