Master checklist - Planning your user conference

Preparing an in-person user conference is a monumental task, filled with countless moving parts and intricate details that demand your attention. Without a structured plan, it's easy to overlook critical components, leading to last-minute chaos, budget overruns, and missed opportunities for engagement. To help you navigate these challenges and set the stage for an unforgettable event, we've distilled the essence of top-tier conference planning into a comprehensive, ready-to-copy checklist. This Google Sheet is your roadmap to orchestrating a successful gathering, designed to elevate your planning process from start to finish.

Why this checklist

Without a detailed checklist, several aspects of your conference planning can go awry, leading to a less-than-ideal experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and even your team. Here are some specific challenges you might face in the absence of a structured planning tool:

Event brief & agenda misalignment: Without a clear event brief template and a meticulously planned agenda, your conference could suffer from thematic inconsistencies, timing clashes between sessions, and gaps in the attendee experience. This can result in a disjointed event that fails to capture or retain the interest of your audience.

Budget overruns: A comprehensive budgeting template is crucial for tracking expenses and ensuring your conference stays within financial boundaries. Without it, you're at risk of unexpected costs, inefficient allocation of resources, and potentially, a significant financial loss. This oversight can compromise the quality of your event or limit your ability to invest in high-impact areas like speaker acquisition or attendee engagement initiatives.

Ineffective promotion and sponsor engagement: The success of your conference heavily relies on effective promotion and the strength of your partnerships with sponsors.

Without detailed checklists for each, you might miss critical deadlines, overlook opportunities for cross-promotion, or fail to meet sponsor expectations. This can lead to reduced event visibility, lower attendance rates, and dissatisfied partners who may not return for future events.

Logistical oversights: Lastly, logistical elements such as swag distribution, venue setup, and technology checks are often underestimated. A swag checklist, for example, ensures that promotional items are ordered, customized, and delivered on time. Neglecting these details can lead to attendee disappointment and a tarnished brand image.

By leveraging our comprehensive checklist, you can avoid these pitfalls and ensure every aspect of your conference is executed flawlessly. This Google Sheet is more than just a planning tool; it's a safeguard against the common oversights that could otherwise compromise the success of your event.

What's inside

Event brief template

Budgeting template

Agency evaluator

Speaker and sponsor outreach checklists

Agenda template

Promotion checklist

Swag checklist

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