5 straight-up wicked hacks to get more out of your events


Whether you're organizing a corporate conference, a trade show, or an intimate seminar, the success of your event hinges on your ability to engage, connect, and leave a memorable impression. Last week, we spoke to some rockstars in the events industry to gather practical strategies that can transform your events from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here are 5 super-cool takeaways from them:

Use this three-pronged approach to planning your event content strategy

Nailing your event content at the pre-production stage is key to event success and outcomes. Here’s what industry expert, Morgan J Ingram, Founder & CEO, AMP, breaks this down into 3 important steps:

  • The first step is pinpointing key individuals for collaboration and crafting an engaging booth experience - crucial for attracting the right audience. 
  • Next, plan your content goals: whether it's generating a few months of material or aligning with an upcoming product launch. 
  • The final step involves strategically engaging key accounts in your content, targeting not just influencers but also potential high-value clients. 

This three-pronged approach ensures a focused and impactful presence at any event, blending content creation with targeted networking.

Now, when it comes to designing your booth or event space, consider it a storytelling platform. How can it uniquely convey your brand's message? Interactive displays, immersive experiences, or live demonstrations can transform your space into a dynamic environment that not only tells your story but also actively involves your audience in it.

Personalize VIP experiences

“Personalization is integral to the event itself; when you register, we ask what you're interested in, and who you want to talk to.” says Sanjib Kalita, Head of Industry, Fintech Meetup

For VIPs or key accounts, create experiences that go beyond the standard. Tailor these moments to their specific interests. This could mean setting up exclusive meetings with your top executives, offering private tours of your product demos, or even organizing special events within the event. The goal is to make these individuals feel exceptionally valued and provide them with a unique experience that they associate directly with your brand.

Make follow-ups memorable

Transform your event follow-ups into memorable interactions. Instead of generic emails, personalize your messages with specific references to conversations had or experiences shared at the event. If you took a photo with an attendee, include it in your follow-up. This personal touch not only enhances recall but also strengthens the connection made during the event.

Use this three-step framework to repurpose event content

Of course, you can turn keynote speeches into blog posts, panel discussions into podcast episodes, or Q&A sessions into social media content. Morgan deep-dives into this and offers a compelling three-step framework that can revolutionize how we approach events. 

  • Firstly, it involves repurposing event content in the sales cycle, such as using customer interviews or expert discussions to directly engage with your audience.
  • Secondly, he suggests on-site content creation, like hosting shows or conducting interviews at the event, effectively turning a day's event into a year's worth of content. 
  • Lastly, this content can be further leveraged bypo transforming it into various formats, such as LinkedIn posts, to amplify your reach. 

Glean insights and learnings from each event

Each event is a goldmine of insights. Pay close attention to feedback, both direct and indirect. Monitor social media mentions and attendee reviews to gauge the event's reception. Use these insights to refine your approach for future events. Remember, the most impactful lessons often come from unexpected sources or minor details that highlight areas for improvement or innovation.

"You've got to find places where they don't know you're listening so you can get the true feedback."  says Jason Widup, Founder, Peak B2B Marketing.

By incorporating these strategies, you can significantly enhance the impact and success of your events.

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