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Real time engagement and a seamless experience at a virtual event is something that bothers the digital first world. Zuddl fit in right here. The networking and the backstage experience were fantastic!

Harsha Ravikumar
Product Manager and Lead, Microsoft

Backstage Studio for Seam-less Experience

Zuddl’s Studio helps the organizer to integrate third party platforms necessary for the event, while ensuring hassle-free experience for both organizer and attendees. Backstage enable you to manage the stage, and proliferate the speaker transitions as well.

A platform that keeps your audience engaged

AI-Powered Networking creates an opportunity for your attendees to engage with like-minded individuals, and create valuable conversations. Get access to features like ​​Social Rooms where attendees get involved without any restrictions on the total participants.

Interactive Expo Booths to Maximize ROI

Our specialized creative team helps you design expo booths that combine the power of in-person events with the flexibility of virtual events for organizers and attendees. With downloadable assets, gamification options and real-time booth analytics, we help you curate best ROI from your events

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zuddl?

Zuddl is a robust virtual and hybrid platform that lets you build 100 % custom-branded engaging events within minutes.

How is a webinar different from a virtual event?

Webinars are short seminars usually meant for one or more presenters to discuss a topic for a set amount of time. These usually miss out on various important factors like networking, Q&A sessions, and keeping your audience engaged. On the other hand, a virtual event offers networking opportunities, meeting new people, generating better returns, etc.

What kinds of events is Zuddl suitable for?

Zuddl is perfectly suitable for organizing internal, external and association events like Trade Shows, Conferences, Webinars, Career Fairs, Employee Engagement & others.

Does Zuddl offer customer support?

Our dedicated team of event specialists will assist you throughout your event lifecycle. Additional support for pre event planning, live events and post event handholding is available to ensure your events run flawlessly.

Does Zuddl have a mobile app?

Yes, Zuddl has a mobile app for both Android and iOS users for joining events from the ease of their fingertips.

What different integrations can Zuddl accommodate?

Zuddl’s APIs let you seamlessly integrate any tech product, or any third-party event management tool for your event. Some of these integrations are: Cvent, Eventbrite, Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, amongst others.