Google Cloud Next 2023: What to expect

Google Cloud Next 2023

"Ok, Google, tell me why I should attend Google Cloud Next 2023?"

As one of the most awaited tech events of the year, this event promises a deep dive into the latest innovations in cloud technology. 

If you're still wondering if you should attend, here's a sneak peek into what's in store:

What’s it all about?

Google Cloud Next is Google Cloud's premier annual conference, a gathering where technologists, innovators, and decision-makers come together to dive deep into the latest advancements in cloud technology. From illuminating keynotes to hands-on learning sessions, the event offers a unique blend of technical content, strategic insights, and opportunities to connect with experts and peers.

Whether you're an IT professional, developer, or a tech enthusiast, Google Cloud Next promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools to shape the future of cloud computing.

What you can expect:

This event is up your alley, if you wish to:

  • Dive into Google's recent breakthroughs in AI, data protection, efficiency, and beyond.
  • Delve into main presentations, detailed discussions, and live demonstrations.
  • Engage in practical workshops, educational sessions, and get certified on the spot.
  • Stay informed with the latest product trajectory news.
  • Network with Google's top visionaries at the executive gathering hub.

Top speakers to look out for:

Thomas Kurian - CEO of Google Cloud

With his vast experience and vision, Thomas's insights into the future of cloud technology are known to be enlightening. With nearly 30 years under his belt, he's honed his skills in engineering, cultivated strong business relationships, and effectively led large teams. Thomas is on the advisory councils for Stanford's Graduate School of Business and Princeton's School of Engineering.

Brad Calder - VP, Engineering at Google Cloud

Brad's sessions are known for their technical depth, providing a granular look into the workings of cloud technology. Brad Calder holds the VP and GM position for Cloud Platform and Technical Infrastructure at Google Cloud, managing networking, storage, data analytics, and core compute sectors. He has published over 100 papers in the areas of systems, architecture and compilers.

Aimee Catalano - Senior Director, Google

Aimee is a renowned expert in the go-to-market strategy for partner ecosystems and is notable for her contributions to DEI initiatives. Over her two decades in enterprise marketing, Aimee has led numerous leadership roles in both large and small firms, notably as the VP of Corporate Marketing at Pure Storage and the VP of Alliance Marketing for Citrix.

Sessions you may like:

What's new with generative AI at Google Cloud

Experts including David DeSanto from GitLab, and key figures from Google and The World Bank, will delve into Google Cloud's advancements in generative AI. Learn how organizations are leveraging these innovations and stay tuned for exciting announcements in Machine Learning and Generative AI.

What's next: Redefining productivity with Google Workspace

Join Harris Beber, Kristina Behr, Dave Citron, Yulie Kwon Kim, and Aparna Pappu from Google at the Blue Shield of California Theater at YBCA from 12:15 - 13:00 GMT-7. Explore how Google is revolutionizing work by integrating AI into daily productivity tools. This session will unveil Google's vision for the future of collaboration and how Google Workspace can elevate creativity and efficiency in the modern hybrid work environment.

Collaboration 2.0: The Evolution of Work through AI and Data

Join Brian Goldstein from Google, along with industry leaders from Dialpad and OpenText, as they discuss the transformative impact of AI on collaboration technologies. This session delves into how intelligent tools are reshaping the modern hybrid workplace, empowering employees to achieve peak productivity. Learn from experts at the cutting edge of AI and data integration, and discover strategies to future-proof collaboration while maximizing outcomes.

Innovators Hive | Google Cloud Next ’23

Innovators Hive is the go-to spot for developers and practitioners to discover the latest from Google Cloud. Whether joining in-person or virtually, this is your destination for up-to-date learning materials, Innovators program details, engaging challenges to test your expertise, and exclusive digital badges for Next ’23 participants.

Elevate your Possible with Enterprise-Ready Generative AI powered by Google Cloud

Join Genevieve Chamard, Steve Jones, and Jennifer Marchand from Capgemini as they explore the synergy of human intelligence, cloud, and Generative AI. This session will guide enterprises on leveraging the latest technologies, showcasing real-world applications and strategies in the cloud for scalable and responsible business growth.

The when, where and how:

  • Date: October 11-13, 2023
  • Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco, with select content and interactive experiences available online.
  • Registration: Head over to the official event page to secure your spot. (just a heads up - most sessions are already full, so decide fast!)

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