How Zuddl’s webinar platform enables a 1-person team to run webinars

Zuddl Webinars reduces the effort and time spent on setting up and running webinars

Usually, marketing teams work like Lego. 

Sub-functions within the marketing team - designers, content writers, webflow developers, email marketers, etc. - come together like the fitting of different Lego pieces in order to build a website, publish ebooks and articles, run webinars, and so on. It's a smooth assembly line.

But sometimes, when the interdependency within a marketing team becomes too rigid, it can act as a blocker, hindering agility, causing project deadlines or go-live dates to be delayed or even canceled, and just causing all-around frustration and stress.

This is clear in the production of a webinar, for instance. Setting up and running a webinar is reliant on the involvement of different team members and requires a lot of orchestration as is clear in the diagram below.

Who are the key stakeholders involved in producing a webinar?

To set up and run a webinar requires the effort of at least 3-4 people in the marketing team.

Zuddl webinar hosting platform
Marketing team dependencies when producing a webinar

All in all, for the webinar showrunner, dependencies can make running webinar programs extremely stressful as any delays or absences could significantly derail the efficiency of the event. 

How Zuddl Webinars makes it simple for 1-person to set up and run a webinar

Zuddl Webinars simplifies the setup and execution of webinars, making it easier for a single individual to manage the entire process. Here’s how the platform enables self-sufficiency:

(1) Easy-to-use templates make setup of ALL webinar activities as easy as 1-2-3

Using Zuddl Webinars, the webinar showrunner can ‘own’ all the activities that occur within the webinar production process by themselves, thanks to the platform’s ‘clicks not code’ ethos. This means that all webinar assets such as the landing page, webinar ‘stage’ and email promotions can be created and customized by just one person. 

This entire process is made easy through visual cues of every step in the process, and simple drop-down and toggle options,  reducing reliance on dedicated technical support or IT personnel.

  • Landing/registration page

    Zuddl Webinars comes with a set of templates that you can pick from for your webinar. You easily customize the banner, and speaker information. And importantly, the registration field as per your needs
Customize landing page with Zuddl
  • Email marketing

    You can create multiple event-related emails using our templates and send them to your attendees and speakers from a single dashboard. This streamlines your event communications and reduces dependency on your email marketer.
Seamless event communication with Zuddl
You have templates for all types of webinar emails

                 Building each email itself is as simple as using these drag-and-drop blocks.

Event communication with Zuddl

By using ChatGPt to populate text for straightforward emails, you can also reduce dependency on your hardworking content team.

And by automating the sending of key emails - registration confirmations, reminders to attend, and post-event communication - you can make the attendee experience a smooth one. The bonus is that you won’t have to keep checking if messages are sent out on time.

The takeaway: With the availability of these user-friendly templates, webinar showrunners can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the days of painstakingly putting together landing pages, emails and webinar stages, and battling tech constraints and formatting mishaps are over.


(2) Branding made as simple as drag-and-drop + a couple of clicks

Event branding with Zuddl

In today's visually-driven world, the design and branding of your webinar is really important. Zuddl Webinars makes it simple for organizers to add branding directly to all your webinar assets. You can customize banners, backgrounds, buttons, forms, alignment, error messages etc. all by yourself. 

This means you can reduce revision rounds, and that you don’t need to badger team designers for around-the-clock assistance. (PS: This is not to take away from the importance of your team designer, without whom you wouldn’t have those essential hex codes, fonts, and logos to use in the first place).

The takeaway: Using these Canva-like editable tools, you can reduce dependency on your design team. You yourself can make your webinar look on-brand and aesthetically pleasing in a short amount of time.

(3) A smooth run-of-show as a default, freeing you up to focus on engagement

Webinar organizers usually have a lot to juggle during the live webinar. You need to keep your speakers on track as well as the host. Visual aids (if any) need to be shared on time. The Chat has to be moderated. Polls need to be launched. 

Normally, you’d need at least one more extra person from your team to help coordinate all of this and make sure that the webinar is on track. Zuddl Webinars can replace that person.

  • Pre-setting your run of show with Scenes: Using the Studio tool, you can pre-upload intro videos, presentations, and transitions and compose them into scenes.  These are then pushed live during the webinar - you can move from one scene to the next just like you would from one Powerpoint slide to another: with a simple click. 
A smooth run-of-show as a default, freeing you up to focus on engagement
Scenes make it simple to run the webinar smoothly
  • Managing guest speakers: With Studio also being a virtual green room, you can communicate directly with your speaker(s), and coordinate webinar logistics. 

The takeaway: Studio capabilities give you better control over your run of show, leaving little room for error during your livestream. This means that you can fully concentrate on making your stream more engaging.

From dependency to efficiency

With Zuddl Webinars, gain more control over the entire setup and execution of your webinars than you’ve ever had before. 

The platform tools enable you to carry out many activities by yourself, without having to keep going back and forth between team members. This in turn allows you to have better control over timelines and output, thereby improving efficiency.

TLDR: Here’s a quick breakdown of how you will reduce team dependency with Zuddl Webinars:

  • Landing page builder
    All you need to do is drag-and-drop to build.
    This means your team developer can take that much needed power nap without worrying about getting a flurry of Slack messages from you.
  • Email marketing
    Ready-made templates + a scheduler for all emails
    The team email marketer can take time off to meditate 
  • Canva-like branding tools
    Upload + drag-and drop pre-set brand fonts, logos and colors
    Your team designers can breathe a huge sigh of relief.
  • Studio
    Scenes + Backstage means you’re the only showrunner you need
    All your marketing teammates can go peacefully about their day

So, go on. 

Make your life as a webinar organizer 100 times easier. Take a free trial of Zuddl Webinars and see for yourself.

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