Town Halls

Make town halls the talk of the town

Driving employee alignment is more important now than ever. With Zuddl, make your townhalls interactive, memorable and fun.

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Give every employee <h2-blue>a voice<h2-blue>

Say no to boring town halls by building immersive experiences across borders, catalyze powerful team connections and bring the spotlight on rockstar employees.

Capture employee sentiments using reactions, live chat, polls and more!

Encourage dialogues by bringing two way conversations

Breakout rooms for one on one, or group meetings

Video first one on one lag-free networking

Deliver <h2-blue>world-class experiences<h2-blue> for world-class teams

Overcome meeting fatigue, with spectacular events that leave an impact. Immersive experiences,branding front and center, back stage

Widgets to build a custom event space

Backstage for seamless speaker experience

Mix pre-recorded and live content

Divided by geography, <h2-blue>united by Zuddl<h2-blue>

Don’t delegate virtual participants to backseat consumers of content. Allow virtual speakers and attendees to contribute and even the playing field with in person attendees. Enable people to build connections no matter where they are.

No lag streaming for your hybrid events

Pull virtual speakers and attendees onto your stage

Allow virtual and in person attendees to connect with each other via networking and rooms

Build virtual experiences that look life-like

Your events are in safe hands,
and so is your data

Grade A service & reliability

Dependable white glove customer service ensures your event runs flawlessly.

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We are ISO 27001 certified, GDPR & SOC 2 TYPE 2 compliant.