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Google on Zuddl: A case study in employee engagement for a virtual event

Google on Zuddl
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In a time where remote work is a primary constituent of the new normal, businesses are striving to meet the motivational needs of its employees in the best way possible. To maintain continued levels of productivity and team spirit, it is vital for companies to host virtual events that can keep the team connected in the absence of physical presence.

So, how do you pull off an engaging virtual event for a team of up to 1,500 people seamlessly? Here’s what Google did to get it right for a large-scale internal event.

The objectives

Given that this was a large audience for a virtual event called Refreshtival (APAC-wide Sales team with up to 1,500 employees), the company aimed to achieve at least 50% participation and attendance. 

The communication objective of the event was two-part:

  • To recognize employee achievements through the past year 
  • To set the tone and align the team’s focus for the coming year

Towards this end, the event would have business leaders acknowledge the efforts of employees by congratulating them for their achievements. In order to boost the morale of employees for 2022, motivational speakers would host team building activities. 

The challenges

When an event transforms from an idea to reality, the following factors are key determinants of its success:

  • An impactful brand experience that encourages attendees to stay through the event
  • A platform that catalyzes interaction and high levels of networking

How Google approached these challenges and met its target

By choosing Zuddl’s 100% customizable and always-on-brand platform, Google was able to not only achieve its objectives but also surpass its target:

1. Giving its employees an immersive entry experience with detailed branding in the Lobby and Stage area. 

Google was able to create a captivating branded virtual venue that thrilled attendees as they entered the event. 

2. Having attendees and the speakers on the same platform resulted in increased interactions. 

Smart Networking enabled Google to provide its employees with an opportunity to have more meaningful 1:1 interactions tailored to their interests. This breakthrough feature, powered by interest-based matchmaking, lent itself very well to the engagement needs of the company. No matter how big the crowd, Smart Networking is easy to control and enable.

3. Leveraging Zuddl’s engagement tools such as Emojis, Chat, Multiple-Choice Q&A and Polls 

Speakers used Polls to instantly gauge employee reactions during their sessions. Additionally, Zuddl’s Q&A tool allowed attendees to ask questions and upvote those submitted by others; a key factor in sustaining high-level engagement throughout the event.

The result was a highly motivated team ready to take on the business challenges for the coming year with renewed zest. That’s not all; by achieving 95% attendance and participation, Google was able to bring its virtual event up to speed with a typical on-ground conference at a much more favourable cost. 

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"If there is a close next to in-person summit, it is Zuddl! Zuddl created an immersive experience for 1000+ Googlers across 12 different countries! It almost felt like walking into a real event space with welcoming music, kiosks for agenda, customised photo booths and an impressive main stage, breakout rooms with interactive features. The highlight of the event was their inbuilt networking feature which allowed participants to interact with other Googlers across the region. Our event feedback rated the platform a 5/5. Best wishes to the amazing Zuddl team."

Ramaa KR, Executive Business Partner
Ramaa KR
Executive Business Partner, Google Customer Solutions, Singapore

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.




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