The gift that keeps on giving: 4 ways to maximize on-demand virtual event content

Driving ROI from repurposing video from your virtual event

B2B marketers are always looking for ways to get the most bang for their buck, and on-demand event video content presents a prime opportunity to do just that. 

While these recordings are often viewed as a one-and-done asset, savvy marketers know that with a little ingenuity and effort, they can be transformed into a wide array of high-value content pieces that drive ROI long after the event has ended. 

In other words, 1 video recording from your virtual event = 10 pieces of multi-format content pieces.

So let's talk about how you can take those hours of footage and turn them into a marketing machine that keeps on giving. 

The impact of repurposing explained in numbers

Calculating the ROI of repurposing content from a virtual event

First, let's consider an example to illustrate how repurposing on-demand video from a virtual event can help B2B marketers reduce their cost per lead + drive more ROI.

Assume a B2B company invests $50,000 in producing and promoting a virtual event that generates 500 leads, resulting in a cost per lead (CPL) of $100. 

Now, let's assume the company repurposes the on-demand video content from the virtual event. This repurposed content generates an additional 250 leads, bringing the total number of leads generated to 750. 

As a result, the cost per lead for the virtual event decreases to $50.

The overall cost per lead for the campaign decreases to $66.67.

The potential you can squeeze from just one virtual event video is so clear, it’s impossible for marketers to look the other way.


The most effective ways to repurpose on-demand virtual event content 

While there are a variety of content formats that marketers can transform their on-demand video content into, let’s look at the best ways that it can be used towards these goals:

a) Create a top of mind recall for attendees so that they remember what they gained from the event, and are eager to register the next time around, and

b) Extend the reach of their message to engage with a wider audience and pull in new leads.

Keep in mind that video helps 83% of marketers to generate leads, 87% to increase website traffic, and 80% to increase sales. So, the more ways you can make short and snackable videos from your on-demand video content and the more channels you can distribute them on, the better. 

Here’s a handy visual guide to doing so:

Let’s break this down further.

1. Develop high-quality social media content

Creating videos for social media is one way to use video from your virtual event

This one’s a no-brainer.

  • Video posts will pull in traffic

    Sharing these short videos on social media sites, especially those featuring speakers presenting an important insight or an intriguing point-of-view as snackable mini-lessons, is a fantastic way to increase brand visibility. You can encourage viewers to dive further into the topic by prompting them to visit your on-demand event page.

    Using on-demand video content also lets attendees relive the excitement from the event and gives non-attendees the chance to see what they’re missing out on. 
  • Turn quote/insights from video in infographics + creatives is a must-do too

    Infographics are often seen as a high-effort, low return activity but this is completely wrong. HubSpot states that infographics have had the biggest increase in usage among B2B marketers over the past few years. This may be because, according to Springer – a leading research platform – people who follow directions with text and illustrations perform 323% better than those without.

    Here’s one of our favourite examples:

2. Turn video into different content mediums like a podcast episode, webinar session, or blog post

Video from your virtual event can be turned into a podcast episode, webinar session or blog post

This helps get extra mileage from your video content.

  • Podcasts will reach an even wider audience

    Extracting the audio from your video clips and turning them into podcast episodes lets you tap into a huge audience who prefer to consume information in this format. In fact, approximately 80 million Americans are now weekly podcast listeners, and 43% of decision makers say they use them to get business related content. 
  • Webinars will help build credibility in your industry

    30% of your audience will watch the webinar, rather than the live event, so it’s worth the effort, especially since a majority of B2B marketers (73%) agree that webinars can be the most effective way to generate high-quality leads.

    And a simple way to keep the content fresh and engaging is to simulive it- by which we mean you can enable a live chat to provide interactivity, and if possible set up a live Q+A at the end of the video.
  • Blogs will drive traffic to the website

    At Zuddl, we do this quite often, taking short, digestible learnings from a video recording from an event like our quarterly product launch ‘Spotlight’, or from our webinars, and turning it into a blog post. In a similar vein, you can use the Q&A section from sessions at the virtual event into blog posts too.

    For further inspiration, take a look at HubSpot’s blog content which showcases key quotes or lessons from their event speakers.

3. Use in email outreach and nurtures

Use video from your virtual event in email outreach and nurtures

Enable Sales and GTM Teams to generate and nurture leads

  • Event videos can boost ABM email marketing engagement

    Sending leads emails with informative, engaging video snippets from your virtual event might seem like a lot of extra effort but by including them in your outreach and follow-ups, your colleagues can position your company as a trusted partner who’s invested in helping them succeed.

    This is especially effective if the prospect’s pain points and challenges have already been identified via analytics from the virtual event. Using insight about the prospect via the sessions they attended or a poll they answered for instance, they can reach out with a link to an on-demand video that is contextual to the prospect. 
  • Videos can be useful in cold emails or a ‘wake up the dead’ campaign

Firstly, using video in cold emails is a recognized way of increasing engagement, with sources indicating that it can drive an average 96% increase in click-through rates. An encouraging statistic in itself. Sharing informational, educational video snippets by your event speakers is a subtle way to showcase your authority in the industry (for example, if the session topic is about the newest trends in the field). If they opt in to view it, your sales colleagues can reach out with more helpful information.

4. Create a learning hub or educational course

You can create a learning hub using the video from your event

There's always room to grow.

  • A video hub can enhance lead generation

    Creating a video hub allows you to organize and distribute all the videos, presentations, and other resources that were part of the virtual event. This way, attendees who couldn't attend the event live or missed some sessions can access the content at their convenience. 

    You can also leverage the content hub to attract new leads by using gated content that requires visitors to provide their contact information before accessing the resources. The content you offer can serve as a demonstration of your expertise and help build trust with potential customers.
  • Educational courses to build brand stickiness

    With a bit of editing and repackaging, you can break your multi-day or multi-session event into a series of educational videos that you can offer as a course. Through purposeful training, you can build and instil trust in your target audience.

    And research by Intellum-Forrester showed that with a customer education program in place, bottom-line revenue of the companies surveyed increased at 6.2%, and customer retention at 7.4.

    Here’s a great example of how Drift does certification courses.

Repurposing is the key to better ROI

On-demand virtual event content is a valuable resource that you can leverage to generate long-term ROI for your business. It continues to provide value to leads and customers, makes them feel seen, heard and understood, and builds a lasting connection with them — talk about a supportive and friendly way to build pipeline.

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