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Guides to help you be a star at organizing events.

Planning your virtual event

A step by step approach to running a successful event

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Harness the Power of Customization

All the ingredients, tactics, and knowhow to create competitive advantage using virtual event customization.

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The essential guide to virtual product launches

How to host a virtual launch and get it right

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Clever brand activation ideas for your next virtual event

Learn how to run well-executed, successful activations at virtual events that promote your business and boost your brand.

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case studies

Read how our customers used Zuddl for their virtual events

SHIFT 2021 - video Highlights

Discover how to move to newer ways of engaging in a rapidly changing environment.

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Dive into the nitty gritty of hosting immersive virtual events.

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Introducing Smart Networking

5 min read | Milan Shedu

Help your attendees have meaningful interactions with others at the event with AI-powered matchmaking.

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8 Steps to Get More Attendees to Your Virtual Events

5 min read | Pavi Sagar

There’s no disputing the fact that virtual events are here to stay. With the obvious advantages virtual events provide

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Virtual event strategy: How to define your event goals and measure results

5 min read | Lauren Farrell

It’s time to plan your next virtual event. But as expectations evolve and technology improves, how can you..

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