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Liftoff with 3000 registrations across 60 countries - Rocketlane successfully hosts the world’s 1st customer onboarding conference on Zuddl

Rocketlane's virtual conference had a branded lobby
Attendee turnout
7.5 hours
Average time spent at the event

Was the middle of a global pandemic really the best time to launch a new business? 

Rocketlane, the #1 customer onboarding platform, sure didn’t let it slow them down. In just six months, the company quickly attracted dozens of global customers, became a leader in the G2 category for Client Onboarding, and in 2022, closed $18 Million in its Series A round. 

By then, Team Rocketlane realized that there was a dearth of resources for customer onboarding professionals available. “Most of the articles online were obsolete or quite superficial”,  points out Varun Singh, Head of Marketing at Rocketlane. “There wasn’t a lot of information about what was happening on-ground. And neither was there a dedicated community for customer onboarding, where practitioners could share their expertise with each other.”

To fix this, the company decided to launch the world’s first customer onboarding conference: Propel 22, with a goal to bring together the brightest minds in the industry and around the globe to foster learning, change, growth, and community. And to achieve this, Team Rocketlane turned to Zuddl. “From landing page builders to post-event video recordings, Zuddl had everything we needed to host our flagship virtual conference with ease and confidence,” Varun says.

Propel 2022 objectives:

  • Enable attendees to learn directly from industry experts best practices and innovative ideas that they can employ to transform their onboarding teams from cost centers to strategic differentiators. 
  • Build community by enabling attendees to network with peers and industry leaders from high-growth startups and established enterprises
  • Provide attendees with a seamless, connected brand experience from beginning to end

Here’s how Rocketlane leveraged Zuddl to achieve these goals:

Management of 30+ global speakers made painless

To provide a world-class learning experience, Rocketlane enlisted renowned industry leaders from around the globe such as Donna Weber, Lincoln Murphy, and Irit Eizips to host a variety of incredibly-named sessions.

Coordinating dozens of speakers from different time zones can be a high wire act but with Zuddl’s Studio  capabilities, Team Rocketlane kept everyone in sync without breaking a sweat:

  • Smooth control of the Showflow - Organizers were able to prep up to 16 speakers at once in the same virtual room, queue them and move them on and off stage easily. This also meant that they were able to accommodate last minute changes to speaker lineup and presentation content without hassle. “Coordinating with the speakers was a breeze,” says Varun. “Getting them ready, notifying them when they were about to go live - Studio made the entire process which can be quite stressful - quite straightforward and simple.”
Co-ordinating with speakers with simple and easy at Propel 22
  • Easy login for speakers - Accessing Studio (a virtual greenroom ‘adjacent’ to main stages) only requires a simple login. No extra software downloads required meant no extra headache for Rocketlane organizers.
  • A safe space - As the Studio is hidden from audience view, organizers made speakers feel comfortable and supported by maintaining a video-first line of comms during live sessions and providing help when required. “Zuddl’s customer support executive, Karthik, was superb” remarks Varun. “He was always on-hand if our team had questions or needed some assistance, and just made our experience as organizers a really non-stressful one.”

Team Rocketlane’s speaker management efforts and session-naming creativity definitely paid off. Attendees spent an average of 224 minutes at the main Stage. 

Building a community, not just an audience

Rocketlane was intent that ‘Propel’ served as an avenue to foster a sense of community that felt tangible. To this end, the organizing team leveraged Zuddl platform capabilities to encourage  customer onboarding professionals from all over the world to come together, meet each other, strike up a conversation and create professional connections. 

  • Networking - With Zuddl’s AI-powered matchmaking, organizers were able to replicate the kind of spontaneous meetings with other attendees that you would have at an in-person event. This feature worked so well that the average time spent at the Networking Zone was 50 minutes. 
Propel 22 attendees were able to match with and make professional connections at the event

Delivering an event experience that was more than Point A to B 

As  the gold standard in providing a delightful onboarding experience, Rocketlane saw no reason why Propel’s attendees couldn’t receive the same experience. Using Zuddl, the team was able to deliver an event experience that was more than just Point A to Point B. Attendees received a 5-star treatment at each stage of the event lifecycle. 

  • Before the event -  Rocketlane used Zuddl’s landing page builder and email marketing tools - both customizable - to ensure that their branding and messaging was consistent and showcased to prospective attendees, prompting them to sign up and show up for the event.
  • During the event - For a thrilling start to Propel, attendees tuning into the event were shown  Welcome Video, worthy of an Oscar nomination - the perfect way to ramp up the excitement from the get-go. Additionally, all zones in the virtual venue were branded, including the Lobby, and Stages.
A still from the video that welcomed attendees to the event
Rocketlane's lobby was custom branded
  • After the event -  Team Rocketlane leveraged event session recordings to keep the energy from Propel going! The branded videos were a way to maintain a brand connection with attendees, remind them of what they learned and leave them feeling inspired and encouraged. Like so:

Rocketlane’s Propel Liftoff

Rocketlane’s first and one-of-a-kind virtual conference did indeed set a gold-standard for customer onboarding, as they intended. Leveraging Zuddl’s unified platform, Team Rocketlane was able to deliver a curated, experience for customer onboarding professionals around the world, equipping them with best practices, innovative strategies and insights, and thereby cementing their position as the thought leader in the industry.

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Zuddl has absolutely everything you need to create a power packed virtual conference experience that attendees absolutely love. Between the platform’s 100% customizability, event marketing tools all in one place, and superb customer success, the bar has been set quite high.

Varun Singh
Head of Marketing, Rocketlane

Rocketlane is the industry leader in customer onboarding, implementation, and professional services automation. It helps businesses shorten time-to-value, improve project predictability and profitability, and elevate the customer experience.


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