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How to Turn Drab Events Into Dazzling Experiences

April 4, 2024

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

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Is there room for creativity in corporate events? 

And even if you do have a groundbreaking idea for building a unique experience, how do you sell it internally and secure buy-in for it? 

Hear from someone who's not only mastered this art but also brings vast experience in both creative and corporate realms. Join us at the upcoming edition of Event Heroes featuring Melissa Jimenez, VP, Events at Firework.

Melissa, with her unique background, combines production expertise from the world of musical theatre with the strategic rigor of corporate event management. This rare blend has enabled her to design and execute events that are not just successful but also deeply engaging and memorable.

Join us as she shares exclusive insights into the process she’s built over the past 20 years:

Key Takeaways

How to infuse creativity into your corporate event
How to effectively sell your cool event ideas to internal stakeholders
The secret sauce that turns event marketing into experiential marketing
Thinking about event content beyond creation - with a prime focus on content delivery


Melissa Jimenez
VP, Events at Firework
Melissa is a passionate event strategist focused on building vibrant communities through immersive brand activations. She brings extensive experience in creative strategy, experiential production, financial management, and community building. Her expertise includes SaaS landscape management, vendor relations, and budget optimization.
Vedha Sayyaparaju
Co-Founder & CTO, Zuddl
A coder since the age of 6, Vedha has been a part of the earliest teams at Facebook, Blend, Pinterest and has now ventured out to transform events with Zuddl.

Key Highlights