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Webinars in 2023 - What’s working and what isn’t

June 29, 2023
10:30 AM PT

Join us to master the art of choosing your event format

B2b marketers event- Spotlight

For B2B companies, the importance of running webinars is undeniable - In 2022, 57% of B2B event marketers voted for this event format as their preferred choice when it comes to generating leads. However, the same set of marketers also pointed out that attendees are quickly losing interest is traditional one-way monologue style webinars.

This isn’t surprising given that:

  • Attendee attention spans have grown shorter - people prefer consuming bite-sized content
  • In a sea of webinars, your target audience is less likely to attend webinars that sound like any of the other options

These two reasons are compelling enough for B2B marketers to reinvent their webinar strategy so they can offer digestible, tactical content that’s also unique. Not just this, they need to promote their webinars smartly so that the right audience discovers them.

We talked to Aarthisri Srinivasan, Events Marketer at Sprinto HQ in a must-attend session where she spilled the beans on how Spinto has figured out the B2B webinars game. 

Prefer reading to watching? Click here for our blog post that recaps the main points discussed in the webinar.

Key Takeaways

How webinars have evolved over the last couple of years
Defining success metrics for B2B webinars
Common webinar promotion mistakes marketers make
Delivering a branded experience from the first touch point


Aarthisri Srinivasan
Event Marketer, Sprinto HQ
Experienced in marketing and public relations with media start ups, Aarthisri is a passionate individual who loves out of the box thinking and unorthodox solutions to complex problems. She is an avid problem solver with a diverse education portfolio covering journalism, advertising, marketing and finance. She loves collaborating with enthusiastic, driven people who are looking to start something new.
Ketan Pandit
VP Marketing, Zuddl
A seasoned B2B marketer with expertise in building scalable demand generation engines and partnership ecosystems. Prior to heading marketing at Zuddl, Ketan has helped build the partnerships ecosystem, and led demand generation at CleverTap, built the marketing team at Aureus Analytics, and worked at consulting giants Cognizant, Persistent Systems and TCS.

Key Highlights