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Dave Dabbah shares his valuable insights on marketing in this virtual & hybrid era

December 15, 2022

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B2b marketers event- Spotlight

Watch seasoned marketing leader Dave Dabbah (CMO, Robocorp) share his approach to putting a brand to market by thinking from different perspectives.

The conversation also touches upon Dave’s experience in adapting to an increasingly virtual and hybrid business world, the current scope of automation, and much more.

Prefer reading to watching? Click here for a blog post that unpacks the webinar's essential insights.

Key Takeaways


Dave’s marketing journey
Adapting to virtual and hybrid formats
The scope of automation
An event that Dave enjoyed


Dave Dabbah
CMO, Robocorp
Dave is a full-stack creative marketing leader with depth of experience in messaging, growth marketing, brand-building, communications, media-relations, market-analysis, storytelling, social media strategies, executive leadership, and team building.
Kishore CS
Content Lead, Zuddl
Kishore is part of Zuddl’s very own Marketing team. A content creator and enthusiast since 2012, Kishore’s experience ranges from web content and internal communications to copywriting and brand identity.

Key Highlights