4 event marketing tales and tips from the trenches

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History informs us about the future - and the same holds true for B2B conferences.

By looking back, we can glean insights that help us move forward with clarity and purpose. And this perspective becomes even more invaluable when it comes from an industry veteran who has witnessed the ebb and flow of event technology over the years.

Enter Sharyn Fitzpatrick, a top-55 event technologist who currently helms events at Sysdig, a cybersecurity software company.

Sharyn has been in the events industry for over 25 years, and carries with her some invaluable learnings from her journey. She has seen the industry evolve, adapt, and transform. 

So, when she shares a nugget of wisdom or a tale from her journey, it's not just a story – it's a roadmap.

Here's a quick look at some pearls of wisdom she shared with us in a recent edition of Event Heroes.

Staying agile with event tech is not optional

We’re not trying to sound like Captain Obvious when we say event technology is advancing at a rapid pace, because it’s still relevant - every passing day.

Platforms are evolving, new tools are emerging, and the integration possibilities are expanding. For event marketers, this means continuously updating their knowledge and being ready to adapt. Leveraging the latest features and integrations can significantly enhance the attendee experience.

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When asked about leveraging event tech to build better events, Sharyn says "You need to be able to use an API or an embed code... platforms that have been more open source, open API, not a closed API will allow you to create a better experience for your attendee."

Always have a backup plan... or three

An event with zero challenges? - that’s Utopia!

Technical issues, unexpected changes, or disruptions can throw a wrench in the most well-laid plans. Sharyn emphasizes the importance of not just having a Plan B but also a Plan C and beyond. Being prepared for multiple scenarios ensures that you can pivot effectively, no matter what challenges arise.

“One of the stories I love telling is when we did this Charlie Miller webinar in February. I got a call at 4 am that one of our assisting speakers was sick and couldn't attend... so you've got to have kind of a backup plan for the different things that you do.” Sharyn remarks.

Harness creativity in your strategy

In the bustling area of event marketing, creativity is the only differentiator, and has always been. 

It's not just about having a unique theme or engaging content; it's about reimagining the entire attendee experience. 

From the way content is delivered to the engagement strategies employed, every aspect can benefit from a touch of creativity.

"Creativity is the soul of having a good events program... I believe in finding creative ways to deliver the right webinar experience." advises Sharyn.

Audience first, always

The logic is simple, really. Unless you truly know who your audience is, how can you expect to create an impactful event experience that captivates and converts?

Knowing who you're catering to, their preferences, expectations, and needs, is paramount. Tailoring your event experience to resonate with the audience ensures that you're providing them with authentic value and not just giving them a lofty philosophy that won’t make a difference to their career. 

After all, an event is as successful as the value it provides to its attendees.

Sharyn reiterates this approach by stating: "Make sure you know who you're doing the events program for, who the target audience is, and what experience you want to create."

We hope these pearls of wisdom help you shape your own memorable event marketing journey.

You can also watch our entire conversation with Sharyn at your convenience!

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