3 tactics from EverAfter to get 18% more demo bookings from a virtual conference

EverAfter's 'Happily' virtual conference name on a light purple background

When Adi Gorelik, Brand & Communications Manager of EverAfter (a leader in the B2B customer interface platform industry), first took up the challenge of hosting the company’s debut virtual conference titled ‘Happily,’ her goal was simple: make it a fun and impactful experience for everyone.

The conference hit this goal and didn’t stop there, going above and beyond expectations. The results were truly a B2B event marketer’s dream come true, with a high registration, turnout, and engagement rate that contributed to incredible tangible results: 18% more demo bookings and 60% more website traffic.

Here are 3 things that Team EverAfter did that led to this outcome.

Tactic 1:  EverAfter's brand’s personality took center stage 

Easy customization let the team make fonts, colors, buttons, and CTAs across the conference - from landing page to virtual stage - reflect EverAfter's lively, happy branding. The end result truly looked as if it was EverAfter’s own platform. 

This branding capability helped to drive a registration rate of 134% more than was expected.

Tactic 2: Engagement tools kept conference energy up! 

The team used a blend of tools, such as Polls, Chat, Emoji Reactions, the Leaderboard, as well as a Photobooth to create an upbeat and energized atmosphere that attendees enjoyed. 

It worked well. 

63% of the virtual conference attendees stayed until the end.

Tactic 3: Clever use of platform features fuelled full-funnel impact 

  1. Photobooth photos shared to LinkedIn boosted reach.

     2. CTAs in the virtual venue let attendees easily book demos.

     3. Polls and Chat intel helped Sales follow-up be more targeted 

The combination of all these elements working together led to a 60% website traffic surge and 18% more demo bookings.

The takeaway:

Extremely thoughtful event planning and execution of the virtual conference, aided by clever use of platform features, translated into real-world gains for EverAfter, evidenced by a substantial 60% surge in website traffic and an 18% increase in demo bookings. 

In crafting this success story, EverAfter has set a benchmark for fun and results-driven virtual conferences.

Read more about EverAfter’s success here.

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