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Mapping events to your marketing funnel

The definitive guide to mapping your event strategy to the prospect lifecycle stage.

January 12, 2023
10:30 AM PT

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

B2b marketers event- Spotlight

Events have evolved from a simple gathering of people to complex agenda driven multi-format programs now. Every B2B marketer is looking to optimize event spends with ROI. And it all begins with choosing the right format for your event. Should it be a virtual event or a webinar? Does your in-person event need to be hybrid?

There’s no easy answer as there’s no one-size-fits-all.

But in this conversation with Kelsey Taylor,  Event marketer at Vanta, you’ll get the guidance you need to confidently choose the best event format(s) for your next event. 

Prefer reading to watching? Click here for a blog post that unpacks the webinar's essential insights.

Key Takeaways

Aligning event formats with company goals
Key questions to ask when evaluating event formats
Building the right events mix.
Are there formats that are better suited to some event types than others?


Kelsey Taylor
Event Marketer, Vanta
Kelsey has 10+ years of experience as a live and digital B2B marketing events and experiences expert. She has organized all manner of events, from annual user conferences to internal company occasions, and spearheaded event marketing for juggernauts like WIRED, Yext, Outreach, and now, Vanta.
Ketan Pandit
VP Marketing, Zuddl
A seasoned B2B marketer with expertise in building scalable demand generation engines and partnership ecosystems. Prior to heading marketing at Zuddl, Ketan has helped build the partnerships ecosystem, and led demand generation at CleverTap, built the marketing team at Aureus Analytics, and worked at consulting giants Cognizant, Persistent Systems and TCS.