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Getting the most out of your event budget (and other negotiation tactics)

August 10, 2023
10:30 AM PT

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

B2b marketers event- Spotlight

Event marketers today are often stuck between a rock and a hard place…

On one hand, there's the need to execute a kickass event that resonates deeply with attendees, creates the right buzz, and drives pipeline…

On the other, there's the ever-present constraint of the budget, urging caution and restraint. 

It's a delicate balance: achieving event marketing efficiency may sometimes inflate costs, while stringent budgeting could risk watering down the campaign's potency. 

So, how do event marketers strike the right balance? 

To answer this, we spoke to Kimberly Wong, Sr. Manager - Field Marketing, Global Events and Experiences, Paddle. Kimberly shared tactics from her seasoned experience of running B2B events to help you optimize for success (and savings!)

Prefer reading instead of watching? Click here for a blog post that unpacks the webinar's essential insights.

Key Takeaways

How to think about building the best event your budget can buy
Optimizing for efficiency: levers that will help you stretch each dollar further
What to spend on, and what not to spend on!
Measuring success - key metrics to measure and track for your event


Kimberly Wong
Sr. Manager - Field Marketing, Global Events and Experiences, Paddle
Kimberly is a passionate and creative field marketer who enjoys making dreams into realities. She creates memorable conferences, trade-shows, meetings and events, but is also a huge foodie, aspiring entrepreneur, and big advocate for mentoring! Currently, Kimberly is the Senior Manager of Field Marketing, Global Events and Experiences for Paddle. She collaborates with amazing industry colleagues to deliver unique and impactful virtual and in-person events.
Ketan Pandit
VP Marketing, Zuddl
A seasoned B2B marketer with expertise in building scalable demand generation engines and partnership ecosystems. Prior to heading marketing at Zuddl, Ketan has helped build the partnerships ecosystem, and led demand generation at CleverTap, built the marketing team at Aureus Analytics, and worked at consulting giants Cognizant, Persistent Systems and TCS.

Key Highlights