Zuddl for Startups Program

It Takes a Startup to Know a Startup

Zuddl Webinars are a great way to get your brand out there and accelerate the sales pipeline. As part of the Zuddl for Startups Program, we’re offering eligible startups generous discounts to get started.

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Make webinars a powerful demand generation and engagement engine

End to end webinar management

Everything you need to run impactful webinars from landing pages, registrations, video production, emails and insights.

Simple to set up, even simpler to use

Get started quickly without depending on external support. Run scalable webinar programs that go- live quickly

Ready to use integrations

Automate your workflows using native integrations that seamlessly work with your existing sales and martech stack.

Eligibility criteria

Qualified startups meet all of the criteria mentioned below:
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What’s in it for you?

Easy-to-use webinar hosting platform
Free trial to get you started
Eye popping discounts on annual plans
Massive user community support
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What you can do with Zuddl Webinars

Demand Generation

Run scalable demand generation programs that drive pipeline.

Product Launches

Bring customers, prospects, & partners together for high impact launches.

Community Engagement

Drive meaningful engagement and learning for your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Zuddl for Startups Program?

Please fill in your details with the form available here, we will get back to you post evaluating your application.

If I sign up for Zuddl for Startups program vs regular webinar plan, are there any limitations on the features of the webinar platform?

Absolutely not. The platform's capabilities will remain the same, and the discounted price is for supporting the startup ecosystem.

What is the duration of the contract and on what plan is the offer applicable?

The discounted price is only valid on Annual Webinar Plans.

Would discounts also be valid on renewals?

Discounts are valid only on the first year, and not on renewals.