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Make Event Engagement Core to Your Events and Webinars

Create highly intuitive event engagement options for your events and webinars with pinned Q&A, polls, and the ability to have a two-way conversation with the speakers.

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Turn events into highly engaging experiences with our event engagement features

Embed call-to-action buttons within webinars
Drive high intent conversations from within sessions with customizable buttons
Encourage event engagement with pinned content
Pin Q&A and polls to the screen so that attendees engage actively
Foster competition with leaderboards
Track and display attendee participation points on a leaderboard to add another layer of excitement to your event
Widgets designed for meaningful event engagement
Embed interactive content like videos, links and forms to prompt action from your attendees

Pinned content that adapts to your brand

Showcase questions, polls, chat, and banners in multiple themes that adapt to your primary brand color with just one click

Onscreen pinned polls, questions, etc can help catalyze attendees engagement right from within the webinar window

Use event engagement data to convert attendees into pipeline

Demonstrate ROI by attributing demo requests or enquiries directly to the webinar

Add buttons in your webinar session either as an iframe or redirect to another webpage

Powerful widgets that engage and convert

Drag and drop widgets help you add powerful functionality to your event or webinar

Embed iframes, links, forms, and media on your lobby and expo booths that let you and your sponsors make the most of your digital real estate

Create hotspots throughout the event to gently guide attendees to sponsor booths, exhibits or even a resource center

Don’t just take our word for it!

We realized an engaging and interactive event experience
Registration form [fields] that capture company and job title help us identify how many attendees are potential customers so Sales can reach out with better context.
Benjamin Kitzinger
Director of Marketing Design
Zuddl kept things very interactive especially during lengthy sessions
The engagement tools [like Raise Hands, Chat and Q&A] let IAEM speakers drive live interaction. They could respond immediately to a question or an insight made by a member and go “that’s a great point - let's talk about that for a minute.”
John Osborne
Digital Events Specialist
This is the go-to tool for hosting your online events
The product allows gamification - this was incredible as it allowed us to keep the audience hooked.
Vishnu Trilok
Product Specialist
Customizable registration forms help us identify ICP fit for Sales
Registration form [fields] that capture company and job title help us identify how many attendees are potential customers so Sales can reach out with better context.
Hillary Foster
Global Events + Sponsorships Lead
Zuddl opened up a lot of possibilities for us
The platform capabilities - from customization to easy registration - provided quite a lot of flexibility meaning there was less of a lift from our end.
John Osborne
Digital Events Specialist
An event experience that attendees love
From 100% customizability to event marketing tools all in one place plus superb customer success, the bar has been set quite high.
Varun Singh
Head of Marketing
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