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Measuring User Engagement in Hybrid Events

November 1, 2022

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

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As the frequency and scalability of virtual and hybrid events become more prominent, it’s vital that you define both the goals of your event and build a solid event strategy to reach them. 

It’s important to finalize the KPIs of your event in order to help you measure success and understand your progress. This conversation gives you expert tips on all this in vivid detail.

Key Takeaways


User engagement in hybrid events & its importance.
Record & read data pointers; learn about the tools that can be implemented to analyze.
Actionable insights after analyzing the data pointers.
Convert your registrants into attendees & winning them as a user.


Neeraj Singal
Co-founder & CEO, Taggbox
Engineer-turned-marketer Neeraj Singal co-founded Taggbox in 2018 with the idea to bring the value of users and their opinions to a global brand's advantage. What started as a curation of user-generated content via Social Wall for events multiplied into different verticals and a clientele of 10,000+ tech & Fortune 500 megacorporations. Each picking up on the importance of user engagement across marketing touchpoints through authentic content marketing.
Bharath Varma
CEO and Co-Founder, Zuddl
Bharath founded Phoenix Live, a premier event management agency in 2015 which has hosted more than 300 conferences for multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, and Deloitte. Bharath grew Phoenix Live to a team of over 60 people with offices in 4 different cities.