Produce and Stream Studio Quality Video Content for Events and Webinars

Produce, record and stream all by yourself. Save time and thousands of dollars!

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Simple, Powerful and Convenient

Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Based Solution

Login and stream directly from your browsers. No software downloads, no firmware updates.
Multistream On The Go

Multistream On the Go

Stream out to Youtube, Zoom, Teams, Hopin and over a 100 other virtual events or social media platforms.
Easy Setup with Zuddl Studio

Easy to Use, Easier to Set Up

From production to live streaming, manage all your streaming needs from a single dashboard.

Deliver an Unforgettable Brand Experience

Design Better, Produce Better

Upload your own logos, colors and backgrounds or select from over 100 pre-built templates
Choose screen layouts, add screen overlays during breaks or use banners for lower third announcements during run time
Send your custom-designed streams to virtual event platforms like Hopin, Hubilo, Zoom and others
Virtual Streaming Platform with Zuddl

Supercharge Speaker Experience

Setup one-step login for seamless onboarding
Elevate your speaker collaboration with the studio’s inbuilt virtual greenroom, the Backstage
Conduct virtual dry runs, test audio-video and push them live within seconds
Virtual Backstage with Zuddl

Bid Farewell to Event Anxiety

Take complete control of your virtual events with pre-configured shots
Experience single click session transitions with Showflow
Record your sessions without going live
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Beta Access

Exclusive beta access with an extended free trial of 3 months for all users who join Zuddl Studio’s waitlist.

Early Bird Pricing
Early Bird Pricing

All waitlisted users will get a flat 50% discount on all paid plans at the end of their free trial.

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions
Is Studio free to use?

Zuddl Studio offers a free 15 day trial plan for all new sign-ups. The free trial can be accessed without a credit card. Once the free trial is over, the organizer would have to upgrade to any of Duo, Basic, Standard, Professional or Enterprise plan.

What features will I get in my free trial?

Zuddl Studio’s free trial comes equipped with all the product features unlocked until the free trial expires.

What tools and equipment do I need for using Studio?

None! With Zuddl Studio all you need is a streaming destination URL or a pre-recorded video for your session. The Studio can be accessed using a desktop or laptop.

How does the payment plan work?

You can choose a plan from Duo, Basic, Standard, Professional or Enterprise plan as per your needs. You can always cancel your subscription at any time you wish. Your previous billing will not be refunded, but you will have full access to the service until the end of the billing cycle.

How many users can I have in the Studio?

You can add as many users as required to your organisation’s Studio account. Each additional organizer access will be charged a license fee based on your plan and moderators/speakers can be added free of cost. Studio can support up to 16 speakers per session depending on your plan.

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