Wizardry in Action: Field Marketing Secrets Revealed

Unlock secrets, insights and battle-tested advice from field marketing veterans who know the art of hosting unforgettable experiences that drive pipeline.

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With actionable insights and quick-witted advice from event leaders at Vanta, Quantum Metric, Partnership Leaders and more at your fingertips, this guide is your key to leveling up your field event game in 2024. Get ready to thrill your prospects and customers, and earn high-fives from your sales colleagues and marketing managers — it's the ultimate triple-threat playbook!

Key takeaways from this guide:

Calculate the budget for your field marketing program in 2024
Determine event format by looking at your market
Come up with fresh ideas for field marketing events for prospects and customers
Work in step with your sales and customer success colleagues
Evaluate the actual impact of your field marketing program

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