3 lessons from Cloudsmith on running successful webinars

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With a primary focus on empowering their customers and fostering a strong community, Cloudsmith's webinars have become an integral part of their growth strategy.

Through their webinars, Cloudsmith brings together experts who share their knowledge on pertinent industry topics such as container optimization and software supply chain security, demonstrating the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

In this manner, Cloudsmith is able to serve as a trusted advisor as well as create opportunities for meaningful engagement that benefit both customers and the company’s sales efforts.


Here are 3 things that have helped Cloudsmith run successful webinars:

1)They make webinars look and feel polished

Cloudsmith uses Zuddl Studio’s ready-to-use collection of backgrounds, banners, and lower-thirds, and an easy-to-use interface to customize their branding.

Webinar lesson by cloudsmith

This result? — A visually stunning and cohesive experience that reflects the brand’s professionalism, and contributes to a high average time spent at each webinar.

2)They make data-based decisions to optimize strategy

With UTM-tracking, they are able to identify which marketing channels drive more registrations than others in real-time and lean into those top-performing promotions immediately. Routing marketing campaigns directly to Zuddl’s webinar landing pages helps them improve results too.

Additionally, by customizing the registration form on their webinar landing page, Cloudsmith captures important attendee details. Using analytics, they identify which timezones the majority of attendees are from, and make an informed decision on the best time to hold live webinars so as to attract maximum turnout.

Learn webinar hosting by cloudsmith

3)They drive leads for sales + enable targeted, timely follow-up

Customizable registration forms that capture company and job titles help identify how many attendees are potential customers. This crucial information, combined with Zuddl’s Salesforce integration, enables their sales team reach out post-webinar with better context.

Also, by streaming directly to social from Zuddl and downloading the recordings and posting them on Cloudsmith’s YouTube channel, the company has been able to consistently generate thousands of additional views after the webinar is over.

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