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Ideal ways to leverage data for scouting the best talent

March 30, 2022
9.30 AM PDT (10 PM IST)

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In the past two years, we’ve seen remote work become more prominent than ever before, and this has also changed the way companies hire talent.  This shift has also changed the way recruiters use their screening and shortlisting criteria to scout the best talent. The growth of SaaS products has allowed HRs to leverage  data and technology, and hire at a faster pace globally.

Recruitment automation platforms have empowered more usage for data-driven technology, helping recruiters find the ideal candidate irrespective of the geography, thus not compromising on talent. Along with this, a well established medium for virtual interactions would help to build a sense of community, rapport and association amongst employees in any workplace post their onboarding is completed.

Key Takeaways

Join our upcoming fireside chat to get useful insights on:

What is broken in the current recruitment process?
The need for HR professionals to adapt to new technology for hiring.
Best practices to adopt for virtual onboarding.
How to achieve better employee engagement in the remote workplace?


Achuthanand Ravi
Achuthanand Ravi has been a recruiter almost all his professional life. He has helped build the leadership team at Stripe, Uber, and has been the founding recruiter for Freshworks, where he helped grow the company from less than 100 to a 1000 people. It is during his decade long experience, Achu witnessed the glaring gaps in the recruitment tech stack and decided to team up with his friends and start Kula.
Rohit Srivastav
Founding Member,
Rohit has been an early member at notable Saas organizations. He has built and scaled teams at WebEngage. CleverTap, ZoomInfo, and currently a founding member at Kula. He finds joy in taking marketing from 0 to 1, scale growth teams, and has a ruling for positioning and narrative building.
Madhav Vamsi
Strategic Advisor, Zuddl
A practising Growth & People Leader with a Doctoral in Management, Madhav works as a strategic advisor at Zuddl. He has previously been involved from the grassroot level in organizations such as Flipkart, Microsoft, Swiggy and more. His experience counts in the field of Technology, Talent & Brand strategy, Growth, and even Product. He personally believes in embracing data for people-related stuff.