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No limits: NASSCOM's virtual events draw 80000+ registrants (including Prime Minister Modi)

Global virtual conferences

As a key catalyst in India's growth ecosystem...

NASSCOM has, for years, hosted regional, national, international, and flagship events to nurture organizations and provide a platform for exposure and networking. However, with COVID-19 calling the shots in 2020, the status of multiple NASSCOM events hung in the balance. As the doors of physical venues closed, NASSCOM saw opportunity knocking on their virtual equivalent and decided to partner with Zuddl to create high-impact events that maximize engagement and interaction.

Fast-forward to today, NASSCOM has held eight events with hundreds of thousands of attendees on Zuddl:

These NASSCOM events span multiple days, comprise town halls, workshops, roundtables, masterclasses, partner zones, sponsor areas, and, as you can imagine — require much more than just the usual. The association needed a virtual event platform that could scale their events reliably and build high impact interactions to engage, educate, and entertain, and that’s why they chose Zuddl.

After going 100% virtual with Zuddl, here’s what Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat, Lead, Product Vertical, NASSCOM, had to say: “Zuddl provided us [with] a close-to-real experience of being inside a convention center and customizable branding options for us to run the Product Conclave event successfully across 30+ stages.”

nasscom events product conclave
The welcome lobby at the NASSCOM Product Conclave

Increasing attendee registration x6 and growing the community

NASSCOM’s first event, the NASSCOM Design & Engineering Virtual Summit, gave the association a hint of what attendee numbers – and event success – would look like in 2020.

As the organising team geared up to cater to 1,000 attendees, they saw the numbers swell to 6,000. Zuddl, built to host upwards of 100,000+ people, was prepared to accommodate the 6X increase, which further strengthened NASSCOM’s resolve to work with Zuddl as a long-term event partner.

From here, NASSCOM’s virtual events grew exponentially, in scale, and success, driving better ROI for attendees, sponsors and the association’s partners. In sum, the improved event experience NASSCOM was able to create has driven a positive impact on their brand. 

Here’s a quick overview of NASSCOM’s virtual events wins:

  • 500 global companies + 150 startups partnered with NASSCOM 
  • Sponsors generated 10,000+ leads from the events
  • Sponsors received unprecedented event ROI at NASSCOMs events via engagement using features like booths, driving attendee behaviour using gamification and with better branding opportunities within the event (for instance sponsored stages, networking zones, Rooms).
  • Over 10,000+ registrations for the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2021

But that’s not all.

Better engagement + interactivity

With Zuddl features including 1-1 Networking, Breakout Rooms, Gamification Q&A, and Live Polls, NASSCOM organisers had everything needed to provide attendees with a more engaging event experience than previously possible. 

From this clear early success, NASSCOM used Zuddl’s AI-powered tools and features for even better engagement and interactivity across their next events:

  • AI-powered networking facilitated over 50k+ conversations!

    Being an industry body, ensuring that delegates, speakers have an opportunity to converse and network with each other was extremely critical for NASSCOM. 
  • Attendees spent an average of 23 minutes in Rooms

    A marker of the quality of group conversations and 1:1 discussions between attendees (that are key to delivering the kind of value attendees want.
  • Effortless management for 200+ speakers and 15+ stages live per event

    The sheer volume of speakers and sessions in NASSCOM’s events is one for the record books. Can you imagine having to handle back-to-back sessions with 8+ speakers holding panel discussions? But the association handled it with ease, thanks to Zuddl’s backstage functionality.

    With Zuddl’s backstage, NASSCOM managed their live events seamlessly and maximized occasions for engagement. Zuddl’s simple interface and robust backstage functionality allowed speakers to have conversations with each other and with the organisers, and prepare for their sessions. They could also see view live sessions taking place on the Stage. 

Levelling up with a Leadership Summit #NTLF2021

Learning the tricks of the trade in 2020, NASSCOM took virtual event planning a notch higher with the Technology and Leadership Forum in 2021, providing an immersive experience and bringing together: 65+ speakers, 1,500+ delegates, 600+ CXOs, 500+ companies.

The remarkable event made room for not only roundtable discussions and virtual networking, but virtual product and start-up showcases, as well. Elements that stole the show, however, was firstly, the address by Prime Minister Modi.

And entertainment options like live bands, as well as a virtual magic show increased the fun factor and brought in a human element to a virtual event.

NASSCOM has only raised the bar with each virtual event they have hosted on Zuddl, from greater reach through increased attendee count to a boost in ROI for sponsors and partners with more branding opportunities in-platform. Simply put, the association has been able to drive value with their virtual events in ways not possible from physical events. 

With Zuddl, NASSCOM’s contributions to the ecosystem now know no boundaries.

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"The backstage feature is amazing. Zuddl's is unique as it can be partially live during a session. If, as an event evaluator, you feel you are not able to understand what I am saying, you may be right. You have to actually experience this awesome feature, and there is no other matching example I can provide.

Mohita N.
Manager at NASSCOM -Data Security Council of India

The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) is the apex body for India’s $194 billion IT BPM industry. A non-governmental, non-profit trade body and chamber of commerce, NASSCOM comprises over 2,900 member companies, including startups, MNCs, and GCCs. It focuses its initiatives on accelerating transformation in the industry and through policy advocacy, market development, skill building, research, outreach, startup programs, and more. NASSCOM helps script the digital narrative in India’s tech ecosystem.




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