Sales-marketing collaboration for B2B events

Ensure seamless collaboration between your sales and marketing teams for successful B2B events with this comprehensive checklist. The synergy between these departments is pivotal, not just for the smooth execution of the event but for achieving the overarching business goals tied to it.

Why this checklist

Without a unified approach, several things can go awry:

Misaligned goals: Without a step-by-step process to align goals before the event, sales might focus on immediate conversions while marketing aims for broader brand awareness, leading to conflicting strategies and diluted efforts.

Untracked activities: Failing to track key activities during the event can result in missed opportunities for engagement and follow-up, undermining the event's impact.

Ineffective follow-up: Without clear action steps for follow-up after the event, the momentum gained can quickly dissipate, leading to a lower ROI and frustrated teams.

What's inside

Step-by-step process to align goals before the event

Key activities to track during the event

Action steps for follow-up after the event... and much more!

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