Decoding the deminar phenomenon

Decoding the deminar phenomenon

Heard your customers or marketing peers talk about ‘deminars’ and wondered if you misheard the word ‘seminars’? 

The good news is, your hearing is just fine! 

Deminars are becoming increasingly popular among event marketers for their ability to convert audiences in real-time. But how? And are they the same as any other webinar?...

We’ll answer all that in this blog post.

But let’s start from the beginning?

What is a Deminar even?!!

(And no, just in case you’re wondering, it isn’t a Demon + Gnar crossbreed, it’s a demo + webinar mashup)

Simply put, a deminar is a product demo that dresses itself in the form and style of a webinar. It allows you to combine the heft of a product-focused demo with the interactive and collaborative experience of a webinar. 

How are deminars different from the webinars we know and love?

While webinars are great for generating leads at the top of the funnel, deminars are a powerful tool for engaging prospects at the bottom of the funnel and converting them into customers.

In a deminar, you can demonstrate your product or service while having a real-time conversation with your prospects, which makes it an ideal format for driving conversions and closing deals.

So when your event mix combines webinars and deminars, you’re essentially creating a predictable pipeline that guides prospects through the entire buying cycle, from generating the lead to closing the deal. Booyah!

Why are deminars becoming popular?

As per this Forbes article on the ever-evolving B2B buyer process, nearly 60% of buyers prefer conducting their own research instead of communicating with sales representatives.

And typically, when buyers do their own research, their only options other than a demo call is reading your website or watching a video you have up; neither of these is interactive.

This is where a deminars serves as a bridge - it provides event marketers with a platform to influence high-intent prospects to make a purchasing decision in an open, interactive ‘show, don’t tell’ fashion. 

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So now that we’ve warmed up to the idea of deminars, let’s look at three great ways to use them to achieve business objectives.

Three effective ways to use deminars:

The Launchpad: 

Deminars are an excellent tool for product launches because they allow businesses to showcase their new offerings in a way that is interactive, engaging, and memorable.

Instead of simply talking about your product, you can demonstrate its features and benefits in real-time, answer questions, and provide additional context that can help potential customers see the value of what you're offering. 

Plus, by offering a fun and engaging experience, you'll increase the likelihood that attendees will share their experience with others and help spread the word about your launch.

Mind the Gap: 

As an event marketer, one of your goals is likely to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Deminars can be a great way to achieve this by providing valuable insights and education to potential customers. 

By showcasing your expertise and sharing your knowledge, you'll be able to build trust and credibility with your audience, which can help differentiate your brand from others in your space. Additionally, by focusing on education and thought leadership, you may be able to attract a wider audience beyond your current customer base, which can help drive growth over time.

The Onboarding Express: 

If you're looking for ways to improve customer retention and satisfaction, Deminars can be a powerful tool for onboarding and training. By offering personalized training sessions, you can help customers feel more confident in their ability to use your product or service, which can lead to increased adoption and usage over time. 

Additionally, by offering ongoing support through deminars, you can help customers feel more connected to your brand and more likely to continue using your product or service in the long-term.

The event marketing sous chef you didn’t know you need

Deminars bring a lot to the table - they have the potential to help you chop up your competition, season your event mix with the right messaging, and sauté new ideas to fill up the gaps in your event marketing program. 

Now, that’s an enviable platter of benefits.

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