Run a series of topic-specific events with Zuddl

Event series

Our new Event Series feature allows you to link related events or webinars, simplifying repetitive tasks like registrations, attendee management, and communications.

One landing page for all your topic-specific events

You can now organize multiple events and webinars and promote them under one theme by setting up a Series. Your series can have its own Landing Page, using which attendees can register for all the underlying events and webinars in one go.

Follow these steps to set up your series landing page

Automated emails set up for entire series

On registering once, your attendees will get automated email reminders for each of your events organized in the series. Every email goes with a calendar block that helps you boost attendee turnout.

Learn how to set up attendee emails for an event series

Build an audience with consistent engagement

By releasing events under a series, you can boost attendee turnout, have deeper engagement with your attendees, and build a stronger connection with your audience.

Native CRM integration

Directly sync your attendee data to your CRM. This drastically reduces the turnaround time for follow ups and help your teams run targeted campaigns.

Analytics for entire series

Get granular data on what polls or questions each attendee engaged with. Get analytics on their interests, time spent per session and CTAs clicked. You’ll find all analytics across each event, organized in one single dashboard.

Wrapping up…

The Event Series feature is all about efficiency and enhancing the attendee experience. By linking related events and streamlining processes, you can focus on delivering value and ensuring each event in the series is a success.

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