3 lessons from Zylo on driving 46% in pipeline from your user conference

How Zylo drove 46% in new pipeline from their user conference using Zuddl

Every year, Zylo, the leader in SaaS management hosts SaaSMe, a multi-day conference dedicated to assisting IT and business leaders drive responsible growth through smarter SaaS management. 

Day 1 of the conference is open to all who want to learn more about optimizing their SaaS portfolio, while Day 2 is dedicated to helping current customers dive deeper into deriving even more value from Zylo. Here's how Zylo delivered value to SaaSMe 2023 attendees and built relationships that turned into 46% growth in pipeline within just 2 months after the conference.

Here are 3 things that Zylo did which led to incredible growth in pipeline:

1. Smart conference session-scoring let Zylo identify a prospect or customer's specific pain points or interests

Despite having over 1000 registrations at SaaSMe, Zylo effectively understood the pain points and goals of each attendee by employing event engagement scoring.

They achieved this by first intelligently aligning session scoring with Zylo's value pillars.

Then Zylo analyzed each prospect’s attendance at sessions and engagement activity within each session.

This made it simple to see which were the prospect’s primary interests or concerns in SaaS management - for instance security, or licensing. 

2. Layering event + account data gave Sales the power to highly personalize post -conference engagement

By leveraging Zuddl’s Salesforce integration, Zylo’s Sales team had easy access to information on the sessions that prospects and customers were most interested in at SaaSMe 2023 and questions or concerns on their mind. This insight, combined with existing account data, enabled them to reach out with personalized messages and content aligned with a prospect's interests—such as security for those engaged in SaaS security sessions.

Furthermore, Zylo also ensured that the right seller connected with the right prospect. For instance, because Day 2 of SaaSMe was customer-centric, only customer success executives were assigned follow-up with customers. Here too, because of the Salesforce integration,  CS executives had more insight into a customer’s goals and challenges and could recommend additional Zylo service offerings.

3. Made conference video recordings super-fast so that Sales could use them in outreach

Team Zylo, using Zuddl's built-in video production tool - Studio, were able to create SaaSMe 2023 branded video highlights within days after the conference. This meant that their Sales team could use the videos in their outreach to prospects and customers - a simple but impactful way to continue the momentum of the conference forward, cement Zylo as a partner invested in optimizing your SaaS management, and move the needle a little further towards conversion. 

The takeaway:

When the name of the game is building authentic connections and tailored solutions, Zylo's success stands as a testament to the power of meaningful engagement. Through their effective use of Zuddl’s platform features and integrations, Zylo turned their industry conference into an impressive pipeline engine for the company.

Read more about Zylo’s success here.

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