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Crafting a virtual user conference is more than just organizing an event; it's about creating a memorable digital journey for every attendee.

And as an event marketer, you know all too well that putting together an impactful virtual user conference comes with its own challenges.

The good news is that these challenges can be overcome when you have the right conference technology partner on your side. 

So let’s break down the top challenges and see how the right event tech can help you obliterate them!

Challenge 1: Crafting a personalized attendee journey

Every participant at your user conference, be it a customer, partner, or prospect, has unique expectations from your event. But without a tailored registration processes, event communications and experiences, it becomes impossible for you to engage with them in a meaningful way.

How Zuddl helps:

  • Tailored registration: Use conditional logic to personalize your event registration forms as per your attendee persona.
  • Data-driven outreach: Empower sales to interact with prospects and personalize their outreach with real-time and easily accessible attendee analytics - such as the information filled in registration forms, questions asked, answers to Polls, the sessions spent at most, etc.

Challenge 2: Delivering a true on-brand experience

Your brand has its own identity and voice, and your design team is probably fantastic! But even they can be stifled by limited platforms can sometimes dilute that uniqueness, making your event feel less authentic and potentially alienating your audience.

How Zuddl helps:

  • Customizable touchpoints: Infuse every event detail with your brand essence.
  • Diverse visual options: Access a rich library of visuals or integrate your unique designs.
  • No code builders: Publish fully customized promotional landing pages and attendee emails with Zuddl’s no-code builders.
  • Elevated event streams: Our branding themes ensure your event stands out and feels authentic.


Challenge 3: Overcoming integration bottlenecks

Data drives successful events. However, limited or clunky integration can disrupt the flow, leading to manual workflows, potential errors, and missed opportunities - aka a ‘pull-your-hair-out and scream’ situation for any marketer.

How Zuddl helps:

  • Seamless integrations: Zuddl's intuitive two-way integrations ensure a continuous data stream in virtually real-time.

  • Strategic data utilization: Link CRM with event data for actionable insights, optimizing attendance and engagement.
  • Real-time sales alerts: Keep sales teams in the loop when key stakeholders from an account engage, maximizing opportunities.

Challenge 4: Ensuring studio-quality events

The absence of a robust, integrated studio in your conference platform can be a total dampener on your user conference, rendering your sessions low-impact and your session management glitchy, with a lot of room for panic for you as well as your speakers.

How Zuddl helps:

  • Professional speaker management: Conduct dry runs and coordinate with speakers effortlessly during live events.
  • Content versatility: Choose between live, pre-recorded, or a blend of content, ensuring optimal quality.
  • Quality content creation: Studio is a powerhouse that lets you not only stream quality content but also leave you with branded session recordings, which means your teams can use event videos for follow-up the very next day after the conferene is over.

Of course, we can go on and on, but we highly recommend you watch this on-demand product tour to see how your next virtual conference can be your most epic one yet!

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