New enhancements to elevate the conference experience

Product updates

Hold onto your hats, folks…

We're about to unveil some game-changing updates that are going to revolutionize the way you craft user conferences. In a world where every event needs to leave a lasting impression, you need tools that are not just good, but exceptional. 

We've been listening, tweaking, and perfecting Zuddl to ensure you have everything at your fingertips to design those standout experiences.

Ready to explore? Let’s jump in:

1. In-Person Locations

  • The Highlight: Organizing a hybrid or in-person user conference? You can now help your in-person attendees save time by adding a location and uploading a map link of your venue. You can paste links for dedicated sessions or meeting rooms. Attendees will have access to all the maps via their Zuddl Mobile App.
  • Get started: Head over to the 'Locations' tab in the 'Venue Setup'. Add your venues and pop in that map link. Guiding your attendees has never been this easy!


2. Audiences

  • The Highlight: Say hello to 'Audiences' - our smart tool that lets you create dedicated lists of your prospects. Think of it as your personal grouping assistant. With 'Audiences', targeted communication is super easy, eliminating the need for external email services.
  • Get started: Dive into the 'Audiences' page under the 'People' section. Zuddl’s got some pre-set audiences ready for you. Want more? Craft your own groups, even for those yet to RSVP. Streamlined, targeted, and efficient.


3. Custom Communications

  • The Highlight: With our enhanced 'Audiences' feature, you can now plan different emails for pre-event, live event and post event communication. To make this more useful, you can choose specific audiences so that you send targeted messages to the right audience at the same time.
  • Get started: Navigate to the 'Custom' tab in the 'Communication' section of the organizer dashboard. Pick your audience, set the time, craft your message, and voila!


Remember, every event tells a story, and with these updates, you're equipped to make yours legendary.

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