3 easy ways in which Zuddl simplifies webinar registration

How Zuddl simplifies webinar registration

It seems simple enough: a webinar registration page that is simultaneously 1) engaging and simple to navigate for attendees, and 2) captures essential marketing intelligence about registrants for marketing and sales teams to nurture down-the-line. 

But a registration page and process that can accomplish both is more an exception than a norm. 

B2B event marketers can be hampered or limited in their efforts by tech that constrains customization and personalization — meaning that it can actually be extremely difficult to make the registration page look a certain way, or have your registration form display fields that are important for your business. This not only negatively affects attendee engagement but can also limit your valuable follow-up data.

Built to address these frustrations, here’s 3 ways Zuddl Webinars helps make the setup of webinar registration easier for B2B event marketers.

1. Easy branding with our webinar landing page builder

An intuitive interface allows you to simply drag and drop elements - text, images, buttons etc. easily. Then, input your brand's color codes and select matching fonts. This ensures consistency with your overall brand identity, creates an engaging and cohesive experience for your registrants, and just makes attending your webinar more appealing!

Your TLDR takeaway:

  • Drag, drop, preview, publish - no coding needed
  • Choose from a variety of templates to get started
  • Customize a template with your brand colors and fonts

2. Unrestricted customization with registration forms 

Most webinar platforms will allow you to capture the most salient details about your attendees such as their name, email address, company name and location. These details can help marketers personalize the attendee experience post-webinar. Zuddl's registration forms let you do so much more. 

  • You can use conditional logic in forms to get better marketing intelligence

Zuddl Webinars takes registration form customization one step further by giving you the ability to employ conditional logic in registration forms - by which we mean, the ability to show or hide form fields or sections based on the user's previous responses.

An example: Let’s say your business has a plan for enterprise customers. In your webinar registration form, one of the questions you ask could be “Are you in a team of more than 100 people?” If they answer “Yes” from a drop-down option, the next question triggered from that response could be “Would you be interested in our enterprise plan?”. If your registrant is in a team less than 100 aka not an enterprise, then this question will never be shown as it is irrelevant to them.

This level of personalization lets you and your marketing team capture essential information on your leads that can be used by your growth and sales teams to reach out to MQLS generated from webinars, with better context as to the use-case.

  • You can embed the form on your webpage instead of using a landing page - it's completely up to you 

    B2B marketers sometimes prefer to host the registration form for their webinars on their webpage instead of directing their users to a separate URL. This is incredibly easy to do with Zuddl - it’s literally a simple copy-paste job.
  • You can even restrict emails for registration

    Customize the email domains you want to restrict while allowing all other domains. This means you can restrict non-business emails from being used at registration and block competitors from registering, if you so desire.

3. Integrations makes data transfer easy + enables better follow-up

Zuddl Webinars has ready integrations with most CRMs and martech tools, such as Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot and Slack. This means there’s no manual effort needed for data entry, there’s less error when it comes to preserving data integrity, and that you can easily surface and share data with different teams in the company for better alignment. 

An example: By having a dedicated Slack channel for webinar alerts, Cloudsmith’s Sales team were notified when prospects that they were working to get over-the-line registered or attended, and could use this information for timely and targeted outreach post-webinar.

Your TLDR takeaway:

  • Zuddl Webinars has ready integrations with Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot + Slack
  • Turns data transfer into a simple process
  • Makes lead tracking simple 
  • Enables timely follow-up for your Sales team - especially if you combine a highly customized registration form + a Slack integration which  means that Sales will be able to easily identify and pursue the most qualified leads

Webinar registration should be simple and effortless for organizers and attendees alike

Instead of piling more onto B2B marketers’ already full plates, webinar hosting software should be helping to relieve it. 

Zuddl Webinars, by addressing the most common headaches marketers face with webinar registration, aims to deliver an experience that is flexible, convenient and targeted to solve the day-to-day challenges marketers face.

With setup of the landing page and registration form simple to execute and easy to customize, and integrations making it hassle-free to utilize registration data post-webinar, marketers no longer need to spend hours and effort on manual activities, and can instead focus on simply building a solid webinar strategy.

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