How to repurpose content from your association's conference

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Picture this: Your association just held an amazing hybrid event for its members with networking opportunities, authoritative speakers, and professional workshops that helped members tap into their own growth. Now that it’s come to an end, you can still drive member engagement further by repurposing content created during your event. 

From photos and videos to blog content, your association can show off your latest event to keep existing members invested in your organization and attract new members, allowing you to develop a thriving member base. Use these tips to successfully repurpose content from your association’s event

  • Develop high-quality social media content. 
  • Expand your members-only resources. 
  • Create promotional materials for future events.

Creating new, authentic content takes time and energy. Reduce your administrative burden and streamline your marketing efforts by repurposing content from your events. This way, you can help members continue to see the value in your association, all while showing prospective members the many benefits of joining your organization. Let’s begin. 

Develop high-quality social media content

Photos and videos taken during your event are a prime marketing opportunity for your association. By sharing these visuals on social media sites, your organization can increase its brand visibility, boost credibility, and introduce prospective members to what they can expect if they join your association. 

Ensure that the content you share is tailored specifically to the social media platform. For example, if you take multiple videos of speakers that total to several minutes in length, you can break down this content into short, digestible clips for Instagram or TikTok, featuring the highlights of each speech. On Twitter, you can share inspirational quotes from these speeches so users can quickly scan them while scrolling through their feeds. 

These photos and videos don’t have to be taken solely by your association staff. Member-driven marketing can be a great way to tap into your members’ personal networks and help even more people learn about your event. Throughout the event, encourage members to take photos and videos and share posts online along with a hashtag related to your association’s unique event name. 

Once you roll out your social media content, you can feature it on your website with the help of an association-specific website builder. The ideal website builder, in addition to offering features like custom forms and member portals, will come with social media integration tools. This allows you to share your social media feeds right on your website, enabling new members to engage with your content and learn more about your event offerings.

Expand your members-only resources

Your association event likely had a lot going on, from several lectures taking place at once to a variety of networking opportunities, making it difficult for your members to capture everything that went on. Or, perhaps there were two virtual workshops taking place at one time and attendees could only pick one to actively participate in. If this is the case, it’s likely that your members didn’t get a chance to absorb all of your event’s many activities and they might be curious to hear about what they missed. 

To navigate this issue, record your event content and upload relevant event resources so that members can access these materials later in their member portals. Building out your members-only resources not only allows members to fully engage with everything your event offered, but also gives them more opportunities to grow professionally and reap the rewards of being an association member. 

Your association should work with a membership website builder that makes it easy to upload new content to your members-only pages, allowing you to build out your digital resource hub. Your CMS should also make it simple to incorporate accessibility elements into this content so members of all abilities can engage with these resources. 

For example, let’s say your organization uploads the recording of a lecture. To make this content accessible, you should:

  • Add captions that are synced with the video’s audio. 
  • Create a complete video transcript that transcribes what was said and any actions that took place. 
  • Use a compatible format so your video works on multiple browsers. 

Putting accessibility at the forefront of your digital strategy creates an inclusive culture and boosts members’ user experience, allowing them to access these resources with ease. 

Create promotional materials for future events

Your association will likely hold the same event (or a similar one) again in the future. To help members understand what they can expect when they attend future opportunities, you can repurpose previous event content to create marketing materials for your future events. 

For example, let’s say your association is promoting its upcoming annual conference for attendees all over the country. You can create an event landing page that features the following elements from the last time you hosted your event: 

  • Quotes from attendees reflecting on the skills they gained, networking opportunities they experienced, and other event highlights
  • Photos and videos of attendees and accomplished speakers 
  • Statistics of how many people participated in your event activities

For example, the International WAGR Syndrome Association (IWSA) created an event landing page for their annual “WAGR Weekend” event in 2022. To help promote this recurring event and encourage attendance again in 2023, the IWSA included images of guests in attendance, a video recording of their main conference, and statistics that cover the families and individuals that attended. 

Repurpose content to create p Repurpose content to create promotional materials for your upcoming event. romotional materials for your upcoming event. 

You can also repurpose your past event’s content into blog posts. Blog posts are a highly engaging way to drive more traffic to your association’s website and bring attention to your next event. Consider these blog post ideas to reflect on your past event and get your members excited about your future event: 

  • Before members leave your event, ask them to fill out an exit survey that briefly asks them what they enjoyed about their experience. Then, compile these statements from all members into a blog post. 
  • If your event includes speakers, create a list of the top ten most inspirational quotes from your event.
  • Take a video recording of a workshop or lecture, transcribe it, and post the full transcript as a blog post. 

By showing everyone how great your last event went, you’ll be in great shape to boost registration numbers for your upcoming conference, workshop, or another event. Share these blog posts across your social media networks with the help of social integration tools from your association CMS. 

Save your association’s team time, energy, and resources by repurposing existing event content to support your goals. Then, post this content on your social media and association website to create hype for your upcoming event and allow attendees to access resources from your past event. Do your research to find an association-specific CMS so you can upload and share this content with ease. Good luck! 

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