Here’s why 650+ attendees loved Partnership Leaders’ conference Catalyst 2023

There are conferences, and then there are conferences.
Partnership Leaders' Catalyst 2023 firmly establishes itself in a league of its own.

This annual conference serves as a catalyst for growth in the partnership and business development sector, with partnership professionals from around the globe coming together to discuss best practices, set industry standards, and elevate partnerships to new heights. This year, Catalyst 2023 was held in Denver. It was attended by 650+ professionals, all of whom left the event thoroughly impressed and inspired by the experience.

Catalyst attendees raved about the conference experience on LinkedIn

Here are 3 ways Partnership Leaders made this in-person conference an absolute hit among its members this year.

1) A frictionless check-in experience

At many in-person conferences, the check-in process can be tiresome, often involving long queues, manual badge searches, and frustrating delays. Attendees frequently spend valuable time waiting in a line or tutting internally at the sluggish pace of checking-in.

It can put a damper on the event itself.

But at Catalyst ‘23, attendees were able to check in and get their badges printed in less than 60 seconds. It was a smooth-as-butter process because:

  1. Attendees were emailed a QR code beforehand
  2. They scanned this code on iPads provided at the registration table in Denver
  3. The scan prompted a badge label to be printed automatically
  4. All that was left was to collect the badge and walk into the conference!
Attendees showed off their Catalyst check-in badges on LinkedIn

2) A conference app co-created by attendees

Conference apps, while intended to enhance the event experience, can often be bloated with unnecessary features and difficult to navigate. Attendees may struggle to find the information they need amidst a sea of overwhelming options, leading to frustration rather than convenience.

The Catalyst ‘23 app however was built with input from Partnership Leaders’ community members themselves, who logged in, tested things out and made suggestions. This sense of co-ownership resulted in 98% of Catalyst attendees downloading the conference app. 

“They used it to navigate the venue and add sessions to their schedule. They could receive real-time updates to the agenda, and it allowed them to see who else they could network with based on their goals and interests,” says Asher Mathew, CEO of Partnership Leaders. “It helped to personalize the conference experience for them and strengthened the sense of community, as we had all built it together.”

Catalyst attendees shared enthusiastic LinkedIn updates about the smooth networking experience

3) Easy ways for sponsors to connect with attendees + vice-versa

Navigating the conference landscape can be a double-edged sword for both sponsors and attendees. For sponsors, qualifying attendees amid the hustle and bustle of large events can be a daunting task. On the flip side, attendees often find themselves overwhelmed, struggling to keep track of the multitude of opportunities that come their way.

The Lead Retrieval app at Catalyst '23 served as a bridge, simplifying interactions between sponsors and attendees. Sponsors could quickly scan attendee QR codes for instant data capture and qualification using simple lead scoring, making follow-up with highly interested attendees easy. And for the attendees, the same QR scan meant that they could just focus on interacting with the sponsor without the burden of manual note-taking, knowing that they would be sent pertinent information after the conference.

Sponsors interacting with attendees at the conferenc

To sum up

The collaborative energy championed by Partnership Leaders paved the way for streamlined interactions and seamless data exchange that attendees wholeheartedly embraced at Catalyst '23, and set a new standard for in-person conferences. 

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