4 key insights on the evolution of B2B events

4 key insights by the Industry Experts on the evolution of B2B events

In our inaugural session of Events About Events hosted by Nick Bennett, the CCO & Co-Founder of Tack, we delved into the intricacies of B2B event marketing. 

As the conversation unfolded, industry experts Ashley Mauras, Director of Experience Marketing at Quantum Metric, and Jason Widup, the founder of Peak B2B, shared their unique perspectives and insights on the key changes they've observed with events.

If you missed it, or just need a refresher, here are 4 key takeaways:

Defining the core of modern B2B events

Core of modern event marketing is all about understanding your audience's evolving needs and meeting them head-on.

B2B events are not what they were before.

For instance, today, It's not just about putting together flashy events anymore; it's about creating experiences that resonate. 

In the session, our speakers illustrate that the very core of modern event marketing has evolved. It is now all about understanding your audience's evolving needs and meeting them head-on.

Changes in event expectations

The post-pandemic landscape has invariably altered the way we perceive and approach events. “Attendees now value their time more than ever, demanding better experiences", says Ashley, emphasizing that companies need to elevate their event strategies, understanding that subpar experiences could deter potential attendees in the future.

To this end, Jason highlights - “One of the bigger changes companies are realizing is like, ok, this has to be a very attendee focused experience - the attendees should be really at the center of the event.”

Events aren’t just events; they’re growth catalysts

Events can be strategic levers in your growth plan

If you’re thinking of events as just networking opportunities, think again.

Events should structure around the customer's journey – from discovery to engagement and growth.

It's a reminder that events can be strategic levers in your growth plan. And guess what? In-person events can be especially impactful, providing that personal touch that might just push a potential deal across the finish line.

Retention and renewal through events

Even the focus of B2B events is evolving, it isn't solely on new acquisitions. Jason Widup sheds light on the current trend in the SaaS world, noting, "Everyone's moving to a land and expand model... focused on expansion, retention, renewal."

Why are we observing this change? Because event marketers have realized that having their customers attend their events results in:

➡ Genuine testimonials: Their firsthand experiences carry weight, making them your brand's most authentic promoters.

➡ Organic interactions: They often become spontaneous salespeople, answering queries and sharing their positive experiences.

➡ Boosting retention: While events are great for attracting new faces, having your customers around not only validates your product but also reinforces their loyalty.

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