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Hybrid Events: The elephant in the room looks different to everyone that touches it

December 1, 2022

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

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Our expert panel drill down into different visions of hybrid events, and how they can be leveraged to bring people together anytime, anywhere. Panelists also discuss the challenges and new requirements that come from transitioning from live to hybrid events, ways to digitally deliver delight for different audiences at the event, and about creating ‘choose your own adventure’ style experiences for attendees.

Key Takeaways

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Carly Silberstein
CEO, Redstone Agency Inc
Recognized by BizBash as one of 2021’s must-know event pros in Canada, Carly is the driving force behind Redstone Agency, a full-service event management company.
Robin Raskin
Founder of the Virtual Events Group
Robin founded The Virtual Events Group, a network of solutions and providers and solution-seekers to raise the bar for virtual events, and the founder of Living in Digital Times, a high-tech conferences and events company.
Jim Louderback
GM and SVP VidConGM and SVP VidCon Viacom
Jim Louderback is among the most respected figures in digital media with a 20-year history of leadership at the intersection of digital media, experiential events and technology. He currently runs experiential business VidCon as an independent division of Viacom.
Sherry Huss
Vice President of Maker Media
Sherry is an entrepreneurial-minded senior executive with over 20 years of experience in creating, delivering and growing branded events, media properties and digital communities.
Rob Hill
President and CEO at Merestone Productions
Rob leads multi-faceted meeting and event services company, Merestone, that offers a wide range of talented production for every aspect of a successful virtual, hybrid or live meeting or event.

Key Highlights