Decoding the modern events team: 3 key insights from the front lines

Event teams

Event marketing has evolved significantly, shifting focus from merely attracting crowds to aligning with direct business outcomes.

This evolution has also reshaped the structure and function of event teams. Insights from industry experts Stephanie Pennell, Director of Event Marketing at Zoominfo, Rachel Chinapen, Event Marketing Manager at Zoominfo, and Nick Bennett, CCO & Co-Founder of Tack, provide a fresh perspective on this transformation.

The necessity of being scrappy

For event marketers, being resourceful and efficient is more than a desirable trait; it's a necessity.

Stephanie Pennell emphasizes this, stating, "You need to be scrappy... how do you prove the value of what you're doing and how can you do more with less... they (your leadership team) are always going to want you to say - you can do more with less.”

This mindset encourages innovative solutions that maximize impact without inflating budgets, crucial in times of limited resources.

Specialization within teams

The trend towards smaller, specialized teams is evident in modern event management. In 2023, 75.4% of organizations reported having event teams of 1-5 members, reflecting a strategic shift towards efficiency and adaptability. This approach allows team members to focus on specific aspects of event marketing, such as trade shows or privately hosted events, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through collaboration and integration with other departments. Stephanie Pennell highlights, "Having those niche areas has been really beneficial... provided they all (her team members) work closely to share best practices... it's integrated with other teams."

Mastering communication across departments

Here's a no-brainer that also cannot be overstated: strong communication is crucial for successful event marketing.

Rachel Chinapen points out, "Especially working in an organization like Zoominfo, being able to communicate across departments is essential. To find out how to report back to the C-Suite on our event success, to make sure our messaging at the event is tied back to the broader campaigns, communication is the first skill you need."

Her insight underlines the importance of strong communication channels and skills within the event team to ensure a cohesive and collaborative effort in every event.

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