Event series, registrations by approval, and webinar surveys - Oct '23 updates

Event series

It has been a while, but we're back with some super-fresh updates for you!

This time around, we bring you more support for event and webinar management with event series, registration by approval, and surveys for webinars.

Here’s all you need to know about these new features:

Event series

Create a series of events, webinars, or a combination of both.

You can now organize multiple events and webinars and promote them under one theme by setting up a Series. Your series can have its own Landing Page, using which attendees can register for all the underlying events and webinars in one go.

On registering once, your attendees will get automated email reminders for each of your events organized in the series.

Learn how to create your own event series here.

Registration by approval

Curate your event the way you want

To add an extra layer of control over who participates in an event, you can now enable registration by approval and use it for a specific audience. 

When this is enabled, you’ll be able to approve or reject users who have registered for your event. After registration, users will be kept in the Pending state till you take any further action.

Once done, registrations will receive emails based on the status of their approval.

Dive deeper into this feature here.

Surveys for webinars

Gather timely insights from your attendees on their experience

Getting feedback on your webinars is critical to improving and scaling up your event experience. With surveys, you can get quick feedback at the right time. 

A survey can be created in a 3-step process; add basic details, add questions, and add an end screen. Choose from different question types: short text, multiple-choice, multiple-choice multi-select, and rating.

All the responses will be saved in your organizer dashboard for ready reference.

For more info on surveys for webinars, click here.


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